Letters to the Editor -- December 31, 2010

Readers respond to previous Point letter

Editor’s note: The following letter is in reply to a letter opposing gay adoption that was published in the Dec. 17 issue of the Coastal Point.


How ironic is it that I read Mr. Warfel’s letter denigrating gay adoption today. Just this morning, our son and his husband were in court to finalize the adoption of their three children.

About two years ago, at the ages of 1, 3 and 4, they were removed from their mother’s home by the state of Iowa. At the time, the oldest was the only one that had been given solid food – oatmeal. He was also the only one that could talk, but just a few words. They had been kept in separate rooms and did not know each other at all. Of the three fathers, only one was still around, and he was in and out of jail. The whole boy-girl thing isn’t always a good idea.

Prior to today, Kaidence, Raven and Willow had been living with our son and son-in-law as foster children for 18 months. During that time, with the support of family, friends and church, the kids have become happy, healthy, loving children. If it wasn’t for Daddy Ray and Daddy Mike, they would still be in an underfunded, understaffed social service system, like so many other children from “normal” families.

How on earth can anybody be against gay adoption?

Mike and Kathy Ball
Forest Reach

Mitchell congratulates Obama for efforts

Editor’s note: The following letter was addressed to President Barack Obama and was forwarded to the Coastal Point for publication.

On behalf of the Sussex County Democratic Party in Delaware, we wish to congratulate you on your recent accomplishments regarding the Tax Cut Compromise, DADT, Food Safety Modernization Act, the Child Nutrition Bill, the START treaty and the 9/11 First Responder Health and Compensation Act of 2010.

Each of these enacted pieces of legislation is a historic achievement and is a tribute to your energy and resolve in this post-election session of Congress. It truly was the most productive session in several decades.

We also wish to congratulate Vice President Joseph Biden, our favorite son, who did yeoman’s work in building legislative majorities and support for these accomplishments. We thank both of you.

Perry J. Mitchell,
Corresponding Secretary
Sussex County Democratic Party