Letters to the Editor -- October 26, 2012

IRHS Alumni ask for support

Calling all IRHS alumni (1969-2012) and our community: Two nights in Ocean City, two golf packages, gift cards for 12 restaurants/food businesses, microwave, oil change, pedicure, movie tickets — just a few items included in our “Harvest Bounty Basket,” valued over $2,000! You could be the lucky winner, so be sure to get your tickets now for our first fundraiser.

Tickets are only $1 each or six for $5 and will benefit the IRHS Alumni Association. Tickets available at the IR home football games on Oct. 26 (Alumni Night) and Nov. 2, the cross-country meet on Oct. 30 and our “Meet & Greet” at The Cove on Nov. 3. Tickets will also be available at Delaware Appliance Distributors in Frankford or by calling (302) 245-5648 and asking for Marla. The drawing for this huge basket will take place at our “Meet & Greet” on Nov. 3.

We would like to invite all IRHS alumni (44 years), current or past staff/administration and guests to join us at The Cove for a casual social event, an opportunity to meet or revisit with some other IRHS graduates from the area. The event is from 4 to 6 p.m. and will include appetizers, along with non-alcoholic beverages, for only $10 per person. Happy-hour pricing is available at the bar. RSVP’s are requested at IndianRiverAlumni@gmail.com or call Marla at (302) 245-5648.

We want to thank the contributors to our basket and encourage you to support our group in our “organizational year.” We have many goals to meet but need the support of our alumni, as well as our community. We hope to see you at a game and especially the “Meet & Greet”!
IR pride!

Ruth Ann Marvel, President
Indian River High School Alumni Association

St. Ann’s Golf Outing a great success

The St Ann’s Men’s Club would like to thank all the participants and the following contributors for their generous donations to our recent very successful golf outing at the Salt Pond. The Men’s Club will use the profits to continue and add to its charitable work.

Our donors are: Armand’s, Bayville Package Store, Bethany Beach Books, Bethany Florist, Bethany Blues, Bethany Wines & Liquors, Blue Crab, Café on 26, Casapulla’s, Complete Tree Care, Cripple Creek Golf, Cottage Café, DiFebos, Dirty Harrys, D’Ortones, Fenwick Crab House, Fishers Popcorn-Fenwick, Float-ors, Frog House, Giant Foods, Fox’s Den/Pizza, Golden Scissors, Halpern Eye Care, Harpoon Hanna’s, Harris Teeter-Salt Pond, Hocker’s Car Wash, Hudson’s General Store, Jimmy’s Restaurant, Jules Restaurant, Ken’s Pizza, Kool Bean, Lobster Shanty, Mango’s, Mancini’s, M&T Bank, Melson’s Funeral Home, Mickey’s Crab House, Millers Creek, Millard Gomez, Ocean View Diner, Off the Hook, Parkway restaurant, Perucci’s, Papa Johns, Rick Solloway/Raymond James, Romeo’s, Ruddo’s Golf, Salt Pond Golf, Station 7 restaurant, Slainte Pub, Smitty McGees and Treasure Island.
Thank you.

Dick Malone and the Golf Committee
St. Ann’s Men’s Club

Reader: Obama works for all of us

When President Obama took office, the economy was in the worst decline since the Great Depression in 1929, losing 750,000 jobs a month. He stopped the slide and laid the groundwork for a more balanced economy, and saved General Motors and all the attendant jobs related to the auto industry.

How much more would Obama have been able to do if the far right had not been obstructionist?

Remember in January 2009, when Republican leader Mitch McConnell stated that the No. 1 priority of the Republicans was to see President Obama fail? This is the opposite of patriotism: when one party is so obsessed with its own power that it is willing to sabotage the success of the American people they are elected to serve.

A government only succeeds when both parties are willing to work together. Obama exemplified the spirit of bipartisanship when he appointed a Republican to the following positions: Secretary of National Defense, Secretary of the Army and Secretary of Transportation, showing the spirit of compromise. Let’s hope Congress accepts its duty to work for the American people and not their own private interests.

Here are some indisputable facts. The job losses have stopped, and we have now had 29 straight months of job growth. President Obama cut taxes for 95 percent of Americans. In the last 29 months, the economy has produced 4.5 million private sector jobs. This fact is even more remarkable considering that manufacturing jobs are slowing around the world, even in China. And, for the first time since the 1990s, 500,000 new manufacturing jobs were created.

We could have done much more, but last year the Republicans blocked another jobs bill, costing the economy 1 million jobs. Obama’s success is all the more amazing given the fact that so many countries have economies in free-fall. Give him the opportunity to continue to serve the American people. He won’t sell our jobs overseas.

Kit Zak

LB Women’s Club offers thanks after fashion show fundraiser

The Lord Baltimore Women’s Club would like to thank all those who attended our recent Fashion Show & Luncheon and the members who gave their time and talents to make it a success.

