Letters to the Editor: March 30, 2012

Great time held by all at St. Patrick’s Dance

I want to thank parishioners and priests of St. Ann’s Catholic Church for their support of our successful St. Patrick’s Dance on March 17. We are most grateful for the donations that were given by local businesses: Casapulla’s Restaurant, Hocker’s and Giant.
Donald Lake
Bethany Beach

Fundraiser a hit, thanks to many

On behalf of Indian River High School baseball, softball and FFA, we would like to thank everyone who sponsored, donated, or contributed to our Vera Bradley/Basket Bingo Fundraiser on Feb. 24 at the Frankford fire hall. In addition, thanks to all who attended and made this event so successful. Monies raised benefited all three organizations.

Sponsors included: All Out Sports, the Bacon family, Bethany Blues, Bethany Cycle, Branch Construction, Bunting’s Garage, Creative Concepts of Bethany, Cripple Creek Golf & Country Club, Dawn Spencer-Longaberger, Denise Beam–State Farm, Doyle’s restaurant, Droney Diesel Performance, Droney Marine Construction, FishKillers, Frankford Diner, Frankford Volunteer Fire Company, House Pets, the Impastato family, IR Sunshine Club, McCabe’s Mechanical Service & Sales, MAG Towing & Auto Service Center, Magee Farms, Mark West—Master Electrician, Lisa Marvel, Mary Kay by Judy Hickman, Millers Creek, Donna and Mark Smith, O’Neal Feed, Outlaw Motorsports, Parsons’ Produce, Studio 26 salon, Tequila Mockingbird, Tow Boat U.S.—Indian River, Vines Creek Marina & Tackle, Bob Yarnall Painting and Robin Yarnall.

Indian River High School staff

Forgotten, but not gone: TB still a killer

March 24 is World Tuberculosis Day. Many in America are too young to remember when tuberculosis (TB) was the most feared disease in the country. For this we can thank a group of doctors and concerned citizens who, in 1904, founded an organization to eradicate the disease. That organization - which would later become the American Lung Association - spearheaded a public health and research campaign that resulted in TB being largely controlled in the U.S.

While great strides have been made, TB is still a global health threat that infects one-third of the world’s population and takes 1.4 million lives a year. Even in the U.S., the decline in TB has slowed and strains of drug-resistant TB have emerged and spread; clear signs that the fight against TB is far from over.

The American Lung Association has taken up other causes in our fight for healthy lungs, but TB eradication is still an important part of our mission. This World Tuberculosis Day, the Lung Association thanks and honors the educators, researchers and care-givers who are marching with us toward a day when TB can finally being a forgotten scourge of the past.

Deborah Brown, President & CEO
American Lung Association of the Mid-Atlantic

Comparing one rally to another

Recently, several letters to the editor have “spontaneously” popped up in our local papers defending the Occupy Wall Street movement and the so-called “99 percent.” These normally lack a few things – namely the truth. The authors launch into a hearty defense of the Occupy movement and a vitriolic attack on the Tea Party. Unfortunately, he’s short on truth and long on lies.

One of the common descriptions of the “99 percent” or “Occupiers” is that “at worst they engage in civil disobedience by overstaying their leave at a public space.” This is either completely ignorant of facts or outright lies.

OWS was launched publicly Sept. 17.
Oct. 2, more than 700 OWS protestors arrested for blocking traffic on Brooklyn Bridge.
Oct. 11, speakers at Occupy L.A. state, “Violence will be necessary to achieve our goals.”
Oct. 16, more than 74 OWS protestors arrested in violent clash with riot police in NYC.
Oct. 19, Occupy L.A. causes more than $400,000 in damage to L.A. City Hall.
Oct. 23, more than 130 OWS protestors arrested for violent clash with police in Chicago.
Nov. 14, Occupy Atlanta hits total of 75 arrests since protests began.
Nov. 16, over 200 OWS arrested in NYC after clash with police.
Jan. 29, Occupy Oakland chants “Kill the police!” on video after hundreds were arrested for rioting.
Feb. 5, according to Occupy’s own Twitter account, the number of arrests hits a total of 6,477.
March 2, Occupy Oakland protestors are arrested for hate crimes, robbery and assault.
March 14, Occupy Wall Street protestors dump large amounts of human feces in lobby of local bank.
March 17, OWS protestors advocate killing of police officers on Twitter.

But those are just numbers. Let’s look at some of the more heinous reasons the Occupiers are being arrested. Assault/threats: 41 (multiple stabbings, knife fights and death threats); rape and sexual assault: 16 (multiple group-rapes, and incidents involving children).

Occupy also has nine deaths, two murders, public masturbation, public defecation, burning of the U.S. flag, hate crimes against homosexuals, child molestation, infant abuse, strangled parents in a PT Cruiser, a tuberculosis outbreak, and is responsible for tens of millions of dollars in damage due to riots and arson. Not exactly “civil disobedience.”

OK, fine; but how about the Tea Party? Do a Google search, and look back in the newspaper archives for 2009/2010. None of these offenses were committed by the Tea Party. Not a single person was arrested at the thousands of Tea Party rallies across the country. The Tea Parties didn’t even leave trash or litter behind. They literally cleaned up after themselves.

The Tea Party gatherings were more like outdoor church revival meetings. Tea Parties were peaceful, made up mainly of senior citizens, trying to bring back a smaller, more responsible government.
To quote one of the original Tea Partiers, “Facts are stubborn things…” John Adams, 1770.

Christian Hudson

Reader believes Carper has lost his way

As a voter I don’t take marching orders from any political party; I do my own research before voting. Thus, in November, my vote will go to whomever my research shows will best represent the needs of our nation, my state and myself.

Decidedly, that will not be Tom Carper — and not because he is a Democrat. It is because he has lost his independent reasoning. Carper follows the Pelosi and Reed agenda 96 percent of the time. After 35 years of living off public monies, he has lost touch with the concerns of “We the People.”

He has no idea what it takes to work for a living or manage a budget. He is one of the bus drivers leading us over the cliff toward debtor status while buying votes at taxpayer expense. His fantasy wind farms and Fisker automobiles remind me of Don Quixote, except that the “Don” had Sancho Panza to tell him what was real.

I’ve also researched U.S. Senate candidate Kevin Wade, who came from a coal town, worked his way through engineering school, served the DuPont Company and started his own engineering firm at the age of 29. His experience throughout the world in the oil-services industry provides Wade with unique knowledge in energy technology, energy sources, national security and, finally, how many good jobs are generated by domestic exploration.

This election is our last chance. We need people in Congress who are business-savvy and well-grounded, who know what it takes to create a budget, meet a payroll and solve real problems. That’s why I am voting for Kevin Wade as our next U.S. senator from Delaware.

Steve Wode
Bethany Beach