IRSD vote will cost no money

The Indian River School District (IRSD) will have a special referendum on Tuesday, Feb. 9. At issue is transfering $137,000 from the district’s major capital improvement funding to construct additional classrooms at North Georgetown Elementary School and a storage expansion at Selbyville Middle School.

As of press time, the district had more than $700,000 in surplus funding — largely from the recently-completed roof replacement projects at several area schools as that work came in at lower-than-expected costs. That means the referendum will not result in higher property taxes. The money for the project comes solely from that reserve fund.

“This referendum presents us with the unique opportunity to perform much-needed capital improvements to our buildings without raising property taxes,” said IRSD Superintendent Susan Bunting. “It’s important that we use these surplus funds for projects that will improve the learning environment for our students. We hope our caring residents will give their support to this worthwhile initiative.”

If the referendum does not pass, the State of Delaware will reclaim 60 percent of the unused construction balance, and the remaining 40 percent will be used to lower property taxes in the district for one year, according to the IRSD.

The referendum will be held on Tuesday, Feb. 9, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. District residents who are at least 18 are eligible to vote at Georgetown Elementary School, Indian River High School, Long Neck Elementary School, Lord Baltimore Elementary School, Millsboro Middle School and Selbyville Middle School. For more information on the proposed funding transfer, call the IRSD Referendum Hotline at (302) 436-1079.


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