We also extend a thank you to Ken Crooks from Treasure Island Fashions in Ocean View for providing a lovely variety of fashions for our models. We sincerely appreciate all of his support and generosity to our Club.

Our attendees enjoyed and appreciated music during the Show, played by Cathy Morgan. Lastly, we thank our club members and the following businesses in our community who so generously donated items for our door prizes and raffles: Beachview Chiropractic Association, Heather’s Home Works, Bethany Florist, Hudson’s General Store, Birch Tree Café, Joansbags, Cottage Café, Kool Bean Bistro, Country Wicker Etc. Inc., La Vita Bella Day Spa, Carolyn and Jack Smith, Magnolia’s restaurant, Crazy Ladyz, Oceanova Spa, Creative Concept, Patti’s Hallmark, Cripple Creek Country Club, Ruthie’s Bethany Bakery, Curves, Salon on Central, DiFebo’s, Sea Needles, DiFebo’s Bistro at Bear Trap Dunes, Serendipity Quilt Shop, Dickens Parlour Theater, Silhouettes, Fenwick Float-ors, Café on 26, Fun, Responsible, Expressive Design, Ellen Rice Gallery, G & E Supermarket, The Parkway restaurant, Gallery One, Treasure Island Fashions, Heirloom Trunks and Treasure Quest Shoppe.

All of the proceeds from our event are used for scholarships for graduating seniors from IRHS and Sussex Tech HS, as well as continuing educational projects for our schools.

Lord Baltimore Women’s Club

Reader offers insight on ‘malarkey and other myths’

Many of us are at the mercy of obtaining all of our information from Fox & Friends News, the communications and campaign arm of the GOP. Their propaganda ads are all too often works of fiction.
Some case examples are as follows: Neither Obama nor Bush’s policies were the cause of gas prices topping $4 dollars a gallon in 2008 under Bush and 2012 under Obama. Oil prices are set on world market supply and geopolitical conditions that increase gasoline prices. Syria and Iranian tension and supply disruptions in Sudan and Yemen have tightened supplies


In regards to “unemployment,” the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that unemployment continued its upward trend to 10 percent after Obama took office in a global meltdown and slowed dramatically after the Recovery Act in 2009. The positive trend of 31 straight months of increased employment illustrates a slow, but steady, recovery in a very sluggish world economy still recovering from the Wall Street and world financial collapse in 2008 under Bush. We have been moving forward since then.

“Food stamp mythology:” The fact is that the number of food stamp recipients from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) rose by 14.7 million under Bush from January 2001 to 14.2 million under Obama as of Jan. 18, 2012. Newt Gingrich alleges that our Obama is the “food stamp president.”
The fact is that the slowing economy over the last 10 years and the global financial collapse under Bush in 2008 led to the worst depression since the Great Depression. Consequently, it has resulted in the increase in poverty and food stamp recipients over the last 12 years. (US News & World Report, Jan. 17, 2012). There is not a miracle cure to fix our economy overnight. We have been making a robust rebound in the stock market and the housing market and employment.

We need to revisit the past and remember that the Bush tax cuts for everyone during his eight years in office, two wars and a Medicare prescription drug program were all unpaid for, adding to the present debt. These debts continue to trickle down to Obama.

In contrast, 400 families have as much combined wealth as half our population of 150 million people. Big corporations are ruling the day. One example is the fact that Wal-Mart employees are now on strike in 12 different states, due to the lack of a living wage and poor working conditions. Observing various media sources besides Fox news can aid us in gaining objective insight into these contentious issues.

Bill Clemens

VFW declares golf tourney a success

The VFW Post 7234 Golf Association, Quillens Point in Ocean View, held its Annual Fall Golf Tournament at Rookery Golf Course, followed by a Trophy Banquet on Oct. 2. Fifty-five men and women participated, with prizes being awarded for first- and second-low gross and net, closest to the flag and fairways/greens points, plus a secret skin prize. Sixty-eight people attended the banquet, which was a huge thunderous celebration with loud cheers and standing ovations. We had a lot of fun!
Winners in the men’s division were:

• First Flight — 1st Low Gross, Bill Johnstone; 2nd, Dave Moore; 1st Low Net, John Merryman; 2nd, Fred Chiccone;

• Second Flight — 1st Low Gross, Joe Calhoun; 2nd, Jeff Rupprecht; 1st Low Net, Chuck Gularson; 2nd, Bill Kester;

• Third Flight — 1st Low Gross, Bob Adams; 2nd, Hugh Ickrath; 1st Low Net, Ernie Bernhardt, 2nd, Bevan Buel;

• Closest to flag: #9 David Watkins, #15 Len Kolman, #17 Chuck Gates;

• Secret Skin: #15 (par 3), Dick Malone (shot a 2-birdie).
Winners in the women’s division were:

• 1st Low Gross, Lally Thomas;

• Closest to flag, #9 Lally Thomas;

• Straightest Drive, Carol Kester.

