Letters to the Editor: November 4, 2011

Benefit organizers thankful for support

We, the committee of Dear Prudence Benefit, greatly appreciated all of those involved with the benefit, which took place on Oct. 9, 2011, at the Frankford fire hall, to raise money for our friends Prudence Sanders and Mickey Downes. Prudence has had juvenile diabetes from a young girl continuing into adulthood and is currently on the top of the list now awaiting a pancreas, as well as her kidney donation from her fiancé, Mickey.

The evening was an incredible success which exceeded our expectations. Without the help and generosity of so many, we would not have reached and surpassed our goal in monetary donations for the couple soon to be undergoing the life-giving surgery.

So very many hands reached out to our Dear Prudence with love and support in so many ways. We would like to personally thank each and every person who put the time, energy, effort and donations of goods to make the event such a success!

Donations were made by: Embers, Furies, Cultured Pearl, Just Hooked, Cottage Café, Fenwick Crab House, Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Ruby Tuesday, Sedona, Cactus Café, Big Peckers, Armand’s, Kool Bean, Charlie’s Bayside, Lobster Shanty, Fat Tuna Grill, Ocean View Deli, Ken’s Bayside, Cakes Too, Bishops Coffee Co., Dock Street Bar & Grill, Tequila Mockingbird, Warrens Station, Green Turtle, Blue Ox, High Stakes, Frankford fire hall, The Cleaning Co., Brandy & Brian Parker of Parker & Sons HVAC, RCI Exchange, The Wall Doctor, Gladys Mixxon-Longaberger Rep, Charlie and Ellen Martel, JDM Home Improvements, Susan Chadwick, 26 Salon, Hair by Iris, Venus, Sun Kissed Tanning, Angel Hair Salon, Bethany Surf Shop, Bethany Bike Shop, Phillips Crabhouse, Cultured Pearl, RightCoast Tattoo, 3D Corp, MVZ Productions, Matteo’s, Fraternal Order of the Eagles, Millsboro Karate, Banks Liquors, World Gym, Kevin Maines Design, BackYard Tanning, Coastal Hydrolic & Rental, Taunya Oates Buecker, Aten Doukas, Michelle and Paul Shepherd, Bunting’s Package Store, Cindy and Ryan Mitchell, Brosnahan Fishing Charters, Eric Bombhart and Band, and D.J. Skip Dixon.

Committee members included: Dana Lathbery, Meredith Chadwick, Kara Blatzheim, Jakki Johnson, Shelley McBride, Prudence Sanders, Shannon Wilson-Harris, Faith Cohee Foxwell, Jan Bombhart, Teresa Ulrich, Susan Evans and our chairperson, lovingly known as “Mama Jane” McBride.

Dear Prudence Benefit Committee

Reader agrees we should spend locally

The editor’s comments in the Oct. 28 issue of the Point made a lot of sense. How many of us, including the current protestors, are riding around in foreign cars and doing all of our shopping at Wal-Mart?

Over the past 20 years, we have shopped for the lowest price with no consideration of the service that we are giving up. The small local stores offered personal service and, usually, service after the sale. We could get advice as to which product best suits our needs from someone with experience who knows the products rather than the kid who started yesterday and has been told to tell you that the more expensive model is always the best.

The result has been that most of the shop owners who spent years learning their product field and their customers have been forced out of business. We are left with a choice of box stores from which to shop from an array of foreign-made products. We bought the foreign-made products and then blame the manufacturers for moving their plants out of the country so that they can made foreign products for us to purchase. Think about it!

Walt Berwick

Runaway capitalism is out of control

The lack of safer regulations on Wall Street continues to allow them to make very risky investments. Dodd-Frank regulations were only a stepping stone. There continues to be opposition to appointing a director for the newly created Consumer Protection Agency.

However, Wall Street firms may be discarding their past practices of betting that mortgage investments would fail. This corrupt business practice made billions of dollars for some Wall Street firms. In contrast, millions of homeowners and other banks lost trillions. Were these actions immoral or criminal?

Now, some of those same Wall Street firms who were bailed out at taxpayer expense are not willing to lower interest rates to prevent millions of more foreclosures. Instead, their addiction to the almighty dollar keeps them lobbying against regulations. Pressure is beginning to mount on our legislators to stop holding hands with these Wall Street firms.

The system has been rigged for far too long. The occupy Wall Street protesters are truly the 99 percent seeking justice against the 1 percent who control 40 percent of the wealth that is growing disproportionately every month.

Where are the jobs? Did we forget about those 8 million American jobs that were exported overseas in the last decade?

Corporations have continued to reap record profits while working people’s wages have flatlined the last 10 years. This trend will persist if union collective bargaining is abolished. Too many of us are always scapegoating the unions and the working poor who also pay their fair share of taxes. It comes to 15.3 percent, like the other 75 percent of us pay after deductions.

