Letters to the Editor -- May 7, 2010

Mitchell announces candidacy for state senate

I am a Senate candidate for the 20th District. I am challenging Sen. George Bunting to a primary in September. One of the reasons I am running is to prevent a proposed inlet casino by Bunting’s son on state park land.

Now, I know that it is not likely to be approved, but things change and there is always the possibility that it could be passed by the legislature. The thought that this would even be considered disturbs me. The construction of this inlet casino will do irreparable harm to the environment. Where is Bunting’s concern for the environment?

Now, Sen. Bunting says that he will recuse himself on the vote, which seems to imply that it will be brought up for a vote. Let’s not take any chances and tell Bunting it should not even be brought up for a vote.

Among the bills that Bunting has voted against include two state budgets, a minimum wage for tipped employees and Greenhouse Gas Cap. I would have voted to approve these bills and budgets.

Since 2006, I have been a leading advocate for holding DPL electricity rates accountable to the voters. Where has Bunting been on this issue? I will be proposing ideas for increasing jobs in Sussex County, ideas for affordable private preschools to increase our high school graduation rate in our schools and provide necessary skills for our working force in Sussex County.

I need your help to advance these ideas and more in my Senate campaign. I invite you to come to my fundraiser on Sunday, May 16, at 2 p.m. at the Café on 26 in Ocean View. I will discuss the above ideas and more.

Perry J. Mitchell
Ocean View

Relay team offers thanks to fire hall

The Sunday Beach Bums would like to thank the Bethany Beach Fire Hall for graciously allowing us to use their facility to host our fundraising car washes. We would also like to thank all the people who supported our cause by participating in or donating to our team.

Thank you to G & E for allowing team members to collect donations there. Thank you also to Energy Gym and BodyDynamix for donating memberships for our raffle. All proceeds from these events have gone to the American Cancer Society to help research a cure and for local cancer patient support services.

The Riebel, Ruhl and Warner families, Josh Hazzard, Logan Linden,
Smith Purdum and Jacob Seiders
The Sunday Beach Bums Relay for Life Team

Readers have plan to save nation from socialism

When Barack Obama was running for president of the United States, he said our nation needed a change. Many Americans bought into his rhetoric and agreed. However, once he was elected, the majority of Americans are getting a type of “change” that we were not expecting and do not want.

The president has led our nation down the wrong path. Most every bill has been forced upon us and violates our Constitution and/or the Christian principles on which our nation was founded. It is increasingly clear that he is out to change us into a socialist nation and to destroy our liberty and freedom!

Within one minute after inauguration, the White House Web site posted his radical agenda. President Obama favors laws that promote abortion, homosexual behavior or hate crimes, forcing the hiring of homosexuals in all workplaces, including all Christian and public schools and churches.

This is also about tearing down the one-husband, one-wife marriage, legalizing same-sex marriage and legalizing homosexual behavior within our military. According to the scriptures, our God hates the shedding of innocent blood. There is nothing any more innocent than an unborn baby being murdered (see Proverbs 6:16, 17). God also hates the acts of homosexuality (see Romans 1: 24-27).

There is still hope! To regain our Christian principles, changing our nation back to what it once stood for, we all must get involved to be ready for this year’s (2010) and the 2012 elections. We must be equipped with sufficient voters to vote for the best, conservative candidates, regardless of which party they represent (unless they are liberals).

Ministers from all churches must disregard the lie of the so-called “separation of church and state” that the ACLU and other secular leftist groups have thrown at them for the past 40 years.

That lie was birthed by such organizations as the Ku Klux Klan, and advanced by former Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black, a former Klansman. Then atheists, liberals and the ACLU used that same statement as their mantra to silence all Christian influence in our society.

Churches have been threatened that they would lose their non-profit status if they spoke out on political issues and in particular, political candidates, even though no church has ever lost their non-profit status because of anything political taking place inside or outside of a church. A “mere threat” resulted in silencing the church. We must stand up for our rights!

The following is copied from Norman Thomas’s speech in 1944, who represented the Socialist Party and ran for the office of president of the United States for several elections:

“The American people will never, knowingly adopt ‘Socialism,’ but under the name of ‘liberalism’ they will adopt ‘every fragment of the socialist program’ until one day America will be a socialists nation, without knowing how it happened. I no longer need to run as a presidential candidate for the Socialist Party. The ‘Democratic Party’ has adopted our platform.”

Given recent events, could this have been a prophecy?