Door prizes were contributed by the following local businesses: Frog House Family Restaurant, Hocker’s Super Center, Harris Teeter Grocery, Armand’s Pizza, Fisher’s Popcorn, Salt Pond Golf Club and BeachBreak Bakrie & Café.

All the VFW Golf Association members truly appreciate the support from the above contributors. We hope all readers will stop by and thank these vendors and perhaps purchase their goods.

Buck Dunn, Vice President and Tournament Chairman
VFW Post 7234 Golf Association

Reader offers alternative on building permit transfer tax
Editor’s note: The following letter was addressed to Delaware Gov. Jack Markell and was forwarded to the Coastal Point for publication.

As you know, the new home construction industry is in the worst nationwide slump since the Great Depression. The State 1 percent and County 1.5 percent building permit transfer tax on property which has been owned less than 365 days is helping to kill the construction industries’ recovery in Sussex County and statewide.

How ridiculous is a transfer tax which isn’t owed 366 days after the lot was purchased? This transfer tax simply delays new home construction one year, resulting in fewer jobs, less materials sales and less home-oriented services, which all generate tax revenue for the State and County. It also pulls money from our local economy and tax revenue, because the lot owner doesn’t move to or vacation in Delaware or Sussex County for one year.

This is a self-defeating tax which causes the State and County to lose more than it gains. This repressive tax, which has so many negative effects on our State and County, needs to be repealed!
I suggest replacing the transfer tax with a 1/8 percent tax on all building permits. I guarantee this small tax on all permits would far exceed the revenues created by the existing transfer tax. I also suggest consider assessing the tax as part of the building permit cost, to avoid the same aggravated home consumers that I experience with the current state and county building permit transfer tax.

J. Bruce Mears
Ocean View

Steele offers final thoughts before Election Day

Just think, if Obama gets reelected, what a mess he will inherit! Much larger than the one GWB “left” him.

Seriously, can you name one successful program he completed: Green jobs? 12 companies bankrupt, thousands out of jobs. Sounds a lot like our governor, Fisker Motors, millions from Delaware, and he moved to Finland. How about General Motors? Paid billions to prop up the stock, and now if it is sold at current value, the taxpayers would take a bath.

Oh, but the union leaders and workers got paid off, and they gave back a lot of their (our) money to his reelection campaign. Don’t you hate those Republicans for their crony capitalism? How about that “bump in the road” that involves four dead Americans? Just think how bad the Watergate cover-up is compared to the mismanaged, lack of security, MSM compliance, Candy Crowley, video-induced riot, lack of concern, because I had to get to a rally in Las Vegas, form letters being sent to the parents of dead Americans. Did I mention the lying by our United Nations ambassador, throw Hillary under the bus?

You cannot be serious if you think it will get better if O is reelected or, for that matter, if you replace Gerald Hocker/Ron Gray with Democrats who will support single-payer healthcare for Delaware and further the idea of doing away with the Electoral College.

The Speaker of the House for Delaware stated that he is a Progressive Democrat. That is his agenda. If you do not know what a Progressive Democrat stands for, look it up. It will help you remember every time a Democrat runs for office. Unless he is George Howard Bunting, a well-respected conservative Democrat.

You see, it is not a party that bothers me, it is the fact that idiots think they can spend your money to prosperity. How is it that O can blame low gas prices when he took office on a bad economy? Does that mean because gas prices have more than doubled under the Dems, that our economy is booming? Did you notice that the unemployment rate is down? Did you notice a day or two later, that one large state forgot to file their numbers?

Just a few thoughts before the election.

Harry Steele
Bethany Beach and Bonita Springs, Fla.

Reader endorses Hocker and Gray

We have four great citizens running for state representative and state senator in our 38th and 20th districts. I know all of them and have worked with all of them. However, I needed to decide whom to support and have chosen Gerald Hocker and Ron Gray as the team we need at this moment in time at Legislative Hall.

By virtue of their love and knowledge for the area they grew up in, their experience with the businesses they run and their understanding of the regulatory world we live in, both hedge out their opponents. I trust they will provide functional direction to the benefit of our community. With them working together, they will be an effective team in representing our interest.

Tom Ford

‘Bad behavior’ puts Republican off party’s candidates

I read Mr. Berwick’s letter supporting Hocker for the [20th District senator] job. I, on the other hand, won’t be supporting or voting for any Republican this November, even though I am a registered Republican, fiscal conservative, social moderate and was a Republican Committeeman prior to moving here.

Why no Republican, you ask? I watched Mr. Romney “debate” the man who is holding the office of the Presidency of the United States, the highest office in the land and perhaps the most important in the world.

During the two presidential debates, I felt Mr. Romney demonstrated no respect for the office of the President, nor for the man in that office. In fact, I was left feeling that if he could, he would have “spit” on the president or, like his son said, “take a swing.” I must wonder how a man like that could respect me or us, the common people. Judging by his behavior, I say he couldn’t.

