Letters to the Editor -- August 26, 2011

Dorfman gets support in campaign

Even before Jerry Dorfman had an official presence serving on the Bethany town council, he acted unofficially as a supporter and promoter of Bethany Beach. His interest in the town always entered his conversations, and he was always interested in the needs of the townspeople and how their ideas could be implemented.

Jerry has served in a variety of positions that includes five and a half years on the Town Council, with three of those years as Secretary/Treasurer, as well as chairman of the Budget and Finance Committee this past year. He has served on several of the council’s committees, which include the planning commission, transportation, elections, charter, budget and finance, and recycling committees to name a few.

He is a sincere, honest and active volunteer. He brings the experience of a very successful businessman in his management of budgets and has worked to maintain and establish controls to help assure financial stability. His past dedication to the town has been exemplary, with such studies as the pedestrian and bike safety study and implementing the city’s recycling project.

His vision for the future is to preserve the genre of Bethany, to continue working on the redesign and enhancement of Garfield Parkway, to continue with the financial stability of the city, to work with the federal, state and regional agencies by improving our emergency preparedness and to continue to be a voice for the residents and visitors of Bethany Beach.

We hope you will join us by supporting Jerry with your vote on Saturday, Sept. 10, from noon to 6 p.m. at town hall.

Susan and Stanley Berkman
Bethany Beach

Reader tries to make road a bit safer

Maybe, just maybe, this letter will get the results I’m after.

For years, the east side of Fred Hudson Road, which ties into Route 1, has needed some TLC from the DOT.

When you come to the stop light at Route 1, you have to run off the shoulder or drive through a front-end-rattling pothole in order to make a right turn onto Route 1. There is almost no room to slide into a non-existing right-turn lane causing, at times, backups of an eighth of a mile or longer.

Rep. [Gerald] Hocker probably uses this road nearly every day, so I’m wondering, with his help, that maybe we can get a right-turn lane installed – 50 to 100 feet would work, and this would make bicycling along the shoulder much safer, as well.

We get rid of this ugly situation, and we make it safer for bicyclists. A win-win situation.

Is it worth a look? I hope so…

Keith Copeland
Fenwick Island

Carmen gets support in council race

I’m writing to voice my support for Tony Carmen, a candidate for the Bethany Beach Town Council.

You couldn’t find a more worthy citizen to represent the interests of the town! As the sound technician for the Bethany Beach Bandstand, I’ve been most impressed by Tony’s spirit of cooperation in helping our community. He’s always there to lend a hand with civic issues and the needs of the town.

One of the benefits of living here is the overwhelming sense of good fellowship on the part of the residents of our area. Having lived in the D.C/Virginia area, I’ve seen the contrast in the community spirit of the two areas. Bethany is just a more pleasant place to live, and Tony wants to preserve that quality for generations to come. He is also an accomplished, successful businessman and understands what is good for our economy. I’m very happy he has thrown his hat in the ring!

Ray Disney
Bethany Beach

Bethany resident puts support behind Carmen

I am writing this letter regarding Anthony Carmen’s announcement to run for Town Council in Bethany Beach.

I had the great pleasure of working with Anthony when my neighbors and I were fighting against the AT&T cell tower proposal for a 100-foot tower that would have been adjacent to the BP gas station, the Arby’s drive-through, as well as within the fall line of our homes.

Anthony reached out to me, signed petitions, spread the word and simply took a vested interest in helping his neighbors and friends within the community. He also continued to follow-up with me and made certain he was updated, as well as kept me updated on any new ideas or developments he had heard.

I wanted to thank Anthony for all his efforts in helping us. I think he would do a great job as a council member, and I wish him all the best!

Dana Gerk
Bethany Beach

Lennon talks Board of Adjustments issue

On Tuesday, Aug. 16, there was a meeting at the Bethany town hall about the removal of the large Adirondack chair in front of Justin’s Beach House because the Town determined that the chair, with the words “Justin’s Beach House” painted on it, was illegal.

I live in Bethany on Route 26 and I think Justin’s Beach House is a great idea, an idea founded on love and remembrance of a young boy who died before he had enough time to really live. The structure is done in great taste aesthetically and architecturally, and the chair adds just the perfect touch. But someone in the Town government saw it as an illegal sign.

The folks who are responsible for Justin’s Beach House had to apply for a variance, which costs $525 and is paid to the Board of Adjustments. Years ago, if you needed a variance, you went directly to the town council. Now there are three or four layers of bureaucracy before you can accomplish what you need to do in the town of Bethany.

I have spoken with builders and contractors who do not want to work in Bethany because of the codes and ordinances, rules and regulations, which make it impossible for them to build and construct the homes that the residents and property owners wish to make their lifelong dream come true.

We need to change the atmosphere in the town of Bethany and in order to do that we need to change the government that is hindering our neighbors at every turn. Vote on Sept. 10, call (302) 537-3771 for an absentee ballot. It’s our town. Let’s take it back and govern it as our town.

