Letters to the Editor -- April 20, 2012

Rotary president thankful for support

I want to thank the Cottage Café for hosting the Dine and Donate for the Southern Sussex Rotary Club this past Wednesday, April 11. Brent and Tom have always been such great supporters of local community organizations. Thank you, Melanie, for helping us to organize the event.

We all thank you and love the food, service and staff. Brian and Mike at the bar were wonderful, and the lovely hostess staff was helpful with taking photos and seating folks.

Brian Frable was also helpful with this event. Thank you, and all of the Cottage Café staff.

And, of course, thank you to our Rotary members who were able to attend and assist.

We were grateful to accept $156 in scooter raffle ticket sales from friendly patrons. The raffle drawing will be July 26. We are looking forward to using remaining funds from the Dine and Donate to fund local Rotary projects. Please visit our Web site to see how donations will be used to support local community projects.

I want to add a special thanks to Chris Clark and the Coastal Point for supporting every community endeavor our club is involved in. Without them, we could not be as successful in creating awareness about what Rotary is: “Service First!”

Dominique DuShuttle
Barker Physical Therapy
President, Southern Sussex Rotary Club

Fundraiser a big hit, thanks to many

On Feb. 25, the Community of Swann Cove put on a fundraiser “Beef ’n’ Beer” at the Roxana Fire Hall for Baby Ava. We raised over $12,000 for the DelRicco family and wanted to sincerely thank all that attended.

We had both small and very large donators that supplied food, beer, chips, salads, sodas and assorted prizes that were door prizes, silent auction items or Chinese auctions. Donators included many that gave cash, making this a huge success. Bob Hughes supplied the music and entertainment.

Donators: Harris Teeter of West Fenwick, Dynamic Physical Therapy, Bull on the Beach, Miller Brewing Co., Montego Bay Super-Thrift, Georgeo’s Bakery, Boars Head, Mermaid Cove, Mio Fratello’s, Tyree Services, Baltimore Orioles, Bayside Resort Golf Club, Bayville Package Store, BJ’s on the Water, Blue Ox, Cactus Cafe, Comcast of Baltimore/D.C., Denny’s restaurant of Ocean City, Dickens Parlour Theatre, Dumser’s, Fenwick Float-ors, Fenwick Hardware, Fisher’s Popcorn, Food Lion, Fenwick, Fresco’s, Green Turtle, Hair We R, High Stakes, House of Welsh, JR’s House of Ribs, Ken’s Bayside Pizza, Lay’s, Ledo’s Pizza, Mancini’s, New Face in Town, Nick’s House Of Ribs, Oceanova Spa, Parker & Son HVAC, Slaínte pub, Sunkissed Tanning, Under the Banyan Tree, Utz Quality Foods, Venus Nails, Walgreen’s, WHUR Radio, WIAD Radio, WJZ-TV, WMAR-TV, WROX-radio, WTOP-radio, WUTB-TV, WWMX/WLIF/WQSR Baltimore radio, Whyspers, Women’s Club of the Keenwicks, East Sussex Moose Lodge 2542, Roxana Fire Co. , Connie Hair Cuttery , Meguiar’s Car Products and Swann Cove HOA.

Thank you all. The DelRicco family, George, Ann Marie and Sage, were so grateful.

Bill Kelley
Floss Fioravanti
Pat Cook

SPCA benefits from appraisal show

Lavender & Lace Antiques and Gifts would like to thank appraisers Charlene Upham and Steven Blumenaur for donating their time and to all the participants for their generous donations at the L&L Antiques Appraisal Show held on April 7 — $300 was donated to our Delaware SPCA. The Delaware SPCA is a private non-profit organization dedicated to the prevention of cruelty and the encouragement of humane treatment of all animals.

Thanks for your support.

Pauline Blasena, owner
Lavender & Lace Antiques and Gifts

Reader gets creative on political climate

“Mad Men” is back! After a 15-month hiatus, the award-winning drama has returned, much to the delight of my wife and thousands of fans. I, on the other hand, have been watching my own version of “Mad Men” for several months. It is a comedy based on fact about four inept Republican politicians who burn millions of dollars trashing each other to earn the dubious honor of losing to Barak Obama in November.

The main character is an empty (but expensive) suit named Mitt “The Cardboard Chameleon” Romney, who can change colors at the drop of a silver spoon. He’s a pretty good actor, but he’s no Don Draper.

The supporting cast plays fellow Republican congressmen and women, governors and state legislators who get very few comedic lines. In fact, they are portrayed as ruthless, scary radical at times, but always true to their “win-at-all-costs” agenda. The party of no is also the party of low.

Some of the episodes, like “The $10,000 Bet,” “Cheesy Grits” and “Etch-a-Sketch,” were hilarious, but my favorite was one called “No Vote for You.” (Personally, I think the title was ripped off from Seinfeld’s “No Soup for You.”) This takes place in a fancy restaurant where Mitt supporters were having a good old time. Cocktails were flowing and the topic of conversation was the number of voter suppression laws they were able to pass under the bogus assertion of “fraud prevention.”

