Local groups getting a little bit of love

We’re all about good news this week in this space.

Actually, we’re all about good stuff happening to local groups this week. Either way, it’s a positive editorial, and that’s about all you can ask for these days, right?

Let’s start with the marching band and show choir at Indian River High School. The two groups recently returned from a trip to Disney World, where they displayed their talents for eager crowds and got to enjoy a little bit of the Magic Kingdom, as well.

“One of the reasons I do this is: what percentage of kids have never left Sussex County ... or never been to Disney World,” explained band director Mark Marvel. He has been taking the band to Disney for years, but this was the first trip for the school’s relatively-new show choir. Director Ben Ables brought his 19-member choir to Disney, and Marvel said their performance elicited high praise from some of the professional staff at Disney, some saying they got goosebumps from the choir’s 30-minute set.

We are incredibly happy for the students who were able to enjoy this opportunity, and Marvel was right when he mentioned the importance of bringing these performers to new places — both to entertain new groups of people and to enjoy some of life outside Sussex County.

“It was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime thing,” said Ashley Conroe, a member of the band. “I’m never again going to walk in a Disney parade. It’s one of those things another school in Delaware wouldn’t do.”

File that experience under “cherished memories.” We’re thankful that people like Marvel and Ables were able to give this experience to their students, and hope that the trip was as magical for every one of them as it must have been for those who got to see them perform.


The Ocean View Town Council awarded the Millville Volunteer Fire Company (MVFC) with a grant of $68,000 the other night.

MVFC Chief Richie Walls said that approximately $14,000 of that will go to purchasing new gear for their firefighters, and the rest will go toward the company’s fund to purchase a new ambulance. Ocean View gave the company a similar grant last year, and Walls said that money went to 20 sets of fire gear, 10 fire helmets, five new pairs of boots for new members and nearly 30 sets of firefighting gloves.

That is money well spent.

Many of us down here who have come from big cities are used to paid firefighters, and we don’t quite seem to get the importance of donating to the volunteer fire companies. We see their fundraisers and just mentally move on to the next thing. But they need help from all of us, and Ocean View is certainly leading the way.