Letters to the Editor -- February 24, 2012

Media sources promote bigotry

This is in response to Mr. [Thomas M.] Keely’s critique of my Feb. 3 letter, “Grateful for hope and change.” He presents a very long litany of complaints about our president. They beg the question of what media sources he utilizes to obtain his dubious information.

He asserts that Halliburton was rewarded with no-bid multi-billion-dollar contracts in the lead up to the Iraq invasion because they were the only company qualified to perform the required services.

However, Ms. Bunnatine Greenhouse, a former senior procurement executive of contracts at the Army Corps of Engineers testified before Congress in 2005, “that these contracts were the worst case of government abuse she had witnessed in her 20-year career.” She later won a lawsuit for $970,000 for being unjustly demoted for her whistleblowing.

Mr. Keely contends “that virtually all of our allied intelligence agencies shared our concerns with WMD’s.” When do “concerns” equate to imminent national security threats?

In 2003, the Pentagon’s Defense Intelligence Agency sponsored the “Jefferson Project” team of biological weapons experts. They were to determine if mobile trailers in Iraq illustrated by Secretary of State Colin Powell to the Security Council of the United Nations were actually mobile germ-warfare laboratories intended to produce biological weapons. Their findings were that mobile trailers were being used to produce hydrogen for artillery weather balloons.

After reviewing an opposing CIA report, David Kay, head of the Iraq survey group, thought about Peggy Lee’s song, “Is that all there is?” The CIA’s informant, an Iraqi defector known as “Curveball,” made a series of false allegations. Powell’s own reservations about starting this war led to his resignation.

Obama was accused of conducting an “apology tour” in Europe. This criticism originated from a series of speeches he made shortly after taking office. Glenn Kessler’s Washington Post article “Obama’s Apology Tour” pointed out, “that Obama backs into his speeches with a humble tone that some supporters of American power find irritating. But snippets of his remarks do not do justice to his full quotes when taken in context.” Kessler concluded that the apology tour accusations were totally false.

Another allegation was that Obama, rather than Bush, has borrowed more money than his 42 predecessors combined. Simple arithmetic disproves this. The national deficit was 10.7 trillion when Obama took office. It now sits at 15.2 trillion. Obama’s incurred 4.5 trillion debt was largely spent on continuing Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthy, two unpaid-for wars and an unpaid-for Medicare prescription drug program.

Bush also holds the distinction of having the worst track record on jobs created, according to the Wall Street Journal’s Real Time Economics analysis. Consequently, Obama was charged with digging out from the rubble when he inherited the keys to the White House. The majority of economists believe that his emergency bailouts and stimulus packages were accomplishments that saved our country from another Great Depression.

In regards to czars, Obama and Bush have appointed many. Certain biased news media need to stop inferring that czars are tyrannical dictators. Bush appointed 33 and Obama has 38. They are simply public officials charged with responsibility for dealing with a certain issue.

One such official is Mr. [Richard] Cordray, who had to be recess-appointed to head up the Consumer Protection Board overseeing Wall Street shenanigans. A free, unregulated market always has a great risk of imploding, as history has borne out.

The wealthy worry that regulation lessens profits for their corporations and shareholders. Unions had always played a big role in leveling out the playing field with management, due to collective bargaining. However, the last 30 years have allowed the 1 percent to gain 240 percent while middle-class incomes have remained flat. Busting unions has taken its toll. Corporate fascism has been imposing its will on Americans.

Mr. Keely’s saving grace does seem to be his belief in reviving the American dream. He needs to realize that the Affordable Health Care Act “cuts costs” due to its emphasis on a continuity of preventative-care screenings for all Americans.

And the majority of economists agree that coming out of this recession calls for investments in education and rebuilding our antiquated infrastructure to put our economy on sound footing. Afterwards, we can take on the challenge of meeting our long-term deficits with cost-cutting measures.

This is the Obama vision most economists agree is taking us in the right direction. Any mention of a socialist/Marxist agenda is simply media propaganda by the 1 percent in their efforts to perpetuate the status quo. Don’t let them get away with taking our country from us.

Bill Clemens

Writer talks Obama and the Catholic Church

On Friday, Jan. 20, 2012, Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services, announced that employers, including Catholic employers, will be forced to offer their employees healthcare coverage that includes sterilization, abortion-inducing drugs and contraception, free of charge. Health insurers will have to include these services and the healthcare policies they present to employees, and individuals will be forced to buy that coverage as part of their policies.

