This weekend starts the busy season

Ladies and gentlemen, the season is soon upon us.

Anyone with a spectacular Coastal Point calendar (still have some in stock!) can tell you that Memorial Day weekend is only a few short weeks away. And while that used to be the unofficial start to the season, most of us fortunate enough to live here know that spring is really when we start seeing cars on the road.

What used to be referred to as the “shoulder seasons” of fall and spring are now power seasons in their own rights. Festivals, massive yard sales and other various events have been bringing people down the past few weeks, and there might not be a busier weekend on the horizon than what we have before us.

Consider, for starters, that Cinco de Mayo is on Saturday. What started as a celebration of the Battle of Pueblo has become a culutural phenomenon in the United States, and is starting to rival St. Patrick’s Day and New Year’s Eve in terms of revelry. To be more precise, drunken rivalry. Be safe if you’re on the roads Saturday, and be smart if you’re partaking in the festivities. A short-term mistake of driving after drinking can have very long-term ramifications.

Getting past the Cinco de Mayo celebrations, which are not unique to this area, is the massive slate of events scheduled around the area. We can’t get into everything going on right here because of space, but turn to page B2 of this week’s paper and check out our Calendar of Events. This week is big.

For instance, the 23rd Southeast Sussex CROP Walk is scheduled to kick off at the Bethany Beach Bandstand on Saturday. While there will indeed be musical entertainment at the bandstand, the walk itself is an event to behold. This is a local fundraising effort to help tackle a worldwide problem of too many people not having access to clean water and food. Registration kicks off at 10:30 a.m. for this always-memorable event.

Not to be undone, the James Farm Ecological Preserve will be hosting the 8th Annual Gardening for the Bays Native Plant Sale, another popular local event that raises money for the Center for the Inland Bays. This event runs from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. and is free and open to the public.

You will also find fundraising efforts in our Calendar of Events for the X Squad Dance Team and Lower Sussex Little League. Both events have unique flairs to them, and both support positive experiences for local youth.

If you’re down visiting this weekend, take advantage of some of the great local experiences being offered. If you live here year-round, get out and enjoy some of these events. We know how it is — you don’t always get to enjoy everything around here when it’s home. Here’s your chance.

Enjoy this weekend. Take in some of the events and enjoy the local restaurants and shops. The season is kicking off ... now!