This community is always in ‘the season of giving’

Presents wrapped? Menu set? Travel itinerary locked in firmly?

There is no day during the year that surpasses the dramatic build-up of Christmas, and hopefully all of you have gotten yourselves in a position where you can just relax and enjoy the big day. If not, hopefully you can knock out what needs to be done over the next few days so you can put your brain on vacation at the holiday.

We all know that this is a holiday for celebrating your religious beliefs, sharing time with family and practicing random acts of kindness and generosity. While the build-up to Christmas often features some of the worst of what humanity brings to the table (commercialism, greed, theft, etc.), we also quite often get to see the good, as well.

More people seem to smile and wave when you pass them on the streets, children offer to donate some of their presents to kids less fortunate than them and many businesses who are stuck in a tough economy still try to give bonuses or time off to their employees to recognize their efforts during the year. Those of you who have read the past couple issues of the Point have seen articles on groups collecting coats for those who don’t have them, or organizations getting together to feed people who might go hungry, or people volunteering their time and effort to help somebody else.

It’s part of what makes us so proud to call this community home. We are constantly amazed over the generosity of the people in this area, and so grateful that we know that this community responds time after time. How many families have been saved over the years by others planning fundraisers on their behalf? How many children have new shoes or coats because others truly care?

We celebrate all of you this Christmas season because you continue to celebrate others year-round. Merry Christmas, from all of us.


On a more somber note, we have fielded calls and emails from parents concerned about rumors regarding something catastrophic happening at Indian River High School on Friday. We assure you that Indian River is not alone in this, as reports have been flying around the nation and other places within the state about similar threats.

A phone call to the Indian River School District assured us that they are well aware of these reported threats, and they have investigated them thoroughly. The District believes there is nothing tangible to these, as hysteria over the shootings in Connecticut last week and the timing of the supposed Mayan “end of days” happening on Friday have no doubt escalated fears. They said students with parental notes would be excused from school.

If you are scared, do what you believe is best for your family. We have faith that the District is taking every step possible to deal with any eventuality, but you must put your family first. Always.