America’s liberty and freedom are at stake. If we stand up together now, we can win this battle. We must clean house in our state and in Washington, D.C.! Select a Bible-preaching church and/or some of the following “conservative parties” and get involved. We must take an interest and stand up for our rights or soon we will have no rights. Make your plan to help save our nation today. Below is a list of local Delaware conservative organizations for you to consider:

Campaign for Liberty www.campaignforliberty.com

Delaware Patriots www.912delaware patriots.com

Tea Party Patriots www.teapartypatriots.org

Delaware Family Policy Council www.delware families.org

On Line Tax Revolt www.onlinetaxrevolt.com

Get Out Of Our House http://goooh.com

First State Patriots www.facebook.com/pages/First-State-Patriots

Founders Values www.foundersvalues.com

Please contact Ed Banning at ed.banning@banningfoundation.org, phone (302) 262-0659 or Eric Bodenweiser at ericbodie@comcast.net, phone (302) 856-9395. We can assist you in ways to get involved. It is imperative you get active in your community and churches.

Give a copy of this letter to your minister. If they have any questions about recommending a candidate for office, or speaking freely from their pulpit, have them call us. We can put them in touch with the Alliance Defense Fund, a unique legal organization that defends and protects religious freedom and will give you free expert advice. Should you be interested in attending a meeting with the experts from ADF, please let us know. We are planning a meeting with them within the next two months, to be held most likely in central Delaware.

If concerned citizens will encourage their friends and/or neighbors to get involved, then get out and vote, we can stop socialism in its tracks. If our churches will speak the truth from their pulpits and congregations get on their knees in prayer, we can change the course of history.

“Pray, humble yourself, seek God’s face, turn away from your wicked ways and God will hear from heaven and will forgive our sin and will heal our land.”

Ed Banning,Seaford
Eric Bodenweiser,Georgetown

Reader offers alternative to beach replenishment

Editor’s note: The following letter was addressed to the Bethany Beach Town Council and was forwarded to the Coastal Point for publication.

I am writing to inform you of an option for saving our coastal town from the plague of beach erosion that has cost the community so much money and the people so much grief throughout Bethany’s entire existence.

Beach replenishment/nourishment is a flawed plan for coastal protection. It is nothing more than a (extremely) temporary solution to the natural and inevitable process of erosion. However, this town continues to use its funds and the taxes of its citizens to finance this outdated method that is an empirically provable waste of resources and time.

Not only does the pumping of sand continually prove to be a short-lived fix to our coastal problem, it is environmentally detrimental to a degree that has yet to show its face. By transporting sand from the outer bars to the shore, we are disrupting the sea life that lives there.

The ocean floor matter that is aggressively sucked into large pipes and sent to the beaches is permanently disruptive to sea life. Sea-life does not solely consist of striped bass and bluefish swimming through the water. These larger predatory fish that our local anglers feel such a strong connection to are dependent on the life that persists on the ocean floor and in the sediment that we destroy during beach replenishment.

Beachgoers want a Bethany for their families to enjoy in the future, just as they have in the past. I am empathetic with their situation. However, the beach we create through replenishment is nothing like the beach of the past. The coastline makes an abrupt drop within 10 yards of the water’s edge and creates dangerous shore-break. This type of beach is not user-friendly and creates a higher potential for swimming and wading injuries. Just ask our lifeguards.

What is the solution?

The most obvious and true fix is to build an artificial reef. A reef creates a barrier with calm waters to the inside allowing for sand to naturally accumulate. Without the incessant back and forth of large waves, the beach will maintain its sand for years to come.

Anyone who has traveled to an island where there is a barrier reef must have noticed that the sand becomes trapped between the beach and the reef. The majority of the ocean’s swells are extinguished when they break on the reef. This creates inviting swimming conditions to the inside and eliminates the dangerous shore-break that plagues our beaches every summer after replenishment.

A reef would create natural habitat for sea-life, as well. It is an environmentally and economically friendly solution.

Recently, ASR Marine Consultants solved the issue of erosion in a coastal town in India. They create multi-purpose reefs for coastal protection.

“ASR Marine Consultants is one of the few companies in the world developing innovative solutions for coastal protection that work in concert with natural processes rather than against them.” [ASR Marine Consultants, http://blog.asrltd.com/multi-purpose-reefs, 04/28/10.]

That is not to say we must throw ASR our money, but they have a good method, and a plan similar to theirs is much better than the laughable beach replenishment efforts this community has continually relied upon. These methods may be costly in the immediate future but will return dividends when we no longer have to pay millions of dollars every three to five years to harm the environment in the efforts to make a sub-par beach.

I believe it is time this coastal community got behind a real solution, not a temporary fix to our coastal dilemma. I am tired of the town using outdated beach replenishment efforts only to see the season’s first nor’easter wash the communities’ hard-earned tax dollars away.

If we, as a community, want Bethany to remain an iconic family beach town for years to come, then it is about time we acted like it. We need to get behind a serious plan for long-term coastal protection. I respectfully invite the Bethany Town Council to entertain new ideas and arrive at a real solution to our problem.

