Labor Day weekend offers unique opportunities

There are always plenty of things to do in our community, particularly in the summer season.

From the beach to our fabulous local restaurants and shops, right down to your favorite little quirky newspaper, there are any number of ways you could spend a summer day. The Bethany Beach Bandstand and the Freeman Stage at Bayside have provided vacationers and residents outstanding entertainment at night. And nobody, anywhere, does July 4th quite like our little slice of paradise.

However, if you are looking for events that are truly unique to this area, you will be a happy camper this weekend.

For starters, the annual yART Sale will take place on Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 1-2, in the yard of Nick and Julie Kypreos (see page C1 for all the details). The Kypreos family has long supported local art and artists, and they provide a venue for these talented artists to display their talents.

“We have friends and family that are artists locally, and many of them were struggling and working fulltime jobs and doing their art at night and on the weekends,” explained Julie Kypreos. “We wanted to provide them with a venue to give them an opportunity to get their work seen and, hopefully, sell it.”

It really is a tremendous event, and live music will be performed over the course of the two-day sale. Each participating artist also donates a piece of their work to a “Chinese auction,” from which the proceeds benefit a local charity. This year, the auction is supporting the Delmarva Chapter of the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

Never to be outdone on the “unique” scale is the annual Bethany Beach Jazz Funeral.

This Monday will mark the 27th year of the event, and organizers have plenty planned. There will be a private “wake” at about 5 p.m., followed by the “Solemn Procession” at 5:30 p.m. This year’s procession will start at the north end of the Bethany Beach Boardwalk, and will feature three Dixieland jazz bands.

The festivities for the event will actually begin Friday afternoon, Aug. 31, from 2:30 to 4 p.m. at Bethany Blues restaurant, with the Bethany Beach Jazz Funeral Silent Auction. All funds raised this year will go to the American Cancer Society and their Relay for Life program.

“Although great strides have been made in cancer research, much more needs to be done,” said Marie Wright, assistant chairperson of this year’s Jazz Funeral events. “Giving support to the local American Cancer Society groups and organizations helps provide funds for cancer research on a national level and bolsters Cancer Society activities.”

This is an event highlighted by great music, crazy costumes and a general air of fun. For more information on the Jazz Funeral, turn to page B1.