Letters to the Editor--January 1, 2010

Bethany resident grateful for dunes

Thank goodness we had the dunes to protect us.

Martha Fair
Bethany Beach

Reader weighs in on renewable energy

I read with great interest the speech Governor Markell gave in Boston, Dec. 2, 2009, on the energy benefits of wind farms. As much as I want to believe that our governor secretly professes to be an environmentalist by supporting alternative energy sources, no where in the text is there a mention of the natural environment that these windmills are to be placed: the oceans.

Although the impact of man-made structures offshore lessens the pollution burden that coal-burning and fossil fuels create at this juncture for the planet and ourselves, there will be a downside to constructing and maintaining these systems for generating this alternative electricity.

Magnetic fields from undersea transmission cables, structural noise, vibrations and disruptions caused by human activity will most likely affect the marine life that live and migrate in these offshore regions. Delaware, for instance, has over 30 marine mammal species that travel through or reside in the region, a confluence of ocean currents and location that is unique and special.

My ardent wish is that building such wind farms will provide a bridge technology to an even cleaner and less-polluting energy source, with a net-zero impact. I hope that, at the end of their 20-year useful lifespan, they will be removed from the ocean and not replaced, returning the seascapes back to the native inhabitants.

Gregg Rosner
Point of Cedar Island

Elling sees value in possible CVS

Suzie Miller of Ocean View makes several good points in her opposition to the CVS proposal to rezone three residential lots to build another pharmacy to compete with Rite Aide and Walgreens in our area. She is probably correct in her understanding of the comprehensive land use plan.

I suspect that CVS research on future business success within the Town of Ocean View is better studied than Ms. Miller’s valid observations. We certainly have an abundance of banks and they appear to be financially sound. Research must be telling these businesspeople that there is a profit to be accomplished here.

We have a budget crisis racing at us here in Ocean View. Our “money cow” of property transactions has dried up and shows no quick return to the good times. The question is being raised of how much will we need to raise property taxes to cover our budget cost after trimming as much as possible?

We, the property owners, are going to pay increased property taxes if we do not find other sources of revenue for our town. Personally, I do not want to pay more property taxes. If we keep blocking business development, then we property owners are going to have our property taxes raised much higher.

Where are we residential property owners willing to compromise in order to keep our property taxes as low as possible? What are we property owners willing to do to bring more jobs to our town?

There are several property owners in our town that pay no property taxes. There are business operations in our town that pay no business taxes.

The last town council meeting began the first step to challenge a long tradition of “non-profit” business operations to be free of all tax/fee responsibilities in their property and business operations. We have three such business operations and large property owners who pay zero taxes to the Town of Ocean View on Route 26, West Avenue and Central Avenue – the “Ocean View Holy Trinity.”

Soon, we will have the Lord Baltimore Elementary School completely within the boundaries of Town of Ocean View, and that property will pay no property taxes or fees for services from the Town of Ocean View.

This has to be changed. We are all responsible for the taxes needed to support our town services. Equitable division of property taxes needs to be addressed.

If the Town Council votes to stop a CVS proposal, we all had better be ready to see our property tax bills increase. If the property owners of Ocean View want to assume the tax responsibility for some business operations to pay zero taxes, we all had better be ready to see our property tax bills increase.

Personally, I want to thank the business operations in the Town of Ocean View for the tax revenue they generate. I want to thank the business operations in the Town of Ocean View for the jobs they create for our community. I want to thank the residential property owners within the Town of Ocean View for the taxes you pay to support the services we receive. I want to thank the employees of the Town of Ocean View for their work in behalf of all of us.

The Town Council members have a thankless voluntary role for our Town. I value the time and effort our employees and council members have given to restore the good image of the Town of Ocean View. Civil and thoughtful discussion of the issues is beginning to show some light.

Suzie Miller, you are right to question the CVS proposal. You are right to make reference to the Comprehensive Land Use Plan. You did it with logic and civility. I hope my questions are seen in the same light.

Lloyd E. Elling
Ocean View

Reader takes exception to health care vote

Recently, the Dallas Federal Reserve Chairman reported that they had estimated the present value for the unfunded liability of Social Security and Medicare at over $100 trillion and that both are to be insolvent within the next few years.

Our senators in Delaware have now voted to add trillions more to that debt through their vote on a new health care entitlement. They should inform us as to the method of payment, or are they at ease to let the country go bankrupt during their children’s lifetime?

The unique origins of American exceptionalism do not support their efforts to degrade the individual and make him a ward of the state.

Throughout our history, patriots with nothing to give but their lives for the well-being of the country have always clung to their loyalty. When they were forced, they chose honesty and integrity, not careers. But, evidently, that is not so for our politicians.

It is one of the most shameful votes cast in modern history, and they are now a party to one of the most malicious fiscal attacks upon our capitalistic society and our individual freedoms since the advent of Social Security and Medicare. All for the glory of what: Another lie that the country will be well served by helping us on to bankruptcy?

It is as if the Democrats live in an alternative universe by always choosing the failed philosophy of socialism over the proven power of free markets. It is no wonder that their control of Congress over the past four years has made it the least trusted of any of our institutions.

Delaware senators have turned their back on the state and their constituents by voting for this unpopular health care entitlement, thinking it will help their career and increase Democrat Party power. I think it will do neither. Honesty and integrity seems to have deserted their personal and political life relating to constituent representation.

Richard Spencer

Another reader opposes OV rezoning

I am writing in opposition to the application for rezoning as listed below. There are several reasons for opposition to this project:

(1) I believe it is not in the best interests of the town to change some of these parcels from residential or general business parcels: Ocean View is for the most part a residential community and is trying to maintain its small town perspective.

(2) The site is in an area of heavy traffic congestion – Central and Route 26 are congested, and there was a need to install a traffic light at the corner of West Street and Route 26, which also has a track record of accidents. These two lights and accident prone areas are just down from this proposed property. This seems a step backward in attempts to reduce the number of serious accidents that have occurred at these intersections over the past decade. Development of a business in this area will increase traffic in an already congested area that still has a lot of accidents;

(3) The proposed site is for a potential pharmacy. We don’t need a pharmacy in Ocean View. There are several in Bethany and Millville, and all are convenient to residences of Ocean View. Pharmacies bring traffic, parking lot entrance and exit issues, commercial trash pick-ups, delivery of drugs, employee parking, etc. The pharmacy at Giant, the Rite Aid in Millville and the others in Bethany and Millville seem sufficient to serve the population in the area. Most businesses in the area have also seen a decline in revenues over the past year. I know of no demand for this type of service that is not being met.

(4) The parcels are across from residential sites. I don’t know of any free-standing pharmacy that is an attractive addition to a residential community. Their facades generally come with signage, neon lights, parking lots, busy ins and outs, and a building type that is more applicable to a business area, not a residential neighborhood. It would be an eyesore no matter whether they used a “colonial” or brick facades, as has been discussed.

(5) CVS appears to be the interested party. Perhaps they think they need some of the market share in this community as to prescriptions, etc., but, again, there is not documented evidence that we need them.

I would urge the Ocean View Town Council to put this issue to bed and vote no to change the zoning of the applicable properties, which is also a no to CVS and other commercial developers.

Jane Galvin
Ocean View