Reader responds to rep's statements


I enjoyed reading a letter from Rep. Pete Schwartzkopf regarding the Oct. 26 incident involving Sheriff Jeff Christopher and Councilman Vance Philips. Certainly, my tongue-in-cheek idea to settle the incident by giving the sheriff what he needs was not a feasible solution and should never have been taken seriously.

On Nov. 4, while on the radio, I said, “I was wrong. It was a bad idea. I am sincerely apologizing to those that I upset by that idea and also to those who construed the idea as blackmail, bribery or backroom dealing. Please forgive me.”

However, my comments did bring attention to the fact that our sheriff is only asking for a small increase in his budget in order to buy two desperately needed $14,000 used, surplus squad cars and $5,000 for a minimum amount of training for his deputies.

Rep. Schwartzkopf labeled my idea as “bribery, backroom deals and cronyism” – things that are always done secretly, behind closed doors. On the contrary – I publicly gave my idea out on the radio, and I spoke to a reporter about it. He, of all people, should recognize this difference.

Rep. Schwartzkopf admits he does “not know what actually happened in that office,” but he rules that “emotions between these two men got the best of both of them,” completely ruling out that only one person may have lost his composure. He rules and he accuses them in “resorting to physical altercations,” when it only takes one person to become aggressive. Rep. Schwartzkopf served 25 years as a police officer but apparently never learned about bullies.

Rep. Schwartzkopf comes to some far-fetched conclusion that I favor people to “duke it out” and wonders “what kind of message [I am] sending to the kids of our county,” yet he champions bringing casinos to Sussex, in essence saying to our children “if times get tough, just go down and play the slots.” He goes on about my “thought processes,” yet his very own “thought processes” support the social and fiscal liberal agendas that are ruining our state and nation.

Acting as a shill for my ex-opponent, Rep. Schwartzkopf writes that I “ran in a primary for the State Senate and has already stated publicly that he intends to run again in 2012.”

I challenge Rep. Schwartzkopf to tell me exactly where and when I made this public statement. My answer to every reporter has always been “if asked to run, I will – in the opposite direction, as fast as I can.”

Rep Schwartzkopf is trying this incident in newspapers, when it should be tried by our court system. I offered a tongue-in-cheek solution. Rep. Schwartzkopf offers nothing but complaints, condescension and personal attacks. So, I will offer another tongue-in-cheek solution that should thrill him and the liberals of his ilk:

Why not just trash the State Constitution completely by doing away with the Sheriff’s Office? We can have FedEx deliver all the court documents and private auctioneers sell off the property, and that way the State can control it all from Dover. Then we would never have to worry about “we the people” electing any more “uppity sheriffs” that might just want us to honor that stupid old constitution.

Last, I want to thank Rep. Schwartzkopf for elevating me to being “a strong leader in the Republican Party” and for taking so much of his valuable time to write his 600-word diatribe about me. Obviously, I must be doing something right.

“That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.” – 2Corinthians 12:10.

Eric Bodenweiser

Reader offers opinion on canal trail

I am writing because I am opposed to the plan to build a trail. I am a kayaker. DNREC had the wonderful idea to dredge the canal for boats and Jet Skis. The big joke is the “No Wake” signs.

In all the times I have been in the canal, I have only seen one boat obey the signs! I overheard two boaters who met going opposite ways telling each other how long the canal was and how boring it was going so slow. Believe me, they did not obey the signs.

It would be a total waste of time to build the path. The boaters are going to undermine the walls of the canal with their wakes.

It is very frustrating. Sunday, I was packing up to leave with my kayak on the bank. One boater came by so fast the waves almost took my kayak off the bank!

I have seen fewer herons in the canal this year than ever before. The canal path would destroy more habitat of the wildlife in the area.

I am a year-round resident of Bethany West. I am a Realtor who rents many homes in the area. Over the years, I have heard of many homes that have been broken into in the off-season. My neighbor had someone steal the copper from under the house last winter.

It would be so easy for someone to walk off the canal into an unoccupied home. Who would know? They could be in and out from the canal without a car.

I am worried about safety in our area.

Margaret A. “Peggy” Milloy
Bethany Beach