Letters to the Editor -- April 30, 2010

Chamber thankful for support with event

On behalf of the Bethany-Fenwick Area Chamber of Commerce’s staff and Board of Directors, I would like to thank everyone who helped make the 21st Annual Ocean to Bay Bike Tour a huge success. The Bike Tour – an important early-season event – brought out-of-town visitors and revenue into our local community at a time when our businesses need it most.

The tour once again attracted a record number of participants at 900, increasing attendance by 22 percent from 2009. This event wouldn’t have been possible without all of the hard work and dedication of our Chamber member volunteers, sponsors and assistance from our local police and fire departments.

I want to thank Presenting Sponsor PNC Bank for all their efforts and support of this event. I would also like to thank all of our member businesses for their donation of time and resources: Aubré’s Watercolours, Baja Beach House Grill, Banks Wines & Spirits, Bethany Massage & Healing Arts, Coastal Printing & Graphics, Delaware Center for the Inland Bays, FabriZone Cleaning, Fairfax Mortgage Investments Inc., Fenwick Islander Bike Shop, Food Lion-Selbyville, G & E, Inc. & Hockers Super Thrift, Giant Foods, Grand Living Magazine, Harris Teeter-Bethany Beach, Harris Teeter-Selbyville, Indian River Soccer Club, McCabe’s Gourmet Market, Millville by the Sea, Mr. Natural Bottled Water Inc., Ocean Atlantic Sotheby’s International Realty, Reedo & the Front Porch Offering, Salisbury University, Sedona Restaurant and WZBH 93.5 The Beach, and our sag wagon sponsors, A.J. Future Financial Planners and Delmarva Two-Way Radio.

I would also like to send out many thanks to all of our amazing volunteers prior and during the event. The event couldn’t happen without you.

To all of the local police and fire departments, and especially the Bethany Beach Police Department and Fire Police, Town of Bethany Beach, Millville Volunteer Fire Company and Fire Police, and DelDOT, for going over and beyond to ensure the safety of the cyclists.

Last, but not least, thank you to our area residents for being cautious and courteous to the cyclists on our local roads Saturday. Your support enabled us to promote our area as a bicycling destination, stimulate the local economy and bring new revenue to our area businesses.

Carrie B. Subity, Membership Director
Bethany-Fenwick Area Chamber of Commerce

Volunteers get notice at Hospice

Merci, gracias, thank you!

There is no one word that can fully express our gratitude to the volunteers of Compassionate Care Hospice. Hospice is a specialized type of care for terminally ill persons and their families. Volunteers are very important members of the Hospice team. We celebrate our volunteers and the hours of service they provide each and every week to our patients and families.

Our trained volunteers provide relief for caregivers, emotional support and companionship to patients, and assistance with office duties. Volunteers have no agenda. They are there simply because they want to be. Our volunteers are with patients and families in the moment, realizing that all that is needed is someone to just listen.

We recognize the dedication of these men and women who gladly give the gift of their time to be with patients and families at an important time of life. It is a privilege to know and work with our patients and families; it is an honor to know and work with you, our volunteers. The work you do as a volunteer provides physical, emotional and spiritual support and creates good will in the community, and there is no way to fully measure that. We thank you.

Nicole Meringolo, Volunteer Coordinator
Compassionate Care Hospice

Layfield gets support for school board seat

Most years, school board elections come and go with little fanfare or public interest. Occasionally, however, a candidate or issue will surface that motivates the electorate to become involved. This year, it is the former that has prompted me to write this letter.

Rodney Layfield has decided to run for the District 2 seat for the Indian River School Board. I have known Rodney all my life. We grew up in the same town, attended the same high school and went to the police academy together. In recent years, I had the privilege of working in the unit of which Rodney was a supervisor.

I find that Rodney is a go-getter, a natural leader with the ability to find the common goals among divergent personalities. As a lifelong resident and former student in the Indian River School District, Rodney not only knows the system, but he knows the people in it. Rodney is a tireless worker who is unafraid to take on tough assignments and see them through to completion. Rodney is also the kind of person who will put his personal interests aside for the betterment of the community he serves.

Rodney Layfield is a man with common sense and uncommon leadership. The people of the Second District would be well served by having him as their representative to the Indian River School Board.

Todd Mumford

Reader not thrilled with school board

A big “good for you” goes out to those members of the I.R. School Board who have persisted in their selfish crusade for a Christian prayer before board meetings and “winning” your school prayer lawsuit.

While you are patting each other on the back and stroking your own egos, my child sits in a classroom short of text books and getting ready to attend a school less one highly qualified, valued administrator and lacking vital teachers, support staff and librarians. How can you board members justify spending taxpayers’ money, intended to benefit students to defend your personal rights? A moment of silence is good enough for students and staff, why isn’t it good enough for you?

IRSD School Board, if you want to defend your right for Christian prayer… go for it, but pay for it out of your own pockets, not with my tax dollars at my child’s expense! Shame on you!

Lynn Murray

Wichmann thankful for time in office

Editor’s Note: The following letter was addressed to the residents of Ocean View, and forwarded to the Coastal Point for publication.

Now that my time on the Council has come to an end, I would be remiss if I did not take this opportunity to recognize and thank the many wonderful people that have enriched my time on the Council.

First and foremost, I would like to thank my lovely wife, Betty, for without her love and support, my life would be empty. Betty has been my sounding board, my confidant, my computer guru and the best administrative assistant ever.

Second, I would like to thank the good citizens of Ocean View for allowing me the honor to represent them for more than 7 years on the Town Council. Their faith and trust in me provided the fuel that fired my dedication.

Next I would like to thank my fellow Council members as each has contributed to my political education. For the most part, I have shared many great and wonderful experiences with my colleagues that made my time on the council very enjoyable and rewarding. I have great respect for many of these honorable men as we have earned each other’s friendship.

My position on Council has afforded me the opportunity to meet and earn the friendship of many wonderful people. If I were to name all of them, we would be here for a week, but one common thread linking all of these great people is that I call all of them my friend. Through SCAT I have gained many friends who govern our neighboring towns throughout Sussex County. Some of my friends are all of the dedicated employees who work for our town and the others are that many friends I have met through my position as Councilman. One nice thing about friendship is that it does not end when the job is over.

As my tenure on the Council has ended, I again would like to thank all the fine citizens of Ocean View for giving me the privilege to serve. I am humbled by your confidence and continually grateful for your support of my sole mission to serve the Town of Ocean View.

Your humble servant,
Bill Wichmann
Ocean View