Quin Revel
Bethany Beach

Pension change for DPL supported by Mitchell

Editor’s note: The following letter was addressed to state Rep. John Kowalko, chairman of the House Energy Committee, and was forwarded to the Coastal Point for publication.

The following is my testimony for Wednesday’s meeting:

I have reviewed the testimony and data presented to the PSC regarding docket No. 09-414 and appreciate some of the complexity and difficulty over DPL’s request for a rate increase.

DPL, in my opinion, is a regulated utility and considerations of the public interest are of primary importance in deciding this issue. Considerations of costs of capital, profit and shareholders become secondary.

Conflicting testimony was given by the experts who testified on behalf of the PSC and experts from DPL on the pension issue. Given that pension costs are a fixed cost of doing business and are not as predictable as we might believe, I am recommending that DPL should consider phasing out their pension benefit. Many Fortune 500 companies are now reducing their pension benefits.

Employers have been rethinking their retirement plan configurations for some time now, and, over the last 10 years, many of them have shifted from DB plans to defined contribution (DC) plans. The shift to DC plans transfers retirement responsibility and risk from employers to employees, who must now manage their own contributions, accumulations and retirement income.

The fact is that pension costs are subject to dramatic fluctuations, as we have seen in 2009, and these kinds of costs do not protect the public interest. Governments at all levels have had to adjust health benefits and other employee benefits to balance their budgets.

If DPL were not a utility, but a company in the private sector, it might be changing its retirement plan configuration to a DC plan to maintain its competitiveness.

Perry J. Mitchell
Ocean View

Sussex representation needed on Joint Finance Committee

As our legislators continue to wade through appropriations season, I’d like to draw attention to a crucial component of the process: Joint Finance Committee, or JFC, hearings.

The committee is composed of six members of the state’s House of Representatives and six members of the state Senate. The JFC listens as agencies (public and private) explain why the money they’ve been granted in the past is well-spent. The JFC also listens as agencies plead for continued funding in the coming fiscal year.

After hearings, this immensely important committee reports its findings and recommendations to the larger legislative bodies. This is part of the annual process of crafting a budget.

There are hundreds of non-profit and volunteer organizations (including fire, safety health, and community services, as well as organizations serving the youth and elderly) who vie each year for state grants. These non-profits and other private organizations provide valuable — indeed, indispensable — community services; some provide transportation and food for the elderly, others offer after-school programs to at-risk children.

A significant number of organizations who receive grant money are from Sussex County. Yet there is not one member on the JFC who is an elected representative from Sussex.

Not one.

Crucial deliberations concerning millions of dollars of grant money are made solely by elected officials from Kent and New Castle counties. Is this equitable? This imbalance disadvantages Sussex County non-profits, especially as financial resources like grants grow ever scarcer.

We need representatives from Sussex on the Joint Finance Committee to fight for our communities’ financial interests.

Jesse Lanier

Thanks for a great shredding event

On behalf of CPC Financial Planning and myself, I would like to thank everyone who made our “Shredding Event” such a huge success. On Saturday, May 1, we had roughly 500 people come throughout the day, and we shredded just under 12,000 pounds of paper!

With the help of Banks Wine, Bethany-Fenwick Chamber, Going Green on Delmarva (Coastal Point’s new magazine), Sedona Restaurant, Justin Jennings Foundation, County Bank, Gotcha Covered and Better Living, Saturday was a great event.

With all of the sponsors offering ideas and ways to be more environmentally conscious, they all felt they were able to make a difference with their individual green initiatives. Of course, Sedona offered delicious shredded pork sandwiches, as well, which was very welcome after a long wait in line.

This day also showed what a wonderful community we are all part of. Everyone was so gracious and thankful to our organization and my family for coordinating this event. We wanted to say thank you for being patient by waiting in line and being a part of a great day.

For those who missed it, do not worry. Because of the high demand, we will be do another shredding event next year after tax season. Start saving all those unwanted papers now, and we’ll see you then.

Michael P. Loftus
CPC Financial Planning Inc.

Reader blames plaintiffs for prayer suit

A response to the individual “not thrilled” with the school board: As I remember it, the school board did not initiate this issue. We had some “taxpayers” sue the school board over a “prayer” said before the school board meeting – yes, a prayer.

I can only imagine the terror these folks felt having to listen to a “prayer.” Maybe it was that near-fatal feeling of have to listen to a “prayer.” Could have been the flesh peeling from their body having to listen to a “prayer.”

Our forefathers are turning over in their graves with the actions of a very few in our great country. Remember, “In God We Trust” – it’s right there on our currency… at least for now.

So, point the finger at the folks that “initiated” the whole thing, not the school board.

Jan Lesperance
Ocean View