Corporations have multiple tax loopholes that need to be addressed. The revenue burden continues to shift to the middle class and working poor. Don’t believe otherwise! If the revenue stream dries up, there will not be any Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security programs. Private enterprises could care less about these safety-net programs. They are fugitive (runaway) capitalists. Catch them if you can!

Business monopolies control our politics. They count their money incessantly as our soldiers sacrifice in foreign lands to protect their freedom and their overseas resources. In return, the multinational corporations pledge their allegiance to the almighty dollar as they find overseas cheap labor markets and banks providing tax havens.

They forget it was our schools that educated them and our public servant firemen and police who protected them here. Part of their underlying contract, like the military, should also be to protect the American people. It would not hurt them to take a percentage of their earnings to pay forward for this and the next generation coming along. Instead, they fight to keep their government subsidies and tax havens.

Occupy Wall Street protestors have evolved into a global phenomenon to challenge these dictators and oligarchies who control our economies. People-power is on the move. They want their fair share of the American pie.

Bill Clemens

Reader chimes in on Occupy protests

The people in Delaware began these street protests back in February of 2011 with a protest in front of Legislative Hall in Dover, and on the Circle in Georgetown, in solidarity with the people in Wisconsin, Philadelphia and many other places where protests began at the same time.

At our rallies, the protestors were given the microphone and the stories were indeed moving. One soldier stood up and said, “This is not the country I fought for.” A doctor came to the mic with his two children and said, “This is not the country I want for my children.” This went on and on, and the protest lasted much longer than planned because so many wanted to speak.

These groups were composed of people from all walks of life, but what they had in common was a deep belief that their government was not listening to them. They were not protests for or against any political party nor any politician. The people at these protests had a vision of what America could be, a vision of its great possibilities that were not being realized. They were true patriots, for the greatest sin is the sin of complacency in the face of injustice.

The current protests are about the same thing, and some of us wonder why it took so long. A recent protest in Bethany Beach was made up of senior citizens, a few young people and a mother who brought her two young children. They were not “hippies” or discontents or drug users. They were caring and concerned citizens who want fairness, equality and a decent life for their children and grandchildren.

Yes, the signs being waved give voice to a large variety of complaints, but they all can be condensed into one big statement. Our government is not listening to us. They are listening to their big-money contributors.

In the 2010, election some of us threw the bums out, only to find that many of the new bums were even worse. The system is broken and will not – cannot – be fixed by a change in faces, nor will it come from the top, because our Congress is drunk on money and has no intention of joining AA.

We cannot reduce pollution, nor reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, nor regulate Wall Street and the banks that caused this financial crisis, as long as our politicians can be bought and paid for by Wall Street and big bank tycoons.

We cannot pass a jobs bill in the midst of huge unemployment as long as senators vote in lock step along party lines with an eye, not on the people, but a desire to keep the contributions flowing into their campaigns in order to get reelected.

We cannot stop wars as long as the profitable war machine can buy our representatives. The most economical way to provide insurance to the entire country is through a single-payer program, the kind that most states and the federal governments provide to their employees. But we will never have that as long as drug companies and insurance companies can influence our politicians.

We need a new and fair tax policy, but big money will never condone that, because they benefit most from the status quo.

What to do? Be vocal in support of campaign finance reform; sign in at www.movetoamend.org; and www. progressivesunited.org/action, and join the crowds on the streets because they are protesting for all of us.

Ann Nolan

Steele back into fray with response

In response to Ms. Cabry:

First to the readers of this letter, go to “www.progressiveparty.org” and view their “principles.” You will find a few that most reasonable people can agree with.

There are others that are truly socialist: redistribution of wealth, only the rich should pay taxes, union protection, global warming, social justice, just to list a few. Ms. Carby, the healthcare plan, as presented by Obamacare, is loaded with lies, redistribution of wealth, payments to the unions, and your health care will be controlled by the federal government and will, as recently stated in the newspapers, have death panels – 67 percent do not favor Obamacare. As more unfolds, that number continues to go up.

“Americans paying their fair share” – the top 1 percent pay close to 40 percent. The top 5 percent pay close to 60 percent. The top 10 percent pay almost 70 percent. The bottom 50 percent pay less than 2 percent of taxes collected. How much is a “fair share?”

Jeffery Immelt, O’s job czar, the CEO of GE, represents a company that paid no taxes! I agree, close the loopholes. That could be done with a flat tax. Keep extending the unemployment benefits and watch the list grow.

You mentioned Eleanor Roosevelt and FD. Have you read “No Ordinary Times,” by Doris Kerns Goodwin? They had to be the most dysfunctional family every to live in the White House.

Do you know that it was not until 1954 that the stock market regained the same level as before the Crash of the ’30’s? So much for FDR’s recovery. The war in Europe did more to end the depression than FDR.

