Delmarva bands together for girl

If there is one certainty regarding the people of this area, it is that they care.

Though we’re in a rough economic climate, and fundraising is a bit more difficult because of that reality, charitable organizations are still making a big difference throughout our community because of donations and volunteer efforts.

We see strangers band together to raise money, furniture or clothing for families who have lost their homes to fire. We see volunteers patrol the streets in Millville because they don’t have their own police department and every set of eyes is helpful. We see prayer services designed solely to help people get through tough times, and we’ve seen Unite Sussex try to pull all these non-profit groups together so they are more accessible. This area is great because the people who live here are great.

Many of us felt the emotional pull of the family of Sarah Foxwell, the 11-year-old girl taken from her home on Dec. 22, whose lifeless body was found Christmas Day. Collectively, we prayed. We grieved. We reached out our hearts to her family, and maybe pulled our own children in a little tighter.

Before her body was found, volunteers gathered in Salisbury to help police in the search. To be a little more clear, approximately 3,000 people woke up Christmas morning, got dressed and went out to try to help that family find their little girl.

That’s 3,000 people having the collective social conscience to pass up on their own family Christmas traditions, throw away any thoughts of self-importance and join up with a group of strangers to help find another stranger.

And that’s what makes this place so special.

We could not possibly describe the great sadness that exists in so many people right now because of the loss of Sarah Foxwell. We all pray for her family and loved ones, and hope they can find the strengh to continue with their lives following this immense heartbreak.

But we do take a little solace in the fact that so many of you cared. And took action.