Letters to the Editor -- July 30, 2010

Hocker family thankful for help with events


The Hocker family would like to send a special thank you to the G&E/Hocker employees and community members (Scott and Carol Evans, Gail and Brooke Zuppo) for volunteering their time to help make our first “Sundae on Sunday” fundraiser benefitting the Justin Lowe Foundation such a success.

The community turnout at both Hocker’s Grocery & Deli and the new Kwik Chef restaurant was tremendous, and we want to thank everyone who attended and contributed toward Justin’s needs. Pictures were sent to Justin and his family to show the overwhelming support, and they greatly appreciated it.

We are also supporting Justin by donating half of all proceeds from our car wash for three days (July 26, 27 and 28). We hope many will support him in this way.

Please help us spread the word of the next “Sundae on Sunday” for Justin (Sunday, Aug. 1, from 7 to 10 p.m.), again at both locations. Please come out for your free “make your own sundae” and join others in supporting Justin. If you are unable to join us but would like to make a donation, you may drop it off at either location.

Thank you again to all who contributed.

Gerald and Emily Hocker - G&E/Hocker Family Markets

Reader grateful for support in recovery


I wish to express my deep appreciation for the kindness shown by everyone during my hospitalization and rehabilitation. Your cards, telephone calls, visits and gifts are truly an inspiration, and most especially your prayers for my recovery.

Eleanor Banks - Dagsboro

Fictional debate continues to flourish

Editor’s note: The following letter from Robin and Bill Baxter of Bethany Beach and Arlington, Va., is in response to a letter published in the Coastal Point’s July 23, 2010, issue, written by Nancy Wright Greene of Salt Pond and addressed to her granddaughter.

Dear Grandma,

You are so funny! We can’t wait to visit you at Bethany, but you must be getting a little bit forgetful. The high dune is necessary so we can have our nice walks with you on the boardwalk. Just think what would have happened in last November’s storm if the dune hadn’t been so high: the whole boardwalk and some of our favorite stores might be gone.

We learned more about beach erosion in science class this year, and the dune is necessary to preserve the beach and the town we love.

Don’t worry, Grandma, there is hope that the dune will be rebuilt, because a lot of people know that Bethany and the other coastal towns need the beaches for their enjoyment, recreation and business.

When the dune is rebuilt, we will help you walk over the dune and you’ll have as much fun with us as before, seeing all the beautiful things you mentioned in your letter. Thank goodness Bethany is studying the environment and planning ahead.

See you soon.


Your grandchild (as portrayed by Robin and Bill Baxter, Bethany Beach)

Local community gets thanks for kindness


I am taking this opportunity to thank the people of Bethany Beach and the surrounding areas for their kindness and consideration.

I recently retired from the practice of law, having practiced in Maryland and Washington, D.C., for 50 years. Health problems were the motivating reasons for retiring.

I have difficulty in walking, use a cane, and my movements are very slow. I also have problems with my arms and shoulders.

When I am out and about (i.e. stores, post office in Bethany, restaurants, etc.), I am offered assistance when entering or leaving any establishments. This help extends to when I am entering or leaving my car as a passenger. It is rare when I am not offered some help.

The individuals involved are people of both genders, young, old, of various ethnic backgrounds and sometimes are persons with their own limitations. All are willing to help.

These actions of these people are, to me, reflections of a caring and generous community.

My thanks to all, and I do pray for them.

John Burke - Bethany Beach

Reader takes exception to party’s endorsements


On July 15, the Delaware Democratic Party issued a press release announcing the party’s endorsement of statewide candidates “following extensive discussion and deliberation at every level of the Democratic Party.” According to the statement, the motions to endorse “passed without opposition.”

To the best of my knowledge, not a single representative district in Kent or Sussex voted to recommend to endorse. For the record, five of the six members of the Executive Committee representing Kent and Sussex did not vote to endorse. I guess that counts as “passed without opposition” to the 16 members who voted to endorse.

The press release goes on to state that “Delaware Democrats feel strongly that we have selected our strongest possible slate for the 2010 General Election.”

I wonder who that “we” represents. The last I heard, we are having a primary in September and on that day Democrats across the state (yes, even those of us below the Canal) will vote for the candidates we want on the Democratic ticket in November.

According to the Department of Elections, each Democratic candidate for state treasurer was required to pay a $4,292 filing fee, and each candidate for auditor paid $4,109. That money goes to the state party. Yet, when voters go to the Delaware Democratic Party Web site, they will find no reference to the candidate for treasurer or the candidate for auditor that the executive committee did not endorse.

I believe it is undemocratic for the Executive Committee to announce a slate prior to the primary and unfair both to the candidates and the voters to exclude information on the party Web site for candidates the committee did not endorse.

Joanne Cabry - Rehoboth Beach