Bad behavior starts at the top and “trickles down” from there (a Ronald Regan concept). Trickling down to Delaware, we find two disgraced power-hungry Republicans, Christine O’Donnell and Eric Bodenweiser, who have been given status and influence within the Sussex County Republican Party. … Nothing to be proud of here in Sussex, Delaware or nationally within the Republican Party, and I relish the opportunity to say so by voting straight Democratic.

Jeffrey Chandross

Reader continues argument against Castaways as Nov. 1 vote looms

Disclosure: Irmi and I live on the Cedar Neck peninsula and we are vehemently opposed to the Castaways proposal for a waterslide park, RV campsites and transient rental cottages. Many thanks to reporter Monica Scott for her continuing coverage, again on Coastal Point’s front page, about the Castaways Bethany LLC proposal to change existing zoning on the Cedar Neck peninsula.

Front page news it is — the recommendation by the Planning & Zoning (P&Z) Commission and final decision by the County Council on this issue will become a defining moment for Sussex County by setting precedent for deciding future highly controversial issues, such as these, wherein proposed proprietary business interests of this nature are pitted against the exceptionally strong convictions of the area’s residents.

Your viewpoints in your editorial on page A8 give credence to this opinion. The decision to acknowledge these issues in an editorial is timely, and both articles serve to provide due awareness to the public served by the Coastal Point.

I would like to offer updated statistics and information from the minutes of the hearings and follow that with some perspectives. (Minutes and recordings can be found on Sussex County’s user-friendly Web site, sussexcountyde.gov. Once on the Web site, go to Online Services and then Agenda & Minutes or Audio Archives.)

(A) The director of the P&Z Commission acknowledged on page 3 of the minutes for the Sept. 6 hearing that about 216 signatures on petitions and about 255 letters and emails had been received voicing opposition. The director went on to summarize 20 issues of concern that surfaced in that correspondence. Audience voting was zero in favor of the proposed project, and the public was overwhelmingly unanimous in opposing these proposed changes in existing zoning. No abstentions were solicited during voting.

(B) Approximately 170 people were present for the hearing. It was noted by a county official that the number in attendance was difficult to ascertain as many people were standing in the dimly-lit rear of the council chambers. As an aside, it was noted that attendance was beyond standing-room-only, with additional people present in an area outside the council chambers.

(C) Of those present, 15 individuals, as well as the lawyer representing six homeowner associations and hundreds of residents in opposition, gave verbal presentations voicing concerns and providing substantive information about the proposals. These concerns and issues were represented in the equivalent of two typewritten pages (7-9) of the minutes.

(D) As cited in the minutes of the County Council hearing of Sept. 25, the amount of correspondence had grown to 407 letters/emails/faxes and 288 signatures on petitions. It was noted in the minutes that there was some duplication of letters/emails/faxes to P&Z Commission and to County Council.
No mention was made of any correspondence in favor of these proposals. Although attendance was not cited in these minutes, it was noted that attendance at the hearing filled the council chambers to the point where folding chairs were placed on the side and in the rear. Three people were in the hallway adjacent to the chambers.

(E) It recently came online at sussexcountyde.gov that the next P&Z Commission meeting on Nov. 1, 2012, has the Castaways Bethany LLC proposal on its agenda.


(A) One sentence in the editorial cited above stood out as I read it. It is this: “More visitors to our area means more people in area restaurants and shops, which is good news for nearly every business around here.”

With the emphasis on jobs and the economy nationwide, let’s not forget the residents and residential property owners, however, who also have vested interests! And let’s not forget that balance needs to be the overriding rationale necessary for immediate and long-term economic growth locally, as well as nationwide. In this case, that balance must be the prudent application of the Sussex County Land Use Plan. Surely, placement of this business activity would be more welcome and fitting in another area of Sussex County where the Land Use Plan accommodates such business activity.

(B) Seasonal jobs are considered a knee-jerk reaction to a perceived immediate need. A more rational endeavor is to create substantive year-around jobs, which will not only provide decent and rewarding work and higher earnings, but retain the earnings in Sussex County for its residents that, in turn, will provide other jobs and further enhance the county and state tax bases.

And like them or not, ponder the retirees who will decide to move to a “residentially aware” area. Their steady stream of retirement income will surely amount to more than seasonal jobs that cause such employees to leave the area at job’s end and rely on various government agencies for the remainder of any given year to provide them unemployment and health benefits during the off-season. For the most part, retirees bring their health insurance with them.

To propose that the economy of Sussex County rests on the placement of this particular business activity on the Cedar Neck peninsula is just plain ludicrous.

Please consider these comments that were presented to Sussex County Council on Sept. 25: “This proposed business does not make one substantive positive contribution to the residents of this peninsula. The perceived benefits of increased gross receipts taxes to Delaware and the increase in jobs in Sussex County are indeed valid and would indeed still be realized in an area in Sussex County that is much more suitable for this activity.

