Republican event in Roxana a good idea

This is a smart idea.

It’s no secret that our little corner of Delaware is a bit of a conservative bastion. The beach towns house many of the affluent fiscal conservatives who often support the Republican party, and the inland towns contain a large amount of people who are social conservatives, meaning they most identify with the values often favored by Republican candidates. Granted, those are broad statements and don’t speak for every person who lives here, but our area generally votes Republican.

With that in mind, 38th District Rep. Gerald Hocker, who also serves as minority whip in the state legislature, is bringing together national representatives of all the Republican presidential campaigns, as well as many prominent Delaware Republicans, for the Old Fashioned Covered Dish Supper and Straw Poll on Thursday, April 12, at the Roxana fire hall.

“During the 2008 presidential election, many Sussex County Republicans said their voices weren’t heard by the state party prior to the convention,” said Hocker. “I can’t correct that for the whole state, but I can correct it for the Republicans in my District.”

This is a terrific opportunity for Republicans in the area to meet more of their state leadership, as well as learn more about the candidates participating on the national stage. It has long been our premise at the paper that an informed public is an intelligent public, and events like this will only provide more information to citizens who wish to know all the facts before making a decision.

As for the Republican party in the state and county, this is also wholly beneficial. The informal straw poll will serve as a barometer on this area as to which way the political winds are currently blowing, and could give them a tactical boost. It can also serve as a pseudo-pep rally for local Republicans, generating enthusiasm that will hopefully translate into a good showing at the polls.

“Sussex County voters have always known their elected officials personally, and candidates for elected offices in Delaware have always been eager to personally meet the voters,” said Phil Drew, chairman of the 38th Representative District Republican Committee. “Our American system works best when the people have regular contact with their legislators and elected officials.”

We couldn’t agree more, and hope that there are more events like this — from both major political parties — in the future, creating a more informed voting populous.