Letters to the Editor -- June 25, 2010

Bodenweiser shares his platform for election

My name is Eric Bodenweiser and I am a candidate in the Republican primary for the 19th State Senate District, which includes Georgetown, Bridgeville, Greenwood, Lincoln, Ellendale and Milton. I have been encouraged to run by people who are tired of career politicians raising their taxes and fees every year and making it tougher to succeed in this state.

As a private citizen, I’ve been an outspoken conservative for years. I encourage you to look into the voting record of every legislator before you consider voting for him or her. Elected office is a public trust, and you should be able to trust that your elected official is voting properly. I encourage you to call me at 856-9395 and visit my Web site www.ericbodie.com. Every letter or public comment I have made for the last few years can be found there.

I’m a fiscal and social conservative Christian. I’m pro-life, and I support property and gun rights. I am opposed to the expansion of gambling casinos into Sussex County. When elected, I will work to get taxes and fees lowered. I will work to cut the bureaucratic red tape that strangles our competitiveness. I will work to cut wasteful government spending and to keep government local, where it is more accountable to the taxpayer. I will work to bring good paying jobs back to Sussex County and the 19th District, and to bring back the jobs that have left here.

I know that agriculture is the No. 1 industry in Delaware, as well as in the 19th District. I will work to stop the politicians and bureaucrats in Dover from telling you how to run your farm and business. Small family businesses are the lifeblood of our economy in Sussex County, and right now they’re getting squeezed. We are losing our competitive edge, and we cannot afford to lose any more jobs.

Some politicians are more concerned with getting themselves re-elected than doing what’s best for the people. I know that the government works for the people, not the other way around. I will not concern myself with re-election, therefore I will not be afraid to introduce conservative common-sense legislation that most politicians will not introduce.

I’m a 46-year resident of Sussex County and a graduate of Sussex Central High School. I’m a retired successful businessman (Bodie’s Dairy Markets). I’m an active member of the Sussex County Bible Church, and I’m a dedicated husband, father and grandfather. In my spare time, I volunteer as a mentor in an elementary school, and I’ve mentored for Big Brothers/Big Sisters, as well. I’m active in my community and an outspoken advocate and member of the Delaware Family Policy Council.

I’m not beholden to any special interest groups because I am not on a board of directors of any company or organization, and I will gladly tell you where I stand on any issue. I do not compromise my principles and values simply to tell people what I think they want to hear.

It is time we the people have clear-cut choices in candidates. I became a Republican when I first registered to vote. I shared much of the same values of Ronald Reagan, but too many in our party have abandoned conservatism simply to gain favor with liberals. Compromise with liberals has put us in the compromised position we are faced with today.

We must scale down government, promote economic freedom and elect people willing to do it. We are, by far, the most generous and giving people in the world. I believe non-profit organizations and churches could be relied on to help those in need through voluntary giving, if the state would stop taking so much of our disposable income by way of taxes and fees. I believe in personal responsibility and that we must move away from welfare and entitlement mentalities.

Please support my campaign and vote for me on Tuesday, Sept. 14. You will always be glad you did, so help me God!

Eric Bodenweiser

Costello questions Bethany council

Editor’s note: The following letter was addressed to the Bethany Beach Town Council and was forwarded to the Coastal Point for publication:

I have two additional issues to raise with Town Council regarding the repeal or non-repeal of Ordinance #412. This is the ordinance that Bethany citizens successfully petitioned to a referendum vote in 2006.

No referendum was scheduled, however, because Council at that time chose to repeal the referred ordinance. Apparently, the Council voted to repeal on Oct. 20, 2006, but never followed through with an actual repeal.

My first question relates to a statement that Mayor [Tony] McClenny made to me after the June 18 hearing, to the effect that he had no intention of responding to my June 7, 2010, letter regarding the repeal fiasco because he found it offensive in tone.

He did not indicate at that time whether he was communicating official town policy regarding responses to communications from constituents that were deemed offensive in tone. Do the mayor’s remarks really represent town policy? It is important to know if this is the case.

My second question is far more important and relevant to this debate about the repeal or non-repeal of Ordinance #410, and I ask this question on behalf of 780 qualified voters of Bethany Beach who petitioned the ordinance to a referendum.

I just reread the referendum provisions of the town charter that were in effect at the time that Council found the referendum petition to be sufficient. The charter states clearly that, “If the Town Council fails to repeal the referred ordinance, it shall be submitted to the qualified voters as hereinafter provided.”