“The point that such recreational activity would increase spending at local retail establishments is also valid. But that doesn’t have to come from Cedar Neck peninsula. It can come from a neighboring location, because Castaways Bethany LLC will provide buses to transport its customers to and fro, thus alleviating traffic on our already congested roads, and still frequenting local businesses.

“One cannot deny the potential of the proposed enhancement for our county economy. One must, however, deny the current proposed location — because it does not fit.”

Why is all this information presented at this seemingly late point in the proceedings? Well, folks, “It ain’t over until it’s over.” At the close of the Sept. 6 hearing, the chairman of the P&Z Commission noted the exceptionally high attendance of residents and commented that their presence was P&Z Commission’s only way of knowing that the residents care. Big signal!

You’ve heard it before — actions speak louder than words. If you have concerns about these proposals, help Sussex County officials come to closure on these issues in voting with your presence by attending the remaining meetings.

For those who have interest, the next Sussex County Planning & Zoning Commission meeting concerning these issues is scheduled for Thursday, Nov. 1, 2012, at 6 p.m., in County Council Chambers at the Administration Building at 2 The Circle in Georgetown. It is expected that P&Z will deliberate and decide on its recommendation to be submitted to County Council.

As long-winded as this letter has been, it is well-intentioned, and I hope many of you have found it informative.

Harry W. Kreger
Ocean View

Reader alarmed about single-payer healthcare

For those Delawareans who are not sold on the merits of ObamaCare, and there are many of us, and for those who think ObamaCare is the answer to all their healthcare and healthcare insurance issues, you need to understand what the Democrat-controlled House and Senate in Dover is planning.

Our Democrat governor, Jack Markell, has indicated that one of his top priorities for 2013 is a single-payer health insurance system in Delaware. This will be a new law that will directly affect your wallet and your access to medical care, especially if you are a senior.

In June of this year, a group of Democrat representatives filed Delaware House Bill 392, the Delaware Health Security Act — their attempt to bring ObamaCare to Delaware immediately. This bill would require the State to assume control of all healthcare spending in Delaware and would create a so-called “single-payer” (meaning government-controlled) system that has been the longtime dream of the political left.

Here’s what this “dream” would mean for Delaware (HB 392 has temporarily been pulled, but its originators have said that it will be re-introduced in 2013):

• Private health insurers will be banned. Even though you might like your health insurance, especially the seniors who have supplemental medical insurance as part of their retirement package, the liberal left knows more than you do and will not allow insurers to provide insurance for anything covered by the Authority, a new state agency set up by HB 392 that will handle all healthcare spending. Think IRS, the Post Office and DelDot! Is that how we want our healthcare run? How can this not strike fear in the heart of all Delawareans?

• This Health Authority will be a monopoly. This authority will determine which healthcare providers are paid and how much they are paid. If a doctor accepts payment from the Authority, then he will not be allowed to receive payment by any other means. The Authority will also approve all capital expenditures made by healthcare providers that exceed $500,000. This would include all hospitals in the state and most nursing homes.

You can expect many hospitals and nursing homes to close and many doctors and nurses to leave Delaware. For the many of us who moved from Maryland and New Jersey to avoid the high taxation, we might have to consider moving back. High taxation might be better than not having availability to quality doctors and hospitals.

• The tax increases on individuals and business in the state will be very substantial. For individuals, a Health Security tax of 2.5 percent on net taxable income (after deductions) for all heads of households and persons subject to Delaware’s income tax; and an additional Health Security income surtax on net taxable income of 2.5 percent for persons filing a Delaware income tax return in excess of $250,000.

Married couples filing a joint Delaware income tax return shall pay an additional income surtax of 2.5 percent on net taxable income in excess of $500,000. This will work out to a state income tax increase from between 45 percent and 100 percent for individuals earning less than $60,000 per year and a 36 percent increase for those earning from $60,000 to $250,000 per year. For those individuals earning over $250,000 (Obama millionaires) their Delaware tax rates will almost double, to close to 12 percent of marginal income — one of the highest rates in the nation.

• For employers with less than 10 employees, the additional payroll tax will be 4 percent, while those with more than 50 employees will pay 9 percent. This will cause many small businesses to close their doors, while those that survive will find no other recourse but to pass these costs on to their customers.

The worst aspect of all of this, besides the horrendous costs to every citizen of the state, is that our healthcare will no longer be in our control. This Health Authority will dictate what kind of care we can and cannot have. Your private insurance company will be outlawed in Delaware, and that includes the supplemental insurance that many retired individuals carry in addition to Medicare.

This act will be a disaster for Delaware in eliminating our existing health care providers and running corporations and small businesses out of the state. The only way we can prevent this from happening is not allow the Democrats to control the state. If we end up with a Democrat governor, a Democrat-controlled House of Representatives and State Senate, we will not be able to stop the passage of HB 392, the Health Security Act. Think about this when you vote on Nov. 6.

