Letters to the Editr -- May 18, 2012

Reader takes issue with previous letter

Unfortunately the letter to the editor, this past week, re: President Obama, starts out with a false statement—“it’s not true I believe everything I read on the Internet.” He has shown us in his original letter and in this letter that he really does believe every lie that is written on the Internet.

As a lifetime Republican, I am constantly sick of the lies being spouted today. In his original letter the writer mentioned many things in a negative context that President Obama was the first president to have done, About 75 percent of these statements were lies sent on the Internet (I have received them). About 20 percent were items that although they had some truth were construed in a negative manner. About five percent were purely inconsequential. However, this was well covered by the other two writers.

This past week, the letter-writer quoted another unsigned Internet lie and justified it with “snopes has verified it.” If the writer had bothered to check, he would have found that also was a a lie, as SNOPES SAID IT WAS NOT TRUE. If the writer had done any research he would have found the following facts. The SS direct deposit was started in the early 1990s, when I worked for the Treasury as Director of Cash and Debt Management (no cash and no management of the debt). At that time SS checks were mailed on the third of the month and many were stolen out of mailboxes. It caused undue stress for the recipient and extra cost to resolve. DD cured that, at no cost to the recipient for those recipients accepting it.

As to the fee attached to a financial transaction, it has nothing to do with President Obama. I have received this same email several times over the years (the last time about three weeks ago). Rep. Chaka has proposed this bill several times since 2004. It still has no support from either party. Even if Congress was to make it a law, it does not, as written, apply to entitlements, or paying your bills with a check.

As a veteran also, I did my part to protect your right to check the facts before you make erroneous statements. We will find that history, will support this president as one of the best and the Republican/Tea Party in need of some realignment to get back on the track of putting the Nation first in its actions. This is not to say all things are perfect but we are thankful for the work that has been done.

Bart Derrick
Ocean View

DBCC advises people to ask questions

The Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition is again receiving calls of inquiry and concern regarding telephone solicitations by national groups and local events which ostensibly seek to raise money for “breast cancer.” We want to emphasize that the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition does not conduct any telephone solicitations. In addition, we report exactly how our contributions are used in the fight against breast cancer. We believe in transparency and in accountability to our donors.

All of our funds are raised locally through the generosity and caring support of our donors and through our fundraising events. These funds are used locally in Delaware and in the nearby communities to raise awareness of breast cancer, provide access to screening, and to provide resources and support for women and men who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Delawareans are quite willing to help others; but they should take time and make every effort to determine where their contributions are going and how effectively they will be used. If you receive a phone call or an advertisement about an event that states “raising funds for breast cancer,” ask questions about how the funds are to be used before you contribute.

Victoria G. Cooke, Executive Director
Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition

Reader honors Tri-State Bird Rescue

The residents of Pine Road were aware of a great deal of hoo, hoo, hooting in late winter of 2011. The tall loblolly pine trees run along the waters of Assawoman Bay in among the houses west of Fenwick Island. A beautiful spot for a pair of Great Horned owls to build a nest approximately 75 feet up in the crotch of one of the loblollies. The nest was composed of pine needles and pine branches – unfortunately sparse.

Our neighbor, in whose tree the nest was built, became aware of a “chicken-sized egg” smashed on the ground, which had fallen from the nest in late March. Subsequently, a baby owl chick, fluffy white, landed on the ground at the base of the tree. The parents flew back and forth, chasing other birds and animals away. For two nights, momma owl perched on the ground, spreading her large wing over the chick.

Of course, word quickly spread, and our children, who live in the Bethany Beach area, came down to have a look. We mostly observed the chick with binoculars from our deck next door, in order not to disturb the parents.

Fortunately, my daughter knew the right people to contact to inquire about help or rescue for the chick. Where I had been looking up Audubon in the phone book, without success, she knew to call Tri-State Bird Rescue, located in Newark, Del. They arranged to contact our neighbor and give him instructions to place a towel in a cardboard box and place the chick in the box.

The Tri-State volunteers met the neighbor at a designated time and place in Rehoboth Beach – where they acquired the owl to take to their headquarters for examination. A day or two later, they called and said the chick was found to have a broken wing, which they could repair and, following a rest period, they would return the chick to its original tree in about nine days.

We all wondered how they could reach the 70-foot-high nest in the tree. Not to worry! Two very skilled tree-men returned with the chick and proceeded to throw a weighted rope over a limb near the nest.

While one man scurried up the tree to the area where the nest was located, the other man tied a newly purchased clothesbasket onto the rope. The basket was outfitted with pine needles and pine branches and was tightly wired in among the limbs over the original flimsy nest. The man on the ground then attached a small cage containing the chick, along with three dead mice.

