Letters to the Editor: April 23, 2010

Ocean View resident offers a proposal

Editor’s note: The following letter was addressed to the writer’s neighbors and was forwarded to the Coastal Point for publication.

As you by now know, a drainage ditch has been dug allowing the water to leave West View. The decision to dig this ditch was necessitated when we received a letter stating the drainage project was off (again).

Several of the neighbors decided this was typical of the town council, and in an ad hoc meeting decided this action was necessary. Several neighbors are sharing the expense. Should you like to help lessen the expense, all donations are gratefully accepted.

While it had the immediate desired affect, at the moment it is temporary.

The town council has allocated $275,000 for a drainage project basically for the purpose of accomplishing what we have so far spent $2,000 to accomplish. To finish our effort, a buried pipe is necessary, which will cost about another $3,000.

While I have granted a storm-drainage easement (and have not received an acknowledgement of it), we are being told it is the good folks of Savannah’s Landing who are stopping the project, as they do not want standing water, an overflow or to lose use of their property, and who in their shoes would not want the same things?

A proposal: Any person past third grade can understand that spending $5,000 is less than spending $275,000. Our drainage efforts are basic: a ditch to place a pipe into which allows the water to flow. This is a short-term solution and does not address the several problems to be encountered, such as silt or leaf buildup. That this current project has worked is obvious.

We propose that the town satisfy the needs of the good people of Savannah’s Landing by using a portion of the $270,000 surplus and placing a buried drainage pipe the distance of their property. The buried pipe can begin in West View, so it likewise solves the same problem there.

To place “clean-out” basins along the route should not cost $270,000. This is a win for the residents of West View, Savannah’s Landing and the taxpayers of the town generally. The surplus would then be available for other purposes, or not spent at all. By saving the taxpayers money, the council wins.

Wally Brown
Ocean View

Town to take over recycling pick-up duties

The town of Bethany Beach’s DPW [Department of Public Works], effective July 1, will be taking over the pickup of recycled material.

DSWA has been very helpful in working with the town, extending the existing contract to June 30, 2010, from the original date of Dec. 31, 2009. This enabled the town to not just bid out the pickup of recycling materials but to research the possibility of doing the pickups in house. The bids that came in were more than twice as much as the cost per household that our public works could do it.

In addition, DSWA will donate the existing carts and add many additional carts for future participants.

Rich Von Stetten, senior manager of statewide recycling for DSWA, has been extremely helpful in working with the town and getting us to where we are. My experience in working with Mr. Von Stetten has been a very productive one, and I would take this opportunity to thank him for his efforts on behalf of our town.

Jerry Dorfman, Town Councilman
Bethany Beach

Steffens thankful for support in election

Thank you! I would sincerely like to thank all the citizens of Ocean View. It was an extreme pleasure having the opportunity to meet so many of you while Geoff and I campaigned for election.

I would also like to thank the many people that devoted their time during our campaign. I know that I have made some lifelong friends during this experience. I am truly humbled by the results of the election. I will do my best to represent the citizens of this wonderful town.

I would like to thank Dr. Dick Nippes for the time and effort that he devoted to the Town of Ocean View and the historical society.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to e-mail me at msteffens.ovtc@gmail.com.

Michele Steffens
Ocean View

AAUW asks for support with equal-pay bill

April 20, 2010, will be Pay Equity Day, and we will be celebrating it here in Delaware to focus attention on the inequity between men and women’s earnings.

Senate Bill 182, Paycheck Fairness Act, if passed, will be a boost to working women to end past gender discrimination. The national statistics show, at this time, when a man earns $1, a woman earns about 78 cents – both having the same education, experience and job. (Earnings for a woman are slightly better in Delaware, at 80 cents to a man’s dollar.)

Research released by AAUW (American Association University Women) for 2007 show that, after one year out of college, women working full-time earn less than their male counterparts working in the same field.

Paycheck Fairness Act, Senate Bill 182, would give women: effective equal pay protection; close loopholes and strengthen incentives to prevent pay discrimination; help create a climate where wage discrimination is not tolerated; deter wage discrimination by strengthening penalties; and prohibit retaliation against workers who inquire about employee’s wages practices or disclose their own wage.

Pay Equity Day is celebrated on April 20 this year. This is the date when a women’s salary finally catches a man’s earning from the previous year. The House bill, H.R. 12, has already been passed. Please ask your Senators to support SB 182.

Lana Cobb, Delaware State President, American Association of University Women
Barbara Mullin, Public Policy Chair,
Delaware State AAUW