Letters to the Editor -- April 13, 2012

Reader: Facts support president’s policies

In response to Mr. Keely’s critique of my Feb. 3 letter, “Grateful for hope and change,” he erroneously believes that Halliburton was rewarded with no-bid multi-billion-dollar contracts in the lead up to the Iraq invasion because they were the only company qualified to perform the required services.

Not true! Ms. Bunnatine Greenhouse, a former senior procurement executive of contracts at the Army Corps of Engineers, testified before Congress in 2005 “that these Halliburton contracts were the worst case of government abuse she had witnessed in her 20-year career.” She won a lawsuit for $970,000 for being unjustly demoted for whistleblowing.

Mr. Keely stated, “that virtually all of our allied intelligence agencies shared our concerns with Iraq having WMD’s.” Unfortunately, they were disillusioned by the facts.

In 2003, the Pentagon’s Defense Intelligence Agency sponsored the “Jefferson Project.” Their team of biological weapons experts determined that mobile trailer pictures in Iraq illustrated by Secretary of State Colin Powell in his televised address to the Security Council of the United Nations were not mobile germ-warfare laboratories intended to produce biological weapons. They were actually mobile trailers being used to produce hydrogen for artillery weather balloons. Powell resigned shortly after this discovery.

Mr. Keely was also falsely led to believe the media propaganda that President Obama conducted an apology tour in Europe. Glenn Kessler’s Washington Post fact-checking team pointed out “that Obama backs into his speeches with a humble tone that some supporters of American power find irritating. But snippets of his remarks do not do justice to his full quotes when taken in context.” Kessler’s team concluded that the apology tour accusations were totally false.

The facts are that former President Bush Jr. borrowed more money than his 42 predecessors combined. The national deficit was $10.7 trillion when Obama took office. It now sits at $15.2 trillion. Obama’s incurred 4.5 trillion debt was largely spent on continuing Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthy, two unpaid-for wars and an unpaid for Medicare prescription drug program.

Bush also holds the distinction of having the worst track record on “jobs created” according to the Wall Street Journal’s Real Time Economics analysis. In contrast, the majority of Economists believe that Obama’s emergency bailouts and stimulus packages were accomplishments that saved our country from another Great Depression. Four million jobs have now been created in the last 25 months, despite a continuing deep recession in Europe and the continuing mess that Obama inherited.

In regards to czars, Obama and Bush have appointed many. Czars are not tyrannical dictators. Bush appointed 33 and Obama has 38. They are simply public officials charged with responsibility for dealing with a certain issue.

Finally, the Affordable Health Care Act will “cut costs” due to its emphasis on a continuity of preventative care screenings for all Americans. And the mandate that all Americans buy insurance will also make it affordable for all Americans. This is Obama’s vision for America. The next election will prove that his policies are taking us in the right direction.

Bill Clemens

IRHS Band Boosters offer thanks

The Indian River High School Band Boosters would like to thank everyone who contributed to our most successful bingo fundraiser ever.

We had over 100 local businesses contribute in some way to our event, along with fantastic donations and manpower from our own boosters and students. The attendance shows that our community believes in and supports our strong music program. Please remember our local businesses and support them as they give back to your community.

We are also very happy to report that the IRHS Key Club was also very successful in their food drive, collecting 1,012 non-perishable items for our local food pantry that night. They also “recycled” cans and will be donating the pull-tabs to the Ronald McDonald House. We were so happy to be able to use our venue to support their cause, as well.

Thank you for making our event a true success, and we look forward to seeing everyone next year!

Ruth Ann Marvel, Bingo Chairperson
IRHS Band Boosters