P.S. The Board of Adjustments voted 5-0 to grant the variance.

Tom Lennon, Candidate for Town Council
Bethany Beach

Editor’s note: The Town of Bethany Beach waived the variance fee for the Justin’s Beach House application.

Lioness club grateful for support with sale

The Lord Baltimore Lioness Club wishes to extend its thanks to the generous support of the community at its recent bake sale at the LB Lions Aug. 13 Chicken Dinner in Millville. Your contributions will allow the LB Lionesses to continue its charity endeavors and scholarship efforts in the Lord Baltimore and Sussex County communities.

Many thanks also to the support received from the LB Lions and Boy Scout Troop 281 of Ocean View.

Carol Justice, President
Lord Baltimore Lioness Club

Hatless Harry shares information on event

I do not have my foil hat on for this letter.

I am thinking of firearms safety.

Protecting myself and family for what may be coming.

We’ve all seen the protests around the globe. Starting out, looking like peaceful demonstrations, then something happens and it is no longer peaceful, but as much destruction as they can get away with. So, with that in mind, I want you to go to the two Web sites below and see what these “peaceful” demonstrators have planned for Wall Street on Sept. 17, 2011.

A call for 20,000 people to occupy that area for two months. “Bring tents and kitchens” so they can stay for a while. “Remember Tahrir Square” is their call.

Please spend some time researching this info, get informed, get involved, pass the information you find to others, especially those who are not paying attention. (http://roarmag.org/, http://occupywallst.org/)

Harry Steele
Bethany Beach

Writer offers support for Carmen

I am writing this letter regarding Anthony Carmen’s announcement to run for town council in Bethany Beach.

I had the pleasure of meeting Anthony when my neighbors and I were fighting against the Verizon cell tower proposal for a 150-foot tower that would have been adjacent to our development. Anthony reached out to me at the May 2 meeting of the Sussex Planning & Zoning board. He offered to send me e-mails of some of the people he had worked with in stopping the AT&T Cell Tower in Bethany. We were not able to stop the Verizon Cell Tower in Milford, but the information we received from his group will help us with our appeal.

I also have the fortunate position of being on his board for the Mary Ellen Hope Foundation, which is his campaign against cancer, which unfortunately took his wife’s life after her courageous battle to fight the disease. He started the Mary Ellen Hope Foundation in her memory, in hopes that a cure can be soon found to stop others from going through the pains that they both endured.

Anthony takes a vested interest in helping his neighbors and friends within the Bethany Beach community, as well as with his fellow Delawareans across the state. I applaud his determination, stamina and position to help others, and for this I thank him and know that he will do his utmost to do a great job as a council member for Bethany Beach once he is elected.

Laura West

Mother thankful for support with walk

I would like to offer my sincere thanks and appreciation to all 130 of you from all ages, genders and walks of life that came out and participated in the 4th Annual March for Peace Celebrating the Life of Coley “Pete” Marchtmon, my son, Wednesday, Aug. 3, 2011, starting in West Rehoboth and ending in Burton Village.

Thank you for helping to continue to spread Pete’s message of non-violence to the community where he lived and loved.

The purpose of this vigil was to take back our community from those who seek to do harm to others.

I plead to you, whenever you can make a difference, don’t say no. I ask you to get involved and support children, pre-teen and teenage programs with your time, resources, skills and talent to help keep our young people off the streets and involved in positive, structured and nurturing programs, like the ones we have in the Cape Region.

I would also like to express my thanks to my church family, Epworth United Methodist Church, West Side New Beginnings Inc., West Rehoboth Children and Youth Program, parents, community leaders, business owners, pastor Gail Savage, many friends, relatives and neighbors, with appreciation for your prayers, words of comfort, and to everyone I may not have mentioned.

Let’s continue to join in together and fight these senseless acts of violence.

Eleanor Whaley, mother of the late
Coley ‘Pete’ Marchtmon
Rehoboth Beach

Councilwoman talks candidates forum

I never miss the weekly edition of the Coastal Point, as I consider it to be a far superior publication to the Wave. You have outstanding reporters, some of whom I know personally. I especially enjoy your informative and entertaining editorials.

That said, I cannot understand why you agreed to host a Bethany Beach candidates forum scheduled one week in advance of the annual BBLA-sponsored Meet-the-Candidates Night, which has been held on the evening before the election for many years. It has become a Bethany tradition, as well as a recognized town event, as evidenced by its inclusion in the official town calendar.

The choice of venue, town hall, for this newly planned forum is quite unfair, since it provides a “home court” advantage to the incumbents. A neutral location would be more appropriate.

You may be unaware that your agreement with Cliff Graviet was made without consultation with, or input from, town council members.

The Coastal Point has always done an excellent job of covering BBLA’s candidates night. We all look forward to your doing so again this year.

Margaret Young
Bethany Beach Town Council member