Letters to the Editor -- December 21, 2012

Reader responds to previous Point letter

A recent letter from a nascent group called the “Sussex Coalition for Federal Tax Fairness” mistakenly proposed that raising taxes on our most “fortunate citizens” will magically reduce our fiscal problems. (I still don’t understand what “Tax Fairness” means. We do have a progressive tax system. Is tax fairness code for confiscation?)

They cited the Americans for Democratic Action (ADA), a “progressive” (liberal) lobby. The ADA’s stance is best personified by one of their most prominent members, Rep. Steney Hoyer, House Minority Leader, who once stated, “I’m a tax-and-spend liberal and proud of it!”

The nation’s debt is over $16 trillion. We also have a deficit of $1.1 trillion. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimated that raising taxes on those earning over $200,000/$250,000 would increase revenues by about $85 billion a year. At the rate our profligate administration spends, that amount would pay the government bills for about eight to nine days! Then what?

The CBO, unlike the ADA, is a non-partisan group. Some CBO facts: Federal debt exceeds 70 percent of GDP, the highest since 1950. There is a need to adopt a combination requiring people to pay more for government and accept less in government benefits and services (CBO just didn’t mean the wealthy — it implied tax increases for everybody).

Further, “Because the federal budget is on an unsustainable path ... it is possible to keep tax revenues at their historical average percentage of GDP, but only by making substantial cuts in the large benefit programs. Without significant changes in laws governing Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, deficits will be much larger in the future.”

The liberals/progressives I have met are uniformly in favor of a more far-reaching government (read, bigger spending) but, ironically, they individually squeeze out any deduction to lessen their income tax liability. Interesting dichotomy!

This, too, is personified by that most progressive couple — Bill and Hillary Clinton. When Bill was the governor of Arkansas, their tax return, done by Hillary, listed deductions of $12 for Bill’s used underwear.

The president has not submitted a budget in over four years. When he was a senator, he voted against increasing the debt limit proposed by President Bush, stating, and I paraphrase, a good leader learns to live within his means.

Rich Proska

Justin’s Beach House thanks Contractors

Editor’s note: The following letter was addressed to Contractors for a Cause and was forwarded to the Coastal Point for publication.

Justin’s Beach House could not have been built and maintained without the ongoing support of Contractors for a Cause — you continue to work so hard to make Justin’s vision a reality. Thank you!

This year, 34 families have stayed with us, from 20 referring facilities. Our guests traveled from Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington, D.C., New York and Maryland. The ages of our guests have ranged from 2 to 87, and each and every one have left us a message of what a wonderful time they had during their stay at Justin’s Beach House. It gave them an opportunity to take a much-needed break from the day-to-day realities of their cancer. The stay at Justin’s also gave them the time to reconnect with their families and to renew their souls.

We could never begin to thank you all enough, but we will continue to try. As a group, Contractors for a Cause has volunteered countless hours and substantial financial support for Justin’s Beach House, and the light that you all have brought to this community is commendable.

As we approach 2013, we anticipate unprecedented interest in Justin’s Beach House and hope to have it filled with guests each and every day. Your support, whether financial, as a volunteer or just by “spreading the word” will be most appreciated by each and every visitor to Justin’s place of respite.

We thank you for your belief in our mission and we wish you a very healthy and happy new year!

Craig & Mary Ellen Nantais, and The 2012 Justin’s Beach House Board of Directors: Ken Baker, Mary Jo DeCampli, Kathy Green, Kathleen Jennings, Lindsay Maurer, Randy McCreary and Linda Schools-Ayres

Women’s club wants to do its part

The General Federation of Women’s Clubs, the Lewes Chapter, is known in the area as the Zwaanendael Club. Our mission is to help and support members of our community in need. Historically, we have concentrated on efforts in the areas of domestic violence, homelessness, feeding the hungry, educational initiatives, supporting the elderly and other causes, as needed.

Given the events of last Friday in Newtown, Conn., we want to raise our efforts to a higher level. Those efforts will be focused on initiatives that are attempting to solve the problem of violence in our country. We anticipate that many government and social agencies will begin attempts to study these tragic events and make recommendations to solve the associated problems. The Zwaanendael ladies are dedicated to supporting these initiatives and shall anxiously await those initiatives to be advertised.

We beg these agencies not to delay their efforts; these efforts are past due… we cannot wait any longer. We do not desire to be involved in political efforts; we want social action and policies that help all people. Again, we urge responsible agencies to start now and let us help. This is all of our problem; the Newtown families are our families. We want our families to be able to go to school, the movies, places of worship and public gatherings without fear. This is the United States of America… these dangers are taking our freedom away. Begin the studies and initiatives and the ladies of the Zwaanendael Club are waiting to help you.

JoAnne V. Koehler, President
GFWC/DSFWC Zwaanendael Club