Election season nears and a local needs a hand

There are two points we have consistently hit on in this space over the years — voting in local and national elections is important if you care about how things are being run, and this community consistently rises to the top to help out a neighbor. We’re going to touch on both of those thoughts this week.

The national elections have been getting many of the headlines, obviously, but we have some very interesting races locally. The scramble to fill Rep. Gerald Hocker’s seat as state representative of the 38th District is one of those interesting races, as is the battle to fill the 20th Senatorial District seat vacated by George H. Bunting, featuring an attempt by Hocker to change offices in Dover.

We have already seen some letters backing candidates for these important races, and we are quite certain we will see many more before people take to the polls in November. That’s a good thing. Letters concerning elections accomplish two important things in election season. First, they allow people a platform to voice how they feel about certain candidates. Second, a steady stream of letters containing information about candidates helps inform those who have not yet reached a decision on how to vote.

With that being said, it’s important that we go over our policies regarding political letters. For starters, we will run as many letters as we can fit in the space we have available. It’s important to us, and we will do our best. If your letter does not make it into the paper, it means that we just didn’t have room, or we deemed the letter to be too negative in its content. Which brings us to content.

We ask that you offer support for a candidate without finding the need to blast the opponent. If you like your candidate so much, explain why. This country is being divided by political distrust and flat-out hate amongst those in the national eye. We are not going to contribute to that locally.

Also, please keep in mind that we run no letters regarding an election the week of voting. We feel that doing so gives nobody a chance to respond to anything written in a letter, and we don’t want the last word to be one in dispute.

Please keep up your letter-writing. It is vital to a democracatic society. But keep them aboveboard.

As for the area’s charitable disposition, we ask you to once again chip in for a good cause. Ashlee Reed, the 17-year-old girl who was involved in the accident that claimed the life of another Indian River High School senior, is facing mounting medical expenses as she fights through her recovery.
There will be a spaghetti dinner fundraiser this Saturday, Sept. 29, at the Roxana fire hall to raise money for her battle. Tickets cost $15 at the door, and all proceeds will benefit her recovery.

Donations may also be made at any PNC Bank, which is managing the “Ashlee J. Reed Fund.”

One of our own needs a little help. Come rally for her.