Police investigating series of robberies

When word got out that Fox’s Pizza Den in Millville was robbed at gunpoint on Monday, Dec. 19, much of the community was stunned. That simply isn’t the type of crime we are used to here. Oh, we’re not naive enough to believe that there is no crime in our little slice of Heaven, but it usually involves property crimes, drunk driving offenses or people burglarizing unoccupied homes.

This was unusual, but many wrote it off mentally as a one-time incident. That is no longer the case.

Holt’s Liquors on Route 26 was robbed at gunpoint on Friday, Dec. 23, by a suspect that police say matches the description of the man who robbed Fox’s. Pomeroy’s package store in Selbyville was then robbed at gunpoint on Monday, Dec. 26, by a suspect who, you guessed it, also matched the description.

“We tend to believe they probably are connected, but at this point, there is nothing positively linking the crimes,” said Selbyville Police Chief Scott Collins.

The best case scenario is that this is the work of one person, as opposed to a string of crimes of this nature that are being carried out by multiple people. From talking with various police officials, we know they are taking this very seriously, and are working hard to lock up the person, or persons, responsible.

Which brings us to our point.

This is a police issue, folks. It is indeed up to all of us as citizens to be vigilant and keep our eyes out for anything that looks suspicious, but let’s make sure we allow the trained law enforcement officers we have in this area to take care of it. Our fear is that people who own businesses are going to take to arming themselves in anticipation of being robbed themselves.

That has catastrophe written all over it. We read all the time about gun-related accidents, and a rising number of people carrying guns who are not trained only increases the possibility of an accident happening — not to mention the very real possibility of a frazzled business owner pulling out a gun on somebody who merely looks “suspicious.”

Take precautions. Put in that security system you might have been thinking about getting. Call your local police department and ask if an officer wouldn’t mind coming by your business to tell your employees what to do in case of a robbery — they usually don’t mind doing that if they have the time.

But please allow the police officers to do their jobs, and leave the vigilante thoughts at home.