Ocean View election stirs up ugly feelings

This Saturday will mark an important election in Ocean View.

The mayoral seat is up for grabs, as is a town council position, and the incumbents are battling hard in both slots to hold on to their respective positions. The voters will vote. Those votes will be counted.

And the election will be over.

And there will be much rejoicing.

Once again, an election in Ocean View has turned into a fiasco. It has pitted councilman against councilman and neighbor against neighbor. The political rhetoric and discord that has nearly paralyzed our nation is threatening to do the same in Ocean View, as small-town politics has exploded into big-time acrimony. In short, we’re disappointed.

Have you read the letters that have run in our paper the past few weeks? Oh, there have been several that spoke in glowing terms of certain candidates, and we do appreciate those, but the majority took the stance that so-and-so is the worst thing that could possibly ever happen to the town and to vote for that individual is basically a vote for evil.

Who would ever possibly decide to run for office in Ocean View and take this kind of abuse? The money? The fame? No, they do so because they want to make a difference and help make the town a better place to live. People are, by nature, individuals, and we all know that individuals have different ways of doing things and different thoughts on what needs to be done. It’s healthy to have disagreements and candidates who offer different perspectives, but it’s entirely unhealthy for a town to tear itself apart at the seams over politics.

Want less taxes? Fair enough. Vote for the candidate you feel will fight his hardest to make that possible. Want more services? Well, vote for who you think will fight to provide more services. It’s simple. Vote for who you feel would best serve your interests. You really don’t have to rip apart somebody who is trying to offer leadership to your town because you don’t agree with how that person wants to do it.

We believe strongly in freedom of speech — it’s what allows us to do what we do here. However, we also believe that people who want to serve in small-town politics do not deserve to be attacked as fiercely as they have been in Ocean View. If it continues on this path, the people who truly do care about the town will just not bother throwing their hats into the ring to serve.

It’s really not worth the headaches.

However, this is what it has become in this town, for better or worse. We do encourage all residents of the town to get out and make their voices heard through their votes this Saturday, April 9, from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Ocean View Town Hall.