To read more information on this subject, I suggest the following articles:

• “Coming Soon from Obamacare: A Single Payer Nightmare for Delaware” by Ellen Barrosse in Forbes On-Line, http://www.forbes.com/sites/realspin/2012/10/04

• LegisScan, http://legiscan.com/gaits/view/430588

• Delaware Politics Net, http://www.delawarepolitics.net/h-b-392/

I am neither a healthcare expert nor a provider. I am a retired individual that is very concerned about what the passage of this bill will do for the financial welfare of the citizens of Delaware and the harm it will do to our healthcare system in the state. I do not want to see Socialized Medicine in Delaware, because that is exactly what this act will bring us.

Sal Castorina

MSO offers acclaim for cultured columnist

Bravo to Leslie Milk!

I would like to thank Leslie for her entertaining article (Oct. 19) about the Mid-Atlantic Symphony Orchestra’s October concert. We are so very fortunate to have such magnificent performers in the MSO who travel, primarily from Baltimore, to Mariner’s Bethel Church in Ocean View for each concert of the four-concert season.

The MSO will perform the popular “Holiday Joy” concert, featuring a program of classical music, traditional carols and seasonal favorites, on Dec. 1, the “Spring Vibes” concert featuring percussionist Warren Wolf on marimba on March 23 and the “Joyous to Glorious” concert featuring Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” on April 27. Ticket information can be found at www.midatlanticsymphony.org.

Anne Marie Rogerson
MSO Board of Directors and
Area Vice President, Ocean View

Price gets the nod from one reader

The voters of the 38th District are fortunate to have the opportunity to elect Shirley Price as our state representative. Her strong and deep roots here in Sussex, her extensive work experience in the district, her long commitment to community service, mark her as a person who understands all of us in the 38th and who is ready to represent us in Dover.

Shirley’s previous service in Dover will enable her to have an immediate impact on those issues which are important to our area. Shirley has the heart and head to ensure that the priorities that voters have identified to her — our environment, local businesses and jobs, education, seniors — will be addressed effectively in Dover.

Shirley Price represents our future, the new ideas, the innovations that we need to ensure the quality of life and the expansion of opportunity here in Sussex. Please join with me and vote for Shirley Price on Nov. 6.

Ray Sander
Bethany Beach

Eakle gets endorsement from Bethany resident

As the voters of the 20th Senate District have gotten to know Rick Eakle, as people talk to Rick Eakle from Fenwick to Cedar Landing, Cea Dag to Salt Pond, they have recognized the kind of person that we need to represent us in Dover. This is a man of vision and integrity who has specific ideas and proposals to help life and commerce here on Delmarva.

Rick represents the best of America — he has served his country in the Armed Forces, he has consistently demonstrated leadership in a distinguished career in public service, he has worked in small business and as a teacher at DelTech.

Too many politicians simply go to Dover, introduce legislation and never get it passed. They come back to their district and say, ‘Send me back to Dover to try again.’ They use their failures as the reason to be re-elected.

Rick knows how to build coalitions, to build consensus, to be a real legislative leader. I choose the future, not the past. I chose Rick Eakle for the 20th Senate District.

Sheryl Swed
Bethany Beach

Reader says Hocker is ‘farmer’s true friend’

As local farmers in Sussex County all of our lives, we would like to thank Rep. Hocker for being there for agriculture. Mr. Hocker has stood for many important conservative values; but most importantly he has stood for the agriculture industry that has provided so much for many locals in this state. Through countless times Gerald has stood up for ag, and these are just a few examples.

Last year, Rep. Hocker and Secretary of Agriculture Ed Kee were instrumental in arranging a meeting here in Sussex County between local farmers, the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Environment and also Gov. Jack Markell. At this meeting, several issues were discussed, such as irrigation well permits and other environmental and agriculture anomalies. This meeting was very successful to bridge several gaps between agriculture and government.

Another example was Rep. Hocker’s leadership in procuring more funds for our tax ditch system. These are funds that allow for the maintenance of the tax ditches. This is not only important to agriculture but also to the development of the county as it has radically developed over the past decade.

In closing, Gerald will be and has proven to be the same friend to agriculture as Sen. Bunting and the late Sen. Adams; friends like these gentlemen are what agriculture needs. That is why our family is supporting Mr. Hocker for Senate.

Collins Family Farms

Price finds support in Dewey Beach

This election is critical to our state and our community. The growth that brings new friends to our community also brings new challenges, with traffic and our environment, and finding a way to address these issues is a top priority. We have an opportunity to elect someone who has a proven track record of reaching across the aisle to get things done for all residents of the 38th District, not just a select few special interests.

Shirley Price is that candidate. Shirley is a lifelong resident of the area whose family ran Murray’s Bait & Tackle for decades. She is married with two children and five grandchildren and has a history of community involvement, whether it’s with the Girl Scouts, Ocean View Historical Association, Inland Bays Foundation, League of Women Voters or the local Chamber of Commerce. As a woman, Shirley brings a strong ability to multi-task, which is essential to being a successful legislator.

