Letters to the Editor: March 13, 2010

Resident has issues with town event

The Coastal Point “Ocean View Homecoming nears” headline caught my attention. Unfortunately, it is a fundraiser disguised as a family celebration time.

It is a homecoming of the unemployed that had to travel to Philadelphia to find work. It is described as a celebration of husbands and wives who had to leave their family to feed and house them. The story tells of the “unemployed” family members returning each August to a “weekend of great food, ice cream, speeches, games, music and storytelling.”

The Great Depression was in the time period identified. What imperfect timing with today’s economic downfall. What insensitivity! We have families in our area who are falling behind in the mortgage payments. Foreclosures are knocking on Ocean View homes. Businesses are struggling and some have left Ocean View. Let’s get our priorities in order.

I find this embarrassing to be asking citizens to donate their limited income to support the “restoration of a historical 1860’s house in the park and the new museum being built in the back of the restored house.”

I find it even more embarrassing to think that this land and building is not being returned to our “free market” system to be sold, rebuilt or replaced. We can no longer afford to keep such properties in the hands of “not-for-profit” organizations or the Town of Ocean View.

The citizens of the Town of Ocean View need those transfer fees, business taxes and property taxes to keep a functioning town office and services, and our taxes a low as possible.

The day has to end when prime real estate property and businesses is in the ownership of “not-for-profits” organizations. Ocean View is flooded with such non-tax-paying properties. It is the property owners in Ocean View who pay and pay in property taxes and business taxes to support our town.

It is time to change the tide away from non-tax-paying properties/businesses. If the Historical Society wishes to purchase the property and operate it as a tourist business, I am very open to it. I am on your side, if you are paying taxes the same as the rest of us.

If you want to have a family celebration to celebrate, let’s do it. Do not put on “patriotic” gimmicks and family programs with your open hand extended for donations. We all would love to listen to the Lord Baltimore Elementary School students singing voices, but to use them as a draw for a fundraiser is unacceptable.

Kathy and Joe Aquilla, as sponsors of this event, I ask you to pull the plug on it as a fundraiser for the Historical Society. If you want to sponsor a celebration for the citizens of Ocean View in the Park, go do it. If you want to help those who are losing their homes, go do it. If you want to feed hungry children, go do it. If you want to offer employment in our community, go do it.

Lloyd E. Elling
Ocean View

Sorority thankful for help with fundraiser

Members of the Alpha Alpha Sorority Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi thank everyone for their support of our annual fundraising event held on Feb. 26, 2010. The theme for the dance was “Help Us, Help Our Community.” The dance, along with the “Chinese” auction and 50-50 raffle, was very successful.

We would like to thank the Ocean View VFW Post 7234 for providing the venue, Giant Steps for the lively musical entertainment, Debby Evans of Miller’s Creek for the beautiful decorations that provided the finishing touch, and Gerry Hocker of Hocker’s Grocery and Deli for the delicious wings that were enjoyed by all.

We give special thanks to the following individuals and businesses for their donations to the “Chinese” auction: Alesi Custom Builder and Renovators Inc., All About You Salon and Spa, Angelwear, Anne Powell at ResortQuest Real Estate, Cactus Café, Carl M. Freeman Companies, Denise Beam State Farm Insurance, Fat Tuna Grill, Hocker’s Grocery and Deli, Japanesque, Lighthouse Liquors, Lupo di Mare, Marsha White at Crowley Associates Realty, Michael McCarthy Stones, Mike and Paul’s Auto Repair, Miller’s Creek, Misaki Sushi Restaurant, Oceanova Spa, Paula’s Decorating Café, Pepper Creek Outfitters, Rob Ward’s Professional Home Services, Robert Kirk, Seaquels, Sharon’s Resort Cleaning, Silhouettes and Warren’s Station Restaurant.

Thanks again to all who participated so that we may continue to give financial support to those in need.

Anne Marie Rogerson, Secretary
Alpha Alpha<?em>

Reader: Inlet casino a horrible idea

Are you serious?

A casino at the Indian River Inlet state park? I don’t even know where to begin.

First of all, how many casinos does Delaware need? Currently, there is one in each county. The casinos started in Dover to help the declining horse racing industry, which at the time was controversial in itself. That’s how the state turned something illegal into something legal overnight, and got their foot in the door with promises of additional funding for schools and increased revenue.

Now we have become dependent on gambling. Table games are now being allowed. Wait to see the fallout from that in the families and community.

If you’re going to mention increased revenue, let’s talk about the 20-plus millions of dollars wasted on the Indian River Inlet Bridge approaches, which have since been removed, or should I say relocated. Can anyone update me on that investigation and who is going to be accountable? I predict this will be swept under the proverbial rug.

Delaware is known for its beaches, the quite resorts. I feel the same thing that got us into the recession will also destroy our way of life in the coastal resorts. It will be proposed, or should I say disguised, as increased jobs, increased revenue and opportunity for everyone. This proposal serves only a few, and is based on greed. I feel total disregard has come upon those who cherish this way of life on and near the water.

I will go on record as opposing this ridiculous recommendation. Please contact your area representatives and voice your concern. Don’t assume someone else will do this for you. Nothing makes any sense these days, and this is further proof of that.

Steve Kitchen
Ocean View

Reader finds tyranny of the majority a danger

The present functioning of the Democrat congress concerning healthcare/insurance reform points to the inherent dangers of the unlimited power of its majority upon our democratic republic.

The ensuing consequences of the tyranny of a majority thwarting the will of the people were most feared by both Jefferson and de Tocqueville. They thought it to be an impious and detestable act for a majority legislature to use their authority of absolute power to pass laws they considered just but their constituents considered unjust.

Unlimited power of any kind is a bad and dangerous thing, as it is the germ of tyranny. It is an accepted maxim that liberty is endangered when a legislative majority enforces an arbitrary law and there is no power to retard its vehemence. The present healthcare bill strikes at the heart of our democratic values, and that can prove fatal to many of our personal freedoms. We are at risk.

But, the American people are striking back and winning the argument in the public square. They have driven the Democrats into hiding, as about 70 percent of our citizens have an unfavorable opinion of this “monstrosity” that they deem too onerous for the many. That to now attempt to pass it through a reconciliation vote would be an unforgivably offensive act to the citizens of our republic and to the republic itself.

Thought is the invisible and subtle power that mocks the Democrats’ effort to force a despotic act through their majority. Their nefarious actions have become a national scandal as they buy the votes for passage and now attempt to skirt the normal Senate rules. Democrats are fleeing from public transparency as all who stray from our values do.

Jefferson, one of our most powerful advocates of democracy opined, “The tyranny of the legislature is really the danger most to be feared….” But, given the energetic voice of the executive trying to prove the necessity of government healthcare, they may not be far behind. Massachusetts is not the “canary” in the mines for the Democrats, but a thousand dead “canaries.” I believe the voice of the people will heartily mitigate the tyranny of this majority legislature in November.

Richard Spencer