Lady Indians left it all on the court this year

There’s really only so much athletes can control when in the heat of battle, particularly in a sport like basketball. They can control their energy. They can control their effort. They can play good defense. What they can’t always control is whether or not they are making their shots.

The Lady Indians of Indian River High School put out maximum effort during their playoff loss to St. Elizabeth last week. They held them to 50 points. They rebounded well. They didn’t turn the ball over much, showing that they were focused on the task at hand. What they didn’t do well is shoot, best exemplified by the team making just two of their 12 free-throw attempts.

“We missed too many put-backs and layups,” said coach John Frye following the game. “If we made those foul shots and short opportunities that we had, we could have won the game. We’d be playing in the final eight. Those were the two things we didn’t do in that game.”

The Lady Indians were fighters this season. They started out slow, to the tune of a 3-4 record, before getting hot and winning 12 of their last 13 regular-season games. Included in that run was a 10-game winning streak.

“We really turned it all around,” said Frye. “There was nothing magical or motivational that snapped the girls out of anything. We just had to have them all on board, being good teammates. Everyone was showing up for practice and getting on the same page, and once we did that, things started going better for us. It took us a while to get that started, but our teams have always played with heart and courage.”

As a fan of any team, that’s all you can ask for, right? Your team plays hard, shows class and never quits. That’s what we’ll remember most about this particular Lady Indians squad. It’s what Frye will remember, as well.

“It’s been amazing to watch these girls grow,” said Frye. “Not only as athletes, but as people. The maturity has been amazing, expecially this year.”

We congratulate coach Frye, his staff and the young ladies who put maximum effort into improving as a team and representing their school and community with pride and dignity. Some of the faces on that team will be moving on to a new chapter in their individual lives, including 1,000-point scorer Destiny Blake, Chanel Handy and Kitty Cole, but they’ll never forget their time with their teammates and coaches, and will always hang on to those memories. We thank them for our own memories of this very special team.