Shirley served in the House from 1996 to 2002. Despite being in the minority, she was able to work across the aisle and pass nearly three dozen pieces of legislation, helping veterans, volunteer firefighters and police officers, and protecting residents from identity theft and toughening our DUI laws. She created a tax check-off for the Veterans Home in Milford, which has raised nearly $100,000. She has worked to secure funding for senior centers, and she has been a board member at the Cheer Center in Ocean View. Shirley will bring that same energy and spirit of cooperation back to Dover.

I believe that Shirley will be a voice for the people — all residents of the 38th District — finding out what your views are on issues and representing your interests. She is the best-qualified candidate, with the experience, community knowledge and cooperative spirit to get things done for us. We hope you will consider voting for Shirley Price on Nov. 6.

Cheryl Fruchtman
Dewey Beach

Reader supports Price for 38th District

How do you get problems solved in Dover for the 38th District? You work with the governor and leadership of the party in the majority. There is a 99.9 percent chance that Gov. Markell will be re-elected. The current ratio in the legislature is: Senate, 14 Democrats to seven Republicans; House, 26 Democrats to 15 Republicans. The current ebb and flow of the election seems to indicate that these majorities will hold for Democrats.

What does that mean for the 38th Representative District and the 20th Senatorial District? It means, if Gerald Hocker is elected state senator, he will become what is known as a “back-bencher,” sitting in the last seat against the back wall of the Senate with no influence to get things done. The same will be true with Ron Gray. He will become a “freshman” legislator in the party that is out of power in all three branches of government.

Shirley Price is an experienced legislator who has already passed bills to help the elderly, fire companies and small businesses in the 38th District. For the past 10 years, she has been a small-business owner and worked as a board member at the Cheer Center and at the Center for the Inland Bays. She is already on the Route 26 Project Committee.

Before you “double down” on Ron Gray, you might want to consider electing Shirley Price, who knows how to get things done in Dover.

Russ Melrath

Reader makes a hard decision for the voting booth

Writing a letter such as I am about to put to paper is painfully difficult. We in the 38th Representative District face a contest between two very fine candidates. I know them both. I attended school with both and graduated as a classmate of one of them. They are both decent, upright people. Each has a passion for serving and doing good deeds in the community, and they both truly do care.

To have to pick between two friends, for one to be our representative, is so hard that I initially decided to not vote for either, so as to not choose sides or offend the one I didn’t choose.

I was in school with Ron Gray from the consolidation of our school districts, all the way through our senior year, as a classmate and friend. I served as junior class president and declined to run for student body president so Ron could run for student body president, because I thought him a better man than me for the job.

I chose to stay on and run for re-election as senior class president. I got the position, and Ron got the student body president job — and I can say, for the life of me, I don’t think I ever heard Ron say a four-letter word or ever be in any trouble of any kind. He’s that good of a guy. His picture and mine are under caricatures of Nixon and Muskie, side by side in our senior yearbook in the inside flap labeled “Election of ’72.”

Ron’s mom brought him to my house, and my mom brought me to his house before we either one could drive. When my dad died, I flopped all over the place emotionally and really didn’t have it together for some time. When Ron’s dad died, I thought he seemed like the Rock of Gibraltar. And I still think he’s a better guy than I am — in fact, I know it.

Shirley’s mom and dad were profound influences on my brother during the difficult years after our dad died. They were as comfortable as a pair of well-worn bedroom slippers to be around and really fun. I can’t remember not knowing the Murrays and fondly remember the old Bait and Tackle Shop.

I confess more than once I was worried what would become of my brother if guys like “Mr. Jim” didn’t guide him along after dad was gone. Ocean View and Cedar Neck were just one big community, and nobody cared much about where “town limits” were, and stuff like that.

And we all shopped at Jake Hocker’s and became acquainted with Gerald Hocker, another good guy. All these links and intertwinings vastly mattered more than politics to the overall scheme of life.

Shirley has served previously in the House of Representatives. She was keen to the needs of the older population. She was good to the fire service and law enforcement community while she served as the 38th representative in Dover.

When a notorious local person trespassed on my property, let my dogs loose and then called the SPCA to have them picked up, Shirley knew the whole story of the “cat lady” and her antics against my dogs — and bailed me out of a bad situation. And that was at half-past “kook hour” in the wee morning!

So here we are, and it came to me while lying in bed thinking that I should not shirk my responsibility to vote — but how to choose? I would never in a million years want to hurt Ron or Shirley. But, as I see it, the only way for me to come to a decision was to consider who can do the best for our district. And Shirley — being the party in the majority would be in a better position, coupled with having served before, has an advantage. She has experience and would not need any “on-the-job” training to get going.

