Pets should be taken under consideration

Now that we’ve had a little time to register exactly what happened to the area last week during Hurricane Sandy, we can make a little bit more of an informed opinion.

In short, we are ecstatic. Gov. Jack Markell and his staff acted quickly and decisively in ordering evacuations and road closures, the towns did a commendable job keeping the public informed and those dunes along the beach apparently did a good job in protecting our beach towns from what could have been much more damaging. Our first responders did their typical outstanding job in both preparing for what was ahead of them and responding to situations when they came across them.

Delmarva Power deserves credit, as well, for pulling in so many people to help with electricity outages, and its just impossible to fairly state just how well workers did to get the Indian River Inlet bridge open again in such a short amount of time, particularly when one considers just how much sand was dumped on the drive-ups during the storm.

However, there is one item we’d like to bring up that could become useful in future storms — there wasn’t a place in reasonable driving range to go with pets.

We’ve heard from some in the community who opined that many people in the community did not evacuate because they didn’t have any place to take their pets. There were shelters open in Milford and at Cape Henlopen High School that accepted pets, but nobody wanted to drive all the way to Milford, particularly during a storm, and the bridge closing probably prevented some from making the trek to Cape Henlopen.

We hope that our local and state government officials are able to work with the local SPCA to provide a place in our community for fleeing families to take their pets. It worked out fine this time, but it could lead to a significant problem down the road.


Another big election has passed, and we congratulate all the winners from Tuesday’s election.

That being said, we also want to offer our thanks and appreciation to those who fell short in the final counts. This democratic process simply does not work without real elections, and the candidates in our local elections at least caused people to think before casting their ballots, in most instances.

An election of solid candidates makes those wishing to win a seat discuss their thoughts on the issues, and creates more opportunities for individuals to make informed decisions when they cast their votes. It was a good election season, and we thank the candidates for running.