High-fives were abundant, celebrating their successes in disenfranchising the youth, blacks, Latinos and the elderly, also known as potential Democratic voters. When someone mentioned the fact it could possibly affect 5 million people – one million in Florida alone – an anonymous governor interrupted, “Isn’t the United States the model of democracy for the world to see? Isn’t the right to vote synonymous with, and the cornerstone of that democracy? Remember the only ‘feel good’ moment in the Iraq War, when the citizens proudly showed their ink-stained fingers after voting for the very first time, even at the risk of being killed for participating?

“That day was made possible by thousands of Americans who lost their lives and limbs. Families were shattered beyond comprehension. How do we justify their sacrifice in a foreign land while we are doing this here? Shouldn’t we be ashamed of ourselves?”

A silence fell over the room, jaws dropped and everything became still. The scene was like the proverbial oil painting. The seconds went by, seeming more like minutes. Then a voice bellows out, “Hey! ... You’re a funny guy!” The crowd erupted in hysterical laughter. After all, they are the Goodfellas.

The latest episode was titled “The Golden Probes.” It featured the first-ever awards ceremony honoring the War Against Women legislators, a black-tie affair for men only. In fact, the only women shown was in a quick shot of a protesting mob behind barricades in front of the theater. Needless to say, tickets were hard to come by, considering there were over a thousand such bills offered since 2010. Categories included abortion, contraception, mandatory medical procedures, Planned Parenthood and Title X.

“The most prestigious award was saved until last, a la the Oscars’ Best Picture. The audience waited with baited breath as guest presenter, Rush something-or-other, stepped to the podium and announced, “The winner of the first Golden Probe for Most Radical Bill goes to ... South Dakota State Rep. Phil Jensen.” Cheers.

His proposal, HB1171 (look it up), would allow the murder of any doctor, nurse or assistant who poses a threat to a fetus as “justifiable homicide.” This bill passed committee by a 9 to 3 vote, was sent to the House for approval but was tabled. It can be brought up at a later date.

The night ended with the jovial attendees being ushered out the back door to waiting limos. Remember the gals out front.

I was disappointed with this episode, as it all but gave away the ending. The women of the country will come out in huge numbers and take the advice of Bob Marley. “Get Up, Stand Up” for your rights. They will personally deliver President Obama his re-election.

The show is scheduled to end on Nov. 8, one day after the election. I imagine the writers will have a hard time coming up with anything funny in the finale. After all, this is the day the mad men become sad men.

However, “Entertainment Tonight” had a scoop, where they may put in a “feel good” moment of their own. Some guy from Delaware remembers hearing a highly regarded pundit from Fox News say, “The election would be so close, it could be decided by the winner of the three presidential debates.” Said Delawarean takes his retirement savings and the rest of the family jewels, flies to Vegas and bets it all on Obama. He and his wife live happily ever after ... for four more years, at least.

Bill Morrow
Ocean View

OWS and where it is headed this summer

Readers, please go to “youtube.com” and type in their search area, “black block.” You will find videos of where Occupy Wall Street is headed this summer: anarchy and violence!

Click on the “Chris Hedges and Occupy Debate.”

To the supporters of OWS and those who stood on the corner of Routes 1 and 26 this past summer, is this what you want?

To those who are not sure who to vote for, or to those who want to continue with the current administration, is this the direction you want to go?

If so, please stand up straight and get your head out and notice where we are headed. Where are you now that the gas prices are going up? You protested and yelled at George W. Bush when the prices were at $2.50 a gallon. Why are you not upset that they are approaching $4-plus?

You say unemployment is going down. Well, we have a record number of people who are not looking for a job. No wonder unemployment is going down. Wake up!

Harry Steele
Bethany Beach

Parade committee thankful for help

The Bethany Beach 4th of July Parade Committee would like to thank DiFebo’s restaurant for sponsoring the Cooking for a Cause on Friday April 13, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the parade. All the staff associated with DiFebo’s restaurant exhibited professional and outstanding service, which added to the success of this event.

We would also like to thank all those who came to this event for their contributions and support. Over the past 29 years, our community has participated in making the parade a very special event.

I would also like to thank Mary Rossi for being the guest chef and handling the 50-50 chances with Judy Morris. The winners were Joe Healy of Bethany Beach and the Gianquinto family of Ocean View. We cannot forget the help from our guest bartender, Gloria Farrar. Additionally, our thanks go to Mike Farrar and Jerry Morris for helping in our special silent auctions and to our photographer, John Wattenbarger.

Again, I want to thank all of you for your continued support for the Bethany Beach 4th of July Parade. Your support has made this annual event of fun and successful show of small-town Americana, a special day for Bethany Beach and our nation.

Philip C. Rossi, Parade Chairman
Bethany Beach 4th of July Parade Committee