Fenwick Cottage tour a nod to town's history

There’s no secret that many of the people who call this area home have moved here from somewhere else. It’s part of the very fabric of this community that makes it such a tremendous place to live. There are the longtime locals who are set in the ways that this place operates, and then there are the transplants who come here and want to bring all the conveniences of their former homes with them.

Regardless of how or when people got here, the fact remains that the historical charm of this community is one that grabs everybody’s attention. Remember the Centennial celebrations in Bethany Beach and Millville? They were both widely attended and appreciated by both those who grew up here and those who moved here of their own accord. Beach and Bay Cottage Tour? Always a hit, because people love seeing both the old cottages and the new homes that have sprung up over recent years. Both leave a historical imprint on the area, and both are appreciated equally.

Which brings us to a whole new event that will take place on Saturday, Oct. 8.

The first Fenwick Island Historic Cottage Tour will take place that day, and it will give participants a chance to visit six of the town’s original houses (built between 1910 and 1946), as well as take a trip to the Fenwick Island Lighthouse, which was constructed in 1859. People with relationships to the cottages will share their experiences with the homes, as well as give a historical account of each cottage. Organizers hope that this will spur conversation amongst participants, and encourage them to share their own Fenwick Island experiences along the way.

“This kind of thing makes our community stronger, where people can understand why we all love Fenwick,” said Kimberly Grimes, vice president and secretary of the Fenwick Island Historical Group.

There are a limited number of tickets left for the tour, and they come at a reasonable price tag of $15 each. They can be purchased at Sea Shell City in Fenwick Island.

Proceeds from the Fenwick Island Historic Cottage Tour will benefit funds for the upkeep of the Fenwick Island Lighthouse, and a possible future museum within the adjacent lighthouse keeper’s house.