Bethany Beach again makes the grade in audit

Like any town, Bethany Beach has its troubles.

This time of year, parking enforcement is on everybody’s lips, as the vacationers complain that they are being singled out for violations, while locals believe they are. There have been some misunderstandings regarding zoning enforcement in the town, and, well, some people just like to complain, in general.

One thing about the town that too often gets neglected, however, is their annual audit report, which again, is stellar this year.

Auditing firm TGM Group’s Roy Geiser addressed the town’s Audit Committee members at their July 14 meeting, and praised Bethany Beach Finance Director Janet Connery, and the entire town staff.

“Janet was prepared, and management and staff were helpful,” he said. “This is typical of what we have here. It goes smoothly from beginning to end.”

Cooperation is one thing. Smart finances is another. Bethany seemingly practices both.

The firm gave the town an “unqualified opinion.” Apparently, that is the highest rating a town can receive for their audit. He noted particularly that the town’s books are free of any material misstatements and that its net assets have increased some $1.2 million in value since the prior year, up to about $20 million. The town was also praised for taking over curbside recycling last year, getting more residents involved in recycling, as well as saving them money, while allowing the town to profit a little from the service.

“The financial situation of the town is — you’re in great shape financially,” said TGM’s Herb Geary III.

That’s pretty good to hear, especially if you live in Bethany Beach.


On page B1 of this week’s paper you will read an inspiring article about a 17-year-old local girl who was killed in a car accident in June of 2009, and the impact left behind of her death. It is a story of loss, and of the efforts of others to remember those who have passed. It’s an emotional piece.

The article was written by Christina Weaver, who is well-known amongst writers in the area, and published a book a few years ago about things going on in her own life. She has also been a contributing writer for the Coastal Point since we started this little weekly paper.

This week’s story is the 100th Christina has written for us, and we wish to thank her for her contributions over the years.