It's time for all of us to support Blue Hens

The University of Delaware football team has ridden a stingy defense, impressive running game and a precise quarterback all the way to Friday night’s NCAA Football Championship Subdivision game against top-ranked Eastern Washington in Frisco, Texas.

And the entire state should pull together for this one.

The UD football team has long been recognized as a power in its division and there are many loyal and fervent fans throughout the state. We’ve actually been surprised here with just how many people we encounter regularly who are making the trip to Texas for the game. The program has a good fan base, and enthusiasm is at a high right now for this team — and for head coach K.C. Keeler.

But there are many people in the state, particularly in our little corner of Sussex County, who have moved here from other areas and have brought their allegiances with them. The University of Maryland, Penn State and Pittsburgh all have large followings in this area, and they should. Fans stick to their teams, regardless where they might be currently living. You just have to admire the loyalty factor in sports.

That being said, many of us now live in Delaware because we chose to live in Delaware. There was just something about the area that made us want to move here, and something that made us want to stay.

Taking that into consideration, we ask all of you to support the state’s university Friday night in its effort to be crowned national football champions. Put down the Terrapin or Nittany Lion gear for the night (their seasons are over, anyway) and become a Blue Hen. If Delaware manages to win the game, the more the merrier in the celebrations that follow. If they fall short, an entire state showing its support could help ease the pain.

Go Blue Hens!


We received word Tuesday night that Ocean View Mayor Gordon Wood would be seeking re-election to again serve the town in his mayoral capacity.

We’re happy that Wood decided to run again, and interested to see what the pulse of Ocean View residents is right now concerning the town’s leadership. Things seem a bit more amicable in the town lately, and we wonder if that is due to Wood’s leadership, new members of the town council or a town of tired residents who no longer have the energy or desire to verbally fire away at town officials during public meetings.

Whatever the case, Wood has been passionate in his efforts and, like his politics or not, you have to appreciate the enthusiasm he has shown.