Roxana Fire Department turns 50

There are certain things in society and life we just naturally take for granted. We often don’t appreciate enough our family members or friends, our jobs, our homes or, locally, that beautiful body of water over to the east. And we are never truly thankful enough for police, lifeguards and firefighters until we really need them.

On Saturday, May 1, the Roxana Volunteer Fire Co. will celebrate its 50th anniversary of serving the needs of this community. There will be a parade at noon, followed by trophy presentations, public safety displays, food and more. It promises to be a great day, and a great way to come celebrate this very special milestone in the company’s history.

But there’s so much more to consider here.

That’s half a century of volunteers giving up their family time, or sacrificing their work duties or just flat-out giving up sleep in the interests of protecting their friends and neighbors. How many lives have been saved over the past five decades by the members of this department? How much property was salvaged?

And how much risk did they put their own lives in order to protect the lives of others?

It’s a noble calling, to be sure, and the ultimate definition of public service.

We know that fire departments throughout this area, state and nation are filled with people out there doing their best to protect and save the rest of us, and we also know that they often fly under the radar. It usually takes a catastrophe of some form for the general public to truly take stock of what it is these men and women do for the rest of us.

But here’s a chance to celebrate their efforts without a negative situation causing it. Here is an opportunity for the public to come out and partake in this wonderful event, and celebrate with the people who have been protecting us, as well as to honor those who built the Roxana Volunteer Fire Co. through their sheer hard work and commitment to others.

We are thrilled for the Roxana fire company as they prepare to celebrate 50 years of service to our community, and hope many of you drop by to watch the parade, eat some food and thank a firefighter.