Safely in the loblolly pine, the men gave our neighbor a CD of Great Horned Owl calls with instruction to play it every half-hour. Fortunately, our neighbor’s screened porch contained music speaker boxes, which allowed the sound to permeate the grounds for some distance. The neighbor only had to play the CD three times and both owl parents appeared at the nest site.

This took place the summer of 2011, and we were able to happily observe the progress of the owl chick as she grew to fledge. After exiting from the clothesbasket, she sat on surrounding limbs for a number of weeks to stretch her wings in practicing flight.

The thrill of the story is that, in March of 2012, Mr. and Mrs. Owl once again visited the nest and laid two eggs. Two beautiful chicks have hatched and are growing rapidly. They will soon outsize the basket and retreat to surrounding limbs. It is to the honor of the volunteers of Tri-State Bird Rescue that I relate this story – an ongoing generation of great horned owls – thanks to their vigilance and concern!

Martha Bare Buckey
Chambersburg, Pa., and Fenwick Island

Writer talks HR 4646 and other fear tactics

First, I want to thank Jack Rine for his military service to America. And, second, I want to remind him that the democracy for which he fought depends to a large degree on open and truthful discourse of its citizens. Fear-mongering does not come under that umbrella.

It is clear from Mr. Rine’s letters that bullying is not confined to America’s classrooms. Fortunately, for all of us, the democracy that he defended encourages tolerance and suffers fools. I have always had difficulty with the latter of those two virtues.

In the interest of disclosure, I am a white, 71-year-old married mother, native Sussex Countian with a master’s degree and a registered Democrat who has never voted a straight ticket. After reading Rine’s letter to the editor in the April 27, 2012, Coastal Point, I did some research and was not at all surprised to find that virtually every “first” attributed to President Obama was either a half-truth, was taken totally out of context or was simply not true. It is no wonder that Mr. Rine did not feel his references needed to be published (his words, not mine). But still I did not write a letter in response to Mr. Rine’s diatribe.

There is a first for President Obama which Mr.Rine did fail to mention: he is the first sitting U.S. president who has ever been asked to show his birth certificate as proof of citizenship.

Then, in the May 11, 2012, issue of Coastal Point, Jack Rine used his right to free speech to defend his original letter from the two men who apparently took the time to refute/rebut its content (I say “apparently” because I did not see those letters).

In that defense letter, Mr. Rine included another zinger “to further educate the Delaware voters” about HR 4646, which he says: “is in Congress, supported by BHO, put forth by Rep. Chaka Fattah (D) from Pennsylvania.This is a 1 percent tax on all bank transactions every time it goes in and every time it goes out. For you doubters, it has been verified on Snopes. These are the facts, and no plagiarism is in play.”

I am a doubter, so back to Internet research I went. Here is what I found: There was a HR 4646 introduced on Feb. 23,2010, to the 111th Congress, 2009-2010. The goal of the bill, according to its writer, was to establish a 1 percent fee on all tranactions, which would eliminate the national debt and replace the income tax on individuals.

The bill was written by Rep. Chaka Fattah (D-Pa.). It was never cosponsored by any other Congressman. It was never supported by President Obama or by any member of his administration. It was referred to Committee (which is legislative-speak for an early and unceremonious death). Never one to give up, Rep. Fattah reintroduced this bill as HR 1125 on March 16, 2011, to the 112th Congress. It enjoyed the same degree of support and received the same early burial.

I read several chain email posts denigrating the proposed 4646 bill. I found it telling that not one of those posts mentioned the intent of the bill to gradually eliminate personal income taxes. I also found it interesting that Rep. Fattah has been riding this same “hobby horse” for a long time. He introduced bills in 2004, 2005, and 2007, and, of course, 2010 and 2011.

I would suggest, Mr. Rine, that rather than a patently false indictment of President Obama and his administratation, that HR 4646 be viewed as another reason Americans must give serious consideration to term limits for those we send to Congress to represent us. Also, Jack, even though you don’t expect it – it is not, after all, in the Constitution – I will continue to support a government which honors your service with words, health and human services and dollars for however long you live. As a nation, we owe no less to those who defend us... whether in just or unjust wars.

[References for HR 4646: Factcheck.org; GovTrack.us; Congressional Research Service (the nonpartisan arm of the Library of Congress which serves Congress); Snopes.com (under both Urban Legends and the politics tabs) and Forbes.com (news story of March 15, 2012, titled “Social Security Direct Deposit Tax Email a Fraud.”)]

Patricia W. Frey