Lynch shines, and elections near

Selbyville Pet and Garden Center’s Kevin Lynch was awarded the prestigious Lighthouse Award by the Bethany-Fenwick Area Chamber of Commerce during that organization’s annual award ceremony on Thursday, Oct. 14.

The award is viewed as a “lifetime achievement” recognition, for service both to the Chamber and the community at large. Lynch is deserving on both those fronts.
He served the Selbyville Town Council, and has been consistently involved with the Chamber, serving on its board of directors and being a huge presence when the Selbyville Chamber of Commerce merged into that group. He also owns and operates Selbyville Pet and Garden Center on Route 113, a business his father started in 1954.
The award, according to Lynch, is “Humbling. I didn’t expect this. It’s an honor.”

Lynch has dedicated much of his life to both his business and the community. We applaud the selection by the board of directors at the Chamber, and congratulate Lynch on his much-deserved honor.


With a significant election day coming on Tuesday, Nov. 2, we feelt he need to once again state our policy regarding letters to the editor. As has been the case since our paper first published, we will not run any letters regarding the elections the week before. That means that this paper you are reading now will be the last letters supporting or bashing candidates.

Why do we do this?

Simple. Fairness. If we run a letter the week before people go to the polls, and nobody has the opportunity to refute the content of that letter before the election, we are doing a disservice to all the candidates.

We run our comprehensive Q&A stories the week before the race so our readers can get the last word on the campaigns from the candidates themselves. Each candidate answers the same questions as his or her opponent, and voters can determine from that, as well as anything else they might have read, seen or heard. It’s not perfect, but it’s the most fair way we can think of in terms of providing our readers information without subjecting somebody to false statements or emotional pleas.

As we stated earlier, this is a huge election day, both locally and nationally. There are county council positions, state seats and national seats up for grabs. The nation, and our community, are both clearly divided and the elections are certain to alter the way some things get done.

Please, get out and vote this election day if the way government is run concerns you. There is only one chance to get your voice heard, and this is it.