In this ruling, this administration has cast aside our Constitution, denying individuals, especially Catholics, our religious freedom. This policy of Obamacare goes against the teaching and principles of the Catholic Church. Never before in our history has the federal government mandated citizens to directly purchase what violates their beliefs.

Just before the mid-term election of 2010, President Obama put forth a national health care act plan for everyone that is now known as Obamacare. Vice President Joseph Biden, Sen. Harry Reid and then Speaker Nancy Pelosi pushed Obamacare through the House and Senate, stating, “This is good for all American citizens.” The 500 to 1,000 pages of Obamacare was voted through the House and Senate.

I would venture to say many in Congress who voted for it did not read or understand the full bill. Congress should be made to take Obamacare, since they voted it for us and reject the nice medical plan they have in place for themselves, which we are paying for.

Now, V.P. Biden’s office is saying that he warned President Obama of the Catholic and Christian backlash. Yeah, right! Being a good Catholic, he went along pushing Obamacare in Congress.

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops are speaking out in dioceses and parishes against this decision and are requesting help from fellow Christian Americans to reform this unjust regulation. It is being reported that Catholic chaplains in the military are being ordered by the Pentagon not to discuss or preach about this. We know who the commander-in-chief is!

Was this a probe or test by Obama and his administration to see if they could get the Catholic Church to agree to this? Did he think the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops were so weak and disorganized from the priest scandal that they would not speak out?

On Friday, Feb. 10, President Obama made an announcement, stating his changes in the original Obamacare plan regarding contraception. If you listen to his comments, he played the “Old Bead” game. He just shifted some words around and did not change anything.

Sen. Barbara Boxer and others are saying, “It’s a female issue.” They seem to forget it’s a moral and religious issue also. The pill and other contraceptives have been available for more than 50 years. This is an individual choice, and we should not have to pay for it.

I hope all Catholics and other Christians remember this when voting in November.

Mr. Clemens, yes, I am mad. We have to take back America. Whatever happened to “We the People” as stated in our Constitution? It’s not “We the Government” or “We the Congress”!

You have a right to your opinion, just like I do. You can vote for anyone of your choice, but do not use the race card. It is childish and immature, sounds like Jesse Jackson and/or Al Sharpton. Just because I don’t support Obama and his policies does not make me a racist.

I have only one vote and it will not be for Barack Obama. He has not done the job he was elected to do.

I hope we change the resident in the White House and rescind Obamacare.

George Morris
Ocean View

Frankford candidate contacts state officials

Editor’s note: The following letter was addressed to state Sen. George Bunting and Rep. John Atkins and was forwarded to the Coastal Point for publication.

It has come to my attention that the Town of Frankford has proposed a charter amendment to correct the issues that arose during the annual municipal election.

This proposed amendment change was announced at the Feb. 13 council meeting. There was no public discussion prior to this meeting that there was a need for a charter amendment. There was no discussion on what changes were needed.

This proposed amendment materialized without any public conversation by our council that these changes are necessary. These changes do nothing to simplify or correct the issues that arose during the election. The changes are simply making what our Town illegally represented as law, now law.

These changes are further restricting voter registration and candidacy requirements in a town that has had only one election in nine years and a registered voter percentage of about 20 percent of qualified electors.

The changes:

• Requiring a six-month residency for voter registration is replacing a 30-day requirement.

• Requiring council members to be registered voters is replacing the requirement that they be qualified electors.

• Requiring council members’ residency to be one year is replacing the requirement that they reside in town at the time of their candidacy.

These changes do nothing to simplify or clarify the process. They further restrict the Towns’ requirements and maintain the State code’s supremacy as currently established.

These changes do not address these issues that arose during our election:

• Our Town has employed the clerk and state election commissioner to misrepresent the laws and the process to reject my candidacy application as I was applying.

• The Town has not maintained a proper Book of Registered Voters as required by our Charter.

• The Town does not respect the process of registering to vote and does not allow anyone to challenge the absence of documented registration.

Our Town changing the Charter to further restrict candidacy and voter registration to comply with the way they misrepresented the laws and process is not what our Town needs.

There are some genuine process issues that need correcting. Not having any public conversation to address these issues and proposing these changes as a solution is perpetuating these problems.

Gregory S. Welch