Letters to the Editor -- June 8, 2012

High school’s show a big hit

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the recent Broadway show presentation at Indian River High School. We most certainly appreciate the work that Messrs. Marvel and Ables put into the musical production. As a substitute teacher, I am somewhat biased in that we were greatly impressed by the magnificent musical talents and quality of singing voices of the students themselves.

Donald Lake

Atkins: Dredging waterways essential

Over the past year, constituents have approached me about a problem plaguing our region: waterways and channels in desperate need of dredging. If you live along or boat on Indian River in places such as Massey’s Ditch, Hunter’s Pointe or Love Creek, you know what I am talking about.

Boats have gotten stuck and boaters are forced to either wait for high tide or forgo trips altogether. At Hunter’s Pointe, the water depth drops to a foot at low tide. This is more than a small problem for a handful of boaters: this is a serious situation that impacts people’s quality of life and the local economy.

Millsboro leases boat docking spaces, and if the waterways aren’t dredged, no one will lease the slips, costing the Town revenue. A Millsboro businessman recently spoke about the possibility of a water taxi in town, which could help revitalize our downtown. If the water is not navigable, then what’s the point of even considering a taxi?

Recently, I joined several Sussex legislators for a DNREC briefing on the dredging issue. They’re well aware of the problem, but they also pointed out that it’s more complicated than you would think. Several of the waterways are supposedly maintained by the Army Corps of Engineers, even though they haven’t dredged some of the channels in more than 30 years and haven’t set money aside for future dredging. That leaves it to the State to step in, which it has several times in the past.

Of course, available funds play a big role in how often and how many channels can be dredged at a time. DNREC has been working to get these waterways dredged – Indian River beginning at Cupola Park in Millsboro and traveling two-plus miles downstream is scheduled for the fall – and, hopefully, will continue to make progress.

Sussex legislators will continue to look for solutions to these problems. Boating is a big contributor to the economy downstate, and we can’t forget that.

State Rep. John C. Atkins
D-41st District

Reader responds to previous guest column

In his recent letter to the editor, Dr. Stapleford argues that Delaware’s employment numbers demonstrate that state policies are not working. In fact, those numbers show just the opposite.

Since Gov. Markell’s first budget took effect in July 2009, Delaware’s economy has added more than 7,000 jobs. Delaware’s unemployment rate has fallen by 15 percent since that time and is now 16 percent below the national average.

The Delaware City refinery and the old Chrysler plant in Newark were slated to be shuttered in the wake of the financial crisis. Instead, thanks in large part to the efforts of the Markell Administration, they have new leases on life, with the refinery back up and running and Bloom Energy set to bring manufacturing work back to the site of the old Chrysler plant.

Gov. Markell is making Delaware an attractive place to locate and grow businesses and businesses are responding. Consider just a few of the businesses that have chosen to locate or expand in Delaware over the last three years: Amazon, Baltimore Aircoil, Barclays, Bloom Energy, Calpine, Capital One, Citigroup, Craig Industries, ILC Dover, Johnson Controls, JP Morgan, Miller Metal, Mountaire Farms, PTM Manufacturing, Sallie Mae and Testing Machines Inc.

The financial crisis and ensuing recession – the most serious since the Great Depression – hit Delaware hard. Delaware, like the country as a whole, has a ways to go yet to fully recover, but thanks to Gov. Markell’s leadership, Delaware is making sure and steady progress and is ahead of the curve nationally.

Lee I. Dogoloff

Reader wants Bethany to shine on holiday

Thank you for your insightful editorial of June 1 concerning Memorial Day. To my way of thinking, you took the high road in approaching this sensitive issue.

And many thanks to American Legion Post 24 and the Town of Bethany Beach for their joint efforts in providing outstanding Memorial Day ceremonies year after year. They took on the duty and honor of enabling a community to express its gratitude and respects to the many who died in their service to our country. Equal thanks to the Bethany Beach Volunteer Fire Company for providing an alternate venue during inclement weather.

In reading your editorial, it became glaringly evident to me that the focus and meaning of this significantly emotional national day has become lost or, at the very least, obfuscated.

Make no mistake about it, the focus of Memorial Day is to remember and honor those men and women who died while in combat, or as a result of combat, on behalf of the United States of America. They heeded the call to national military service; they made the ultimate sacrifice. There is no equivocal connotation to the meaning of this day, nor to its salient importance in our society.

The exceptionally relevant and meaningful ceremonies presented by American Legion Post 24 and the generous accommodation of venue by the Town of Bethany Beach in the past have provided a unique opportunity for young and old, veteran and civilian, and local resident and visitor alike to gather in paying homage to our fallen veterans and their survivors.

Perhaps the Town of Bethany Beach and Post 24 can get on the same high road you have taken. For example, could not the Town of Bethany Beach take the lead and invite Post 24 to perform a ceremony of remembrance and honor for our fallen military veterans? And could not Post 24 graciously accept the invitation in the spirit of having the honor to lead our community in paying homage to our fallen warriors?

The Town of Bethany Beach presents an outstanding venue and outstanding support for their summer programs, and Post 24 presents an outstanding Memorial Day program. It’s a perfect match, and it provides opportunity for anyone in this community to participate in ceremonies for such an important day. Good leadership will bring this day back to us.

And let’s not forget to bring the elementary school band back also on Memorial Day; I miss them too.

Harry Kreger
Ocean View

Local youth shares her own experience

There are kittens in our back yard. They are only a few weeks old. They were born on Sunday, May 13, 2012 — Mother’s Day. They are under the shed in our back yard. They eat from their mama. And their mama is a black cat. Some are black, some are gray and one is gray and black. I stare at them every day. They are so so cute. They are so, so little. They fight. They roll around. They walk up and down. They jump, but not very high. They stare at people.

Lily Scott, 7

He’s back! Steele responds to letter

In response to the response by Joanne Cabry: Ms. Cabry states that Dr. Stapleford does not include that his employer is the Caesar Rodney Institute. “One need only visit the website to see the political bent of this organization.”

Well, here is their Web site address: www.caesarrodney.org. It is a conservative think-tank. It provides a wealth of information about the State of Delaware and how they are wasting money and the political decisions being made that actually drive businesses out of state.

What Ms. Cabry does not state is her “political bent.” In her own words, “I am a progressive democrat.” She also supports OWS, “Occupy Wall Street.” Does she support “Agenda 21?” Does she support “Wildlands Project?” Does she support “RGGI” for the state of Delaware?

These are all agendas of liberal, progressive Democrats. Now, what you have to do is Google each of these items for yourself and find out if this is where you want the state and country headed. By doing your own research, you will be better informed. A better informed voter is a smart voter and we will all be better off in the long run.

One last item you should Google, “The depression you never heard of: 1920 to 1921.” You will find out that FDR and BHO were and are wrong in the handling of a depression.

Just a few thoughts, and good hunting.

Harry Steele
Bethany Beach