We are living in an age where opposite political parties tear each other apart and try to find dirt on one another or raise a scandal. Let me tell you, I have remained awake in bed at night agonizing over this decision, and I want to say that we are very, very lucky indeed, because no matter which one wins, we will be served by someone with a good heart, and good intentions.

I never knew voting could be so hard, or painful. So saying anything nasty against either of them will hack me off, and you’ll find me quickly coming to the aid of either.

Nothing is going to be solved by being “partisan” more than “citizen,” and God knows Delaware needs good people going up there to Dover to solve some very serious issues. Once we were all Americans, who happened to be Democrats or Republicans. Now we have factions who put teabags first, or left-wing extreme positions first. Such extremism leaves no place in the middle to meet and reason things together in consensus for a solution.

Ron: I hope you will forgive me for the way I made up my mind, and Shirley: I hope you won’t cheer that I picked you. There is no delight to be had in a decision that chooses one and disappoints another. You are both wonderful, and I like both of you very much. When this election is over, I hope the both of you remain friends, and that I too, will remain a friend to each of you.

I‘m just a crusty, opinionated guy — and face it, undertakers are not high on the A-list of those you want to invite to the big parties. But all of us have a small spot on this earth to try to matter and do what we can to leave the world a better place, so I will do my civic duty and vote, but not without sorrow, for this was a very painful decision for me.

I hope all the other voters in the 38th won’t just pull a party lever or vote on impulse. I encourage each and every one to think very clearly about why you are voting for a candidate. Please respect every one of them for running — the winners and those who don’t prevail. We cannot call them losers, because they, too, are American heroes for getting into the ring and trying to make a difference.

Bob Herrington Jr.
Ocean View

Reader finds Carper lacking on money issues

It is election year again, and Sen. Carper has rediscovered Delaware. He appears regularly in photo ops with school children and farmers. His signs proclaim, “Carper for Delaware.” But why should he not be “for Delaware”? That’s why he was sent to the Senate in the first place.

Sen. Carper may claim credit, however vaguely defined, for bringing some 10s and 20 millions in federal money to our state — driblets of Obama stimulus — to replenish beaches, for example, and buys things for schools. But so would any other Delaware member of Congress of whatever political persuasion.

In reality and in a more fundamental sense, his lock-step support of the current administration is having an opposite and much more profound effect on his Delaware constituents. He has fallen in line, bailing out California, New York, Illinois and other profligate states at great expense, and for green-energy-boondoggles-for-special-Obama-friends, to name another two achievements of the Obama stimulus-cum-slush-fund.

He has done nothing to prevent ObamaCare from defrauding Medicare of $716 billion. Medicare Advantage is being maintained through illegal fund transfers by HHS. Post-election we will see it disappear if Sen. Carper and his friends return to office. An “Independent Payment Advisory Board” will decide what and how much treatment seniors on Medicare will get. Where was Mr. Carper when this whistled by the Senate?

And the mournful litany goes on. All requiring that our country now borrow 40 cents on the dollar for a federal budget running out of control, with no apparent resistance from Sen. Carper. Who will eventually pay the piper? We, our children and, even more so, our grandchildren, unless something serious is done beginning now.

This time around, Sen. Carper faces credible opponents who deserve serious consideration.

Ed Webster
Bethany Beach

Reader finds menace in support for‘sustainable growth’

Sen. Carper’s offer of “sustainable growth” assistance to rural, suburban and urban areas does not include some important differences that come along with this Agenda 21 program that also goes by the names of “smart growth,” “comprehensive planning” or “growth management.” Agenda 21 is a United Nations project based on land use and political goals.

“Sustainable Development,” a U.N. plan, incorporates governmental controls. These controls do not sync with our constitution and the freedoms it incorporates. The differences between this U.N. plan and the Constitution are as follows:

The Constitution provides individual inalienable rights; it says, you were born with your rights (they are natural). You and the product of your labors belong to you. In contrast, the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights says, “Control of the individual (through governance) is for the greater good of a global community. Rights and freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations.”

U.N. Human Rights Law states, “Government grants, restricts or withdraws your right according to its needs. You and the product of your labor belong to the community.” Under U.N. International law, man has no right to own property. Rights to property must be eroded.

This is in direct conflict with our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Across the nation in towns, counties and states, in Maryland, Texas, Montana, New Hampshire, Tennessee, Alabama, Florida and others, the people are fighting to keep out the sustainable communities plans from their towns, counties and states. They are finding out that government will tell you how to construct or reconstruct your home; to possibly reformat your single-family to a two-family — at your expense — or lose your property with no compensation. In Mexico, some have been required to demolish their own homes and remove the debris at their own expense.

There are numerous Web sites that provide this information, including films of the people in conflict with those who are supposed to represent them. “Understanding Sustainable Development/Agenda 21” is available at www.FreedomAdvocates.org. Know what you will be getting into if you opt for “sustainability.”

Roberta Carol