Have your voice heard by casting a ballot

There’s little doubt that Tuesday, Nov. 6, will be a day of note across this nation. Emotions have been high on the Presidential race, obviously, as well as all the other national seats up for grabs. In Delaware, there is a struggle between the parties for political control, and locally, well, we all know how contested the races have been locally.

Perhaps the most intriguing race locally is for Rep. Gerald Hocker’s soon-to-be-vacant seat in the 38th District, featuring local businessman Ron Gray and previous state representative Shirley Price. Many longtime residents have known these two candidates for decades, and are struggling with their decisions even this late in the game.

Regardless of how you choose to vote, please vote. We know that the public gets hammered with these “get out and vote” efforts, and we also know that it becomes a bit tiring to constantly hear the same thing. But it keeps getting repeated because it is indeed important.

We are a nation founded on the concept of a representative government. That doesn’t only mean that they are supposed to represent our voices once in office, it also means that those elected are supposed to be representative of our populace. If one demographic turns out to vote more than another, then it is obviously not representative of our populace.

It’s been said in every generation, but it’s also true for every generation. We are living in interesting times. Get out and make your voice heard on how we are being led through these times.


Most of us feel pretty fortunate regarding the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy. It was without a doubt a nasty storm, but it left behind less mayhem and destruction than many predicted.

That can be attributed to several factors — the storm taking a more northerly path than expected, people showing prudence and evacuating when instructed to do so, and just good old fashioned luck.

But there was damage. There will be a recovery period. And there are people who need a hand out there. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those most affected by the storm, both locally and in other towns up and down the seaboard.

We will follow the cleanup of the storm in next week’s paper and online, but are also asking all of you to continue to send us your photos and personal stories. Tell us about what you saw or heard throughout the storm, and maybe together we can drum up some help for people who might really need it. We are all in this together, and that’s the only way we continue to recover.