Frankford election is somewhat rare. Go vote

It’s not every day there’s a town council election in Frankford. In fact, it’s not every year there’s a town council election in Frankford. For the first time since 2003, voters in that town will come to the voting booth on Saturday, Feb. 4, to cast their ballots for who will lead the town into the future.

Seven candidates are throwing their proverbial hats into the ring for three open seats on the town council. The winners will receive two-year terms to either continue the work they’ve been doing for the town, or to make their marks on improving the quality of life for Frankford’s citizens.

If we sound a little giddy over this, it’s because we are.

All too often in our picturesque little community, public service is somewhat of an afterthought. Many towns cancel elections because there aren’t enough candidates to hold one, and empty seats are often filled by current council members picking somebody to take that seat. That selection is often somebody who agrees with the current council.

So, why is there often such little participation in running for public office? There are several possibilities. The main one we keep coming back to is that people are generally satsified with how things are going in their towns and simply see no reason to rock the boat. Why push for change if none is needed?

Another possible explanation is that people are busy with their own lives, and really do not want to add to their burden. Serving on a town council, even in a small town, is a lot more work than many people would believe. It’s not just about showing up for a monthly council meeting, voting and going home. It is a huge demand on one’s time and energy.

Regardless, people are in fact getting involved in the process in Frankford. There are seven citizens registered who are willing to make the personal sacrifice for their towns, and it would be a shame if people do not show up in droves on Saturday to cast their ballots. The election itself takes place at Frankford Town Hall, from 1 to 4 p.m. The impact of the election will be felt in the town for two years.

We thank the seven people who decided to run in service of their town and congratulate them for having the courage of their convictions in undertaking the electorate process.

If you are a registered voter in Frankford, you can thank them for their efforts by putting forth some of your own and getting out to vote. It’s your town. Take ownership in how it is being run.