Ocean View election nears

Ocean View is holding an election on Saturday, April 10. You might want to buckle up. This could be a bumpy ride.

Councilman Bill Wichmann, who has been somewhat of a lightning rod for controversy, is leaving his seat in District II because he has run the course of his term limit. Richard Nippes, who has also found himself in the eye of the controversy storm of Ocean View, is up for re-election in District I. Nippes will face off against longtime resident Michele Steffens, while Stephen Ruback and Geoffrey Christ will battle for the District II seat.

These are bound to be hotly-contested races. The issues in the town have been adamantly discussed for several years now, and personality clashes have run rampant. It won’t be hard to fall into one camp or the other during these campaigns, but it’s important to hold on to one thought over all others while making your personal decision when it comes time to cast your ballot — who will best serve the people of Ocean View?

There are severe budget issues to consider in the town. Who do you think can best handle them? In the wake of the budget considerations comes considerations over revenue-generating ideas and cost-cutting measures. What do you want the town to do to grow its income? What do you think the town can most afford to cut?

It is vitally important that substance wins out over style in any election, but now more than ever in Ocean View.

We ask that the voters of Ocean View arm themselves with as much information as possible so each individual can make the right choice. For starters, the town is holding a meet-the-candidates night on Wednesday, March 31, from 6 to 8 p.m. at Ocean View Town Hall. The four candidates will present their platforms and field questions.

We will also be running our Q&A piece on Friday, April 9, so readers can hear the candidates’ answers to questions prepared by our staff.

It is our policy to not run any letters regarding an election in the week prior to the vote. We do that so nobody gets blindsided without the chance to respond. Therefore, the last issue we will run any letters regarding the Ocean View Town Council election is Friday, April 2. In order to publish your letter, it must be received by Monday, March 29, at 5 p.m.

As always, we will not run any inflammatory letters or those that contain personal attacks. Please, stick to the facts.