While council members may have thought that their vote to repeal was actual repeal, the plain fact of the matter is that the council never repealed Ordinance #410 until June 18, 2010, four years too late. Council neither repealed the ordinance nor scheduled a vote on the referendum, as required by the charter,

The town charter goes on to say that, “If the Town Council fails to hold a referendum within the time specified in this section (24.4.4), the ordinance for which the petition was filed shall be deemed to be repealed at the expiration of ninety (90) days from the date that the petition was considered to be sufficient.”

According to the town charter then, Ordinance #410 was formally and actually repealed sometime in January of 2007 and not by the council’s belated action of June 18, 2010.

If my conclusion is correct that Ordinance #410 really disappeared from the books in January of 2007, what is the practical effect of this disappearance on any actions that may have been taken by town government pursuant to Ordinance #410 after it was repealed by charter mandate in January of 2007?

Your response to these questions would be appreciated.

Dan Costello
Bethany Beach

Castle’s ‘Don’t Ask’ vote turned off voter

Those considering Rep. Michael Castle a moderate Republican learned otherwise when he recently voted against ending “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.” Although 79 percent of Americans say gays should be allowed to serve openly in the military (CNN), Castle obeyed his party and voted to continue the discrimination.

I spoke with him, expressing my disappointment in his partisan vote for bias. As an independent without party loyalty, I also told him my vote in November will be for his opponent, Chris Coons, who supports ending “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.”

I am an Army veteran myself, having enlisted at 18 during Vietnam. I served successfully and rose five ranks in three years in the Army Security Agency, a military intelligence organization. I created top secret materials in an overseas location and was honorably discharged. I am also gay.

The point is I was very willing to serve my country and, if necessary, die for it. And if some 66,000 gay and lesbian personnel now serving are willing to fight and even take a bullet for their country, the least we can do is not require them to lie about themselves or discharge them for being honest. Mr. Castle doesn’t get this. Mr. Coons does.

Douglas Marshall-Steele

NARFE offers thanks for support

On May 7, NARFE Sussex Coastal Chapter 1690 held its Annual Golf for Alzheimer’s. With a great turnout of 80 golfers and generous contributors, we were about to raise over $3,700 for Alzheimer’s research.

We would like to thank those who contributed to another successful event, all of those who played and those who make cash and other contributions. A special personal thanks to Bethany Dental; Brandywine Assisted Living; Brasure’s Pest Control; Dagsboro Paint & Paper; Dr. Donald Hattier; Griffin Family Practice; Mediacom; Mio Fratello Steakhouse; The Birch & Vane Team, Morgan Stanley; Kim Hook, Audrey & Frank Serio of REMAX by the Sea, Denise Beam, State Farm Ins.; Sen. George Bunting; Rep. Gerald Hocker; Center for Dermatology; BlueCross BlueShield; CPC Financial; 1776 Steakhouse; Good Feet Store; Hall’s Energy Gym; and Fenwick Wine Cellars.

Walt Berwick, Past President
Delaware Federation of NARFE Chapters

Artisans Fair a big hit, thanks to many

On Saturday, May 29, the South Coastal DE AARP sponsored our third annual Artisans Fair to benefit our Scholarship Fund for Indian River High School students. Since its inception in 2007, the chapter’s Scholarship Committee has been able to award six scholarships. Our two latest recipients are Georgette Hattier, who will attend Vanderbilt University this fall, and Matthew Kleinstuber, who will attend the University of South Carolina.

The Artisans Fair is our primary fundraising event, and its unqualified success is due to the support of many in the community. This year’s show generated our largest attendance ever for the sold-out show. We are grateful to the support of the talented artisans from a wide variety of media who participate in our invitation-only show. They make this event the quality display of outstanding craft work that it is.

The show is able to run smoothly due to the help of many in our chapter. First, it would not succeed as it does without the leadership of co-chairs Jan and Bob Shaeffer, who have headed the event since its inception. Many others in the chapter help with publicity, concessions, the bake sale, parking and other activities before and on the day of the show.

As usual, the support from the community was outstanding. First, we would like to thank the Millville Volunteer Fire Company, who let us use their facility each year and even lend a helping hand. The Millville Volunteer Group provided several members to direct traffic on busy Route 26 during the show. Thanks to Super Giant, Harris Teeter at Salt Pond Plaza, Harris Teeter on Route 54 and Rich at Dukesigns for their support.

No event will work without publicity. We are especially grateful to local media for the wonderful features about participating exhibitors in advance of the show. We also appreciate the many businesses who willingly let us post notices about the event in store windows and on bulletin boards.

We especially want to thank all of the hundreds of area residents and tourists who stopped by to shop, eat and buy bake sale items. This support will come back to the community through the scholarships we are able to provide young people in the area.

Shirley Price,
Scholarship Committee Chair
South Coastal DE AARP