Roxana to double its world exposure this August

They must be doing something right over in Roxana.

The Executive Committee of the Little League International Board of Directors last week approved relocating the Big League Softball World Series to the Pyle Center. This will take place at the same time as the Senior League Softball World Series, which has been run by District III for the past several years.

“The move to Delaware is a direct result of stellar leadership displayed by Senior League Softball World Series Director Martin Donovan and his tournament staff,” said Stephen D. Keener, president and chief executive of Little League Baseball and Softball.

This is a phenomenal feather in the cap for our local Little League organizers. The fact that the national organization is entrusting them to run not one, but two, world championship events in Roxana tells us that they have been impressed by all the hard work and dedication put in by organizers and volunteers, and that the finished product has been one that has made Little League Baseball and Softball proud. But it also means a lot more work, and there will be a need for more volunteers to help in coming years.

“Hosting two World Series at the same time means we are doubling up on everything,” said Donovan. “Having more games means starting play earlier in the day, with more volunteers handling game duties at more fields. Running the tournament is easy — it’s the coordination that is the challenge. This is a great honor for us, and we look forward to providing the Big League players with a great experience.”

This is not only going to provide an economic boost to our community (more people coming to Roxana means more people in area restaurants and shops), it will also be another opportunity to showcase this community to the world. We have heard countless stories of people coming to watch their daughters play in the World Series, and coming back the next year to vacation at our beaches. There was one story we heard about a person coming to watch the Series, then buying a home in the area because he liked it here so much.

We are proud of all those responsible for bringing the Big League World Series to Roxana, and we look forward to once again watching District III put on a show for the rest of the world.


The end of 2012 is soon upon us, which means the parties to send out the year and welcome the next will be upon us, as well.

We ask all of you to enjoy yourself throughly as you welcome 2013 to the fold, but ask you to use caution and common sense at the same time. If you choose to drink, don’t drive. It’s a pretty simple equation, and if followed, could result in an innocent person making it home alive that night. Have a great year, but don’t ruin another family’s life. It’s really not that hard.