Letters to the Editor -- June 15, 2012

Artisans Fair a hit, thanks to many

On May 26, 2012, the South Coastal DE AARP sponsored its Fifth Annual Artisans Fair in support of our Scholarship Fund. We are grateful to many both in our chapter and throughout the community for making this year’s event another great success.

The Millville fire company continued to allow us to use its bay for the show. The Millville Volunteers once more did a great job of directing traffic into and out of the show on busy Route 26. The Lord Baltimore Lions Club allowed us to use their signs at two strategic locations in the area, thus increasing show visibility.

Our talented exhibitors from throughout the area truly make the show, keeping the quality high. They also donated beautiful examples of their work for our Chinese Auction.

We appreciate the generous support from the following area businesses: BJ’s, Food Lion G&E and Hockers, Gelato Gal in Rehoboth Beach, Giant Food, Harris Teeter at Salt Pond and in Selbyville, and Walmart, Rehoboth Beach. Their contributions helped defray show costs.

Letting the community know about the event is very important, and we are most grateful for the wonderful advance coverage of the fair provided by Coastal Point.

It is the support of our chapter members who guarantee the success of the show. More than 40 volunteers were there on show day to make sure that everything ran smoothly.

I would especially like to thank the members of our planning team who worked all year to plan and deliver a great show. They were: Marilyn Appel, Carol Dennis, Maureen Eisenhart, Dave Flickinger, Andrea Gowetski, Mary Hughes, Lucille Kurtz, Chotsie Martin, Rose Parsons, Shirley Price and Lee Shoff.

In closing, I thank everyone in our area and surrounding communities, plus weekend visitors, who came out to shop, assuring show success for our exhibitors. As a result of this support, we are able to continue to grow our scholarship program to help deserving young people and adults in our area.

Ione Phillips, 2012 Show Coordinator
South Coastal DE AARP Artisans Fair

Reader believes Steele letters over the line

I am at a loss to understand why you constantly give a platform to Mr. Harry Steele, who seems to be so far “right” that he should be off the page. Allowing his rhetoric in your press time after time calls into question the leanings of Coastal Point. Is he a mouthpiece for your views, or merely a “sideshow freak act” that raises readership?

By innuendo, Mr. Steele is insulting and insinuating things about a person with whom he disagrees. It’s so easy to throw letters and words together and stick them on somebody else.

For instance, his last letter makes me wonder if he is affiliated with the KKK (Ku Klux Klan), or the AN (Aryan Nation), or the FFA (Florida Family Association) or CI (Christian Identity) Movement. Look them up. They’re on Web and are all hate groups.

It gets quite boring and generally infuriating to continue to read Mr. Steele’s hateful disdain for those with whom he politically/philosophically disagrees.

Is there not another “voice” you can put in print that shares Mr. Steele’s views, but does so in an informed, respectful manner? Please do. Remember, our children read too.

Jeffrey Chandross

Writer takes issues with previous letter

James H. Gallagher, commander of American Legion Post 28, recently posed the question: “Should veterans support Carper?” As a veteran, I was interested to see what issues the commander would raise as the basis for vets like me to decide whether or not to support Sen. Carper.

I expected to read about the ability to get quality health care for all veterans, regardless of our age. I looked for a question about education, training and jobs for our troops who are returning to civilian life after serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Instead, the commander chose to pose seven questions, only one of which related to the military (and not directly to veterans): ”Where do you stand on the reduction in troop levels to 400,000?”

Mr. Gallagher asked about the growth of government, gas prices, drilling for oil in the U.S., the Keystone pipeline and other issues that may be questions of interest to voters, but misplaced in a letter titled “Should veterans support Carper?”

I would encourage all Delaware veterans to compare Sen. Carper’s military service and his outstanding record on veterans’ issues with his opponents, who have not done anything to help veterans. Tom Carper has served our country in uniform and as an elected official. He has worked tirelessly to address the issues facing all veterans and their families.

As a proud veteran, I can answer Mr. Gallagher’s question: Yes, veterans should support Sen. Carper.

Pete Keenan
U.S. Navy, 1966-1970

Resident offers thanks to Bethany’s Warner

I wish to thank Bethany town management — and especially Brett Warner, Bethany public works director — for resolving a long-standing flooding problem on Evans Avenue and 8th Street.

In the past, major storms produced flood waters on Evans Avenue and 8th Street, through which cars could not pass in order to reach Route 26. As a result, local residents have been housebound, for as long as three days, waiting for the flood waters to recede into the Loop Canal.

Brett Warner solved the problem by installing a street-level drain and sump pump, which disperses the flood water into the Loop Canal in a matter of hours, freeing residents to begin traveling normally.

Thanks, Brett. Your proactive attitude and efforts are much appreciated.

Steve Piron
Bethany Beach