A new era set to begin in Fenwick Island

There will be no town council election in Fenwick Island this year.

That’s not a huge news story in the grand scheme of things, as many of the towns here often find themselves with not enough candidates to hold a formal election. It’s not ideal, certainly, but it’s kind of a fact of life.

Oftentimes, the incumbents who have already been serving the towns just remain in their seats. Sometimes, an incumbent is ready to move on, and the council members find themselves in a position where they have to find suitable replacements they can appoint to best serve the town’s residents. In Fenwick Island, that will be the case this year, as the council will need to fill two seats.

Mayor Audrey Serio and councilwoman Vicki Carmean will both leave the council on Aug. 6, and there will be two huge voids for the town to fill.

Regarding Serio, the town will not be missing her services as mayor as much as her presence on council. That is not to take a shot at her mayoral performance — on the contrary, she came off as a strong leader, with a true commitment to the town and a person who showed great respect toward her fellow council members. But her presence on council must be looked at in its entirety, whether serving as a member of the council or as its leader. She has been consistent in her work for the town, and that is a void that will be hard to fill.

Also difficult for the council to replicate will be the years of service provided the town by Carmean. She has spent the past eight years alone on the town council, and was involved with the town before she officially joined the leadership ranks — helping spark great change through her Freedom of Information complaints.

From our perspective, Carmean has been a treat to work with over the years. She has always been candid to us with her thoughts, and has never shied away from a subject. She came in following a very dark time in the town’s history, and helped lead the way for the council to get itself back up to full speed.

The two have been instrumental in turning Fenwick Island from a town surrounded by question marks to one that is a shining light in the local political scene.

We’ll miss both Serio and Carmean as they move forward in their respective lives, and wish them each nothing but the best.