Beebe discusses new facilities, Route 17 parcel

Beebe Medical Center CEO Jeffrey Fried and Beebe Director of External Affairs Alex Sydnor spoke to Sussex County Council members this week about Beebe’s plans to expand services in Georgetown and Millsboro.

Sydnor told Council that they are looking to work with a developer who owns land across from La Red Community Health Center in Georgetown to offer many of the same services Beebe presently offers at the Bookhammer Outpatient Center at the Beebe Health Campus on Route 24. He also said Beebe is planning to rent space in Millsboro for a walk-in center with after-hours and weekend care.

Which begs the question: How about that fancy facility on Route 17?

Councilman George Cole asked Sydnor that very question, and he explained that this area already has all the services that will be available in Georgetown and Millsboro, talking about their strip mall space in Millville, near the Food Lion — just not in one “destination campus.”

He reiterated that they have “mothballed” their plans to develop the facility off Route 17 because of the economy. He discussed the Route 17 property at a June meeting with Rep. Gerald Hocker and Sen. George H. Bunting at a little more length.

“The real estate market crashing, the stock market crashing and the Earl Bradley case all decreased our assets and our ability to borrow money to build the facility we still want to build on Route 17,” Sydnor said in June. “We are still planning to build. We just can’t tell you when. We don’t have $25 million right now.”

We accept that explanation, as well as their rationale. Though some would question how they have the resources to build in Georgetown and Millsboro, but not here, we feel Sydnor explained that pretty well when he pointed out that we do have many of the services in our area already. Those areas without similar services should get priority, and it sounds like they are.


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