Local shops and restaurants offer unique goods

The power-shopping time of the year is now officially upon us. Clear up those charge cards, roll up the coins in the giant jar in the hallway and pull together those coupons and gift cards you have been holding on to throughout the year.

Black Friday is here.

And, right after that, comes American Express’ Small Business Saturday. By the way, Cyber Monday follow up those two, with a day of rest in between. We’re pretty sure the catchy names for shopping days ends there, but the shopping will continue right up until we reach the holidays.

There will be efforts to find that perfect gift for the special person in your life, mad scrambles from parents trying to get that elusive “hot” toy of the season and people generally getting more and more frustrated as the holidays near because of financial restrictions or time crunches that prevent those trips to Christiana or Salisbury to get the lion’s share of the shopping done in one fell swoop. And make no mistake about it — there will be retailers stressing out every day of the season as they know that the holidays can make or break a year.

It might indeed be the most wonderful time of the year, but it can also cause some hypertension and a few ulcers.

Reduce all that this year. Pick up gifts for people that come with a story. Gifts that can bring about waves of nostalgia, like some caramel popcorn from a popular beach shop or saltwater taffy. Find that unique gift at one of our local shops that people just can’t easily find somewhere else.

In short, shop local.

We know. We sound like broken records, but it really is vital. This area is special because it’s, well, special. We have little shops and restaurants here that aren’t found in major cities. We have neat little locales along Route 26 and Coastal Highway and Route 54 that not only offer unique goods, but also physically impact the landscape of our community. Let’s keep those shops thriving by shopping local this holiday.