A good organization needs our help

The current state of the economy has hit just about everything.

Locally, we have witnessed a huge impact through the real estate world. We’ve seen developers, Realtors, builders and contractors have a tough time as home sales, and projects, have stalled or slowed. Towns and the county have seen less transfer tax fees come in to the coffers and bars and restaurants in some areas have not seen the bounce they might have been expecting because of the slowdown on new developments.

But it hasn’t just been that industry that has been affected. Charitable and non-profit organizations have also taken a hit as families have less disposable income to donate to others, and some volunteers in these organizations have had to quit or lessen their loads in order to go back to work. In short, it’s been tough on nearly everyone.
We received word on Wednesday morning that one such organization, the Southern Delaware Therapeutic & Recreational Horseback Riding (SDTRHR) group, can only sustain their current boarding arrangement for a few more months because of economic struggles.

SDTRHR is the only North American Riding for the Handicapped Association (NARHA)-affiliated organization in Sussex and Kent Counties. They have provided equine-assisted therapy to children and adults with special needs since 1988, and are now in danger.

We have written stories on this organization in the past. They truly offer people with needs a service that is invaluable. No, they don’t provide cures for afflictions or promise that in any way. But they provide joy. They provide comfort. And they provide hope to families.

Now they’re in danger of having to fold up their efforts because they can no longer afford to be where they are.

We know times are tight. While we’d love to solicit a flood of donations that will maintain the status quo for this worthwhile organization, we understand that this is an incredibly difficult time for many. We get that.

But SDTRHR is asking for help in a different way. They are making “a public plea” in the e-mail we received for anyone with a farmette or land in the area that would be willing to lease it to the organization at a reasonable rate to contact them. They are not looking for a handout — they are looking for help.

And we sincerely hope that somebody can come to their rescue.

To contact SDTRHR, call Kelly at (302) 644-1920 or send an e-mail to kelly@sdtrhr.com. They will provide references upon request.