Letters to the Editor -- December 28, 2012

Reader sees a rising ocean of debt, danger

The Indian River School District will be asking the voters of our school district, by referendum, to expand our educational facilities in order to accommodate the increasing student populations. Look for it to occur early in 2013.

We are asked to expand our IRSD physical facilities. All of this in the knowledge that the Atlantic Ocean is rising and the Delaware coastal and inlet bay areas will be among the first to be extensively flooded. It is already happening. We barely missed the impact of Hurricane Sandy, but our vision of what could/will happen to us is very clear on the coasts of New Jersey and New York. It is only a matter of time. The winds of climatic change are picking up speed, and we can no longer bury our feet in sand dunes and dare the ocean to push us off our perch.

It will be very difficult to continue our educational responsibilities when some of our schools will be long-term sanctuaries from the increased flooding that is projected. Bus transportation for our children from our coastal zones to our “safe” schools will be nearly impossible.

My votes have always been yes to the referendums to improve/expand our public schools. This time, I will be voting no. The reality of our rising Atlantic Ocean is not to be ignored. The plan presented by the Indian River School District is not the responsible step in the protection of our children and use of the generosity of the taxpayers. Temporary is the local keyword to all our physical expansion, not long-term and expensive. FEMA trailers may be a better choice for additional classrooms.

We must have plans to move some of our schools to higher ground and further away from the Atlantic Coast with a wary eye of the Delaware and Chesapeake bays. Vote no to this IRSD referendum. We have an ocean of debt and danger rising before us.

Lloyd E. Elling
Ocean View

Reader offers other idea for schools

Much of the discussion regarding school safety involves weapons. However, as a security officer, I have had about 10 years’ experience in the field of security while living in South Carolina, and I have a suggestion. Every school should have every door and window connected to an alarm system, at least the doors. There are systems available that provide an extremely loud, shrill, ear-piercing sound — I can assure you, loud enough to scare off the most hardened of criminals.

What occurs is once the alarm is tripped, a signal is sent to the alarm company who installed the system. They immediately contact the local police dispatcher, and the police can be on their way in minutes. I believe this will work effectively because I have seen this system work, heard these alarms when they are activated and seen the response time by the police.

Bill Lee
Ocean View

Mears family grateful for support

My father, Patrick Mears, and I would like to extend a heartfelt thank-you to our family, friends and our community for their kindness and support. The food donations were greatly appreciated for the celebration luncheon held in honor of my mother, Angel Mears on Friday, Dec. 7. It truly meant the world to us that so many people were there to support us during this difficult time.

A special thank you to the Frankford Fire Hall Ladies Auxiliary, Tami Mitchell, Dawn West, Frank & Sue Tsang, Bonnie & Eddie Cathell, Sexauer Meats, Ruthie’s Bakery and all the family and friends that sent cards, flowers and delicious food. My family and I are blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives.

We’d also like to thank those who donated to Delaware Hospice in honor of Angel Mears. Your generosity is definitely appreciated.

Michael & Kellie Pitts and Patrick Mears