Go back to before the Roaring ’20s and you will find a Depression greater that what FDR inherited and see what that president (look it up) did. He brought unemployment from 11.2 percent to less than 5 percent in two years.

Ms. Carby says “thumbs-up” to the protesters. Do you give “thumbs-up” to the anti-Semitic posters, anti-Semitic comments that are being made in the videos? “Thumbs-up” to the Nazi and communists marching together at the OWS?

One of many differences between OWS and the Tea Party protesters: OWS has been occupying a park privately owned and have not asked for or received a permit for any of their demonstrations. Let alone the distribution of condoms and the filth and trash being left behind for someone else to clean up.

The Tea Party, 912 Delaware Patriots, want some very simple points: a fiscally responsible government, a smaller, less-regulated government and a government using the Constitution as it is written. The only thing missing in the Constitution is requiring a balance budget. In the Principles of the Progressive Party, you will see that they want to follow the Constitution. It’s a sham. It’s a lie.

O is being encouraged to “go around” Congress. He is being encouraged to subvert the Constitution.

If you want to further your education, go to Google and type in “Peter Schiff, let’s talk.” He has a sign that says, “I am the 1 percent. Let’s talk.” The videos show the OWS people engaging him in a conversation, and he is educating them. Only they do not know it.

I look forward to your response.

Harry Steele
Bethany Beach

Resident grateful for support from lodge

My name is John McVicker and 14 years ago a car accident nearly took my life.

I was on my way to work when I ran into a tree that had blown down the night before. A branch from that tree pieced my neck and severed my carotid and subclavian artery. By the grace of God, and some awesome people, I’m here today. I’m so thankful for everyone who has helped along the way — the firemen, the paramedics, the many surgeons, nurses, physical therapists and the many people who have monetary donations to help with the mound of medical bills.

I thought I had life figured out. I was a workaholic, working six to seven days a week, had just filled out orders for a new Harley and bought a hot rod. I had it in my mind that my wife and I could conquer the world.

Our 5-year plan was turned upside-down. All that I have been through, I am so thankful for all the Lord has given me. We now have five children and fatherhood is an awesome gift. My wife and I have gone through our share of trials and tribulations and still have the fire like we did 20 years ago. I thank God for my parents taking us out of the city at age 6 and relocating to Sussex County.

I thank God for my accident as it has opened my eyes to see that the important things in life aren’t material possessions but what we give back, whether that be love, kindness or time.

I would like to add a recent thank you to my list. I recently had another surgery to replace the carotid artery to try and restore blood flow to my brain, as it would assist in lowering my blood pressure and lessen the possibility of a stroke. Unfortunately, that surgery did not work and we are back to square one. My family and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Eastern Sussex Moose Lodge of Roxanna for their multiple fundraising efforts. When they heard of my situation they were eager to help me and my family, and for that we are eternally grateful.

John McVicker
Millsboro, Del.

Ocean View resident discusses IPA

The IPA study proves beyond all doubt that the police chief should be supervised by the town manager. As it currently stands the police chief is accountable to the mayor, which has not worked well for the past 10 years.

The Council-Manager form of government is created to have checks and balances and without this there can be nothing but tyranny, oppression and dysfunctional government. This is the current state of affairs in Ocean View. The facts are that all the town’s problems stem from having a police chief who refuses to be supervised by anyone, and that includes the mayor.

It is also obvious that the town council is presently composed of five police puppets who take their lead from the police chief and not the citizens who elected them. Your only agenda appears to be to protect the reputation of the police chief and give him whatever he wants such as the promoting of all of his officers without a valid study or any valid reasons being given. You just accepted that recommendation without question.

Let’s face it, the police chief has never been answerable to anyone and that may have been the way it has always been, But we have a competent and fair-minded town manager, a town charter that provides for a strong Council-Manager form of government, and now we also have an authoritative IPA study that recommends the police chief answer to the town manager and that we should be following the rules of the town charter.

We citizens of Ocean View should not be continuing any longer to allow the police chief to be unsupervised and unchecked. The council should not be answering to the police chief. The police chief should be answering to the town manager. It is clear to all taxpayers that all five members of this council are merely police puppets doing the police chief’s bidding.

To correct this sad state of affairs, I recommend:

1. The entire five members of the Council should adopt the recommendations of the IPA study;

2. If the council is not going to follow the recommendations of the IPA study, they should each contribute $1,200 to the Town to repay the $6,000 spent for the study;

3. Each council member should resign and a special election held to elect five competent councilpersons.

I believe all of the town’s conflicts evolve around the police chief and a minority of malcontents (that includes the five members of this council) who are committed to only providing revenues and resources for the police department. Until you decide to abide by the town charter, the town’s problems will not go away.

Susan Rush
Ocean View