Issues on the table in Ocean View

As voters in Ocean View prepare to go to the polls on Saturday for the town council election, we ask them to consider one thing above all others: Which candidate would best serve the town?

And, that’s it.

Attempt to ignore personality clashes, alliances and pressure from your friends and neighbors. The right to vote for our elected officials is an important one. We get the opportunity to carve a path in history by deciding who will set us on a particular course. It is not a personality contest. It is not a rhetoric tournament. It is an important decision that will help shape the future of the town.

Mayor Gordon Wood called a press conference Tuesday to discuss rumors floating around town that he attributes to Councilman Perry Mitchell regarding the town’s police department and a candidate in Saturday’s election. We feel it’s important to point out that Wood made no such allegations toward the candidate, focusing his ire on Mitchell. When contacted by the Point regarding the situation, the candidate, Steve Ruback, said he did not believe he was singled out by police because he was running for office.

“They didn’t know who I was until I said that I was a candidate,” said Ruback. “I think it was escalated on their part, but I don’t think they set me up.”

And that’s important to note. Neither Wood nor Mitchell made any kind of insinuation that Ruback had involved himself in this political tempest. Voters would be wise to recognize that this is a disagreement between two officials who are not running in this election. Ruback was a peripheral figure only.

We stress this because we don’t think this current controversy in the town should impact the election. The town held a tremendous “Meet the Candidates” night last week that let residents get a feel for the candidates and their takes on current issues the town is facing, as well as those issues that are bound to come up down the road.

Consider those answers, as well as the very comprehensive responses given by the candidates in their “Q&A” session in this week’s Point. Consider what you might know personally about the candidates. Then make your choice.

The election will be held on Saturday, April 10. Voting will take place at Ocean View Town Hall from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Make your vote count.