Selbyville woman a strong inspiration, role model

Weather permitting, Selbyville’s own Alyssa Murray is in Las Vegas right now, performing public appearances and preparing for the Miss America competition on Saturday, Jan. 12.

In addition to making a name for herself outside of Delaware on a public stage, Murray will use the opportunity to promote a cause that is near and dear to her — skin cancer awareness.

“When I was 12, my cousin was diagnosed with stage-four melanoma,” said Murray. “He died eight months later, and he had two young children when he died. After [he] died, I thought [using that as a platform] would be a really good way to turn something negative into a positive.”

We couldn’t be more proud to have Murray representing us as Miss Delaware, and wish her nothing but great things during the coming Miss America competition. Win or lose, Murray is dedicated to using her now-public platform to help raise awareness for skin cancer, and to promote self-confidence in young women who might be looking up to her as a role model.

“I would be honored to be able to bring my platform to more than just Delaware,” explained Murray. “It is really important to me that I can be that voice. I always said I was doing it for the kids — kids that didn’t think they could do this. I want girls to know they can feel beautiful and have that self-confidence. There are so many issues girls struggle with.”

It’s never hard to embrace the whole “local boy or girl done good” philosophy. When you see someone from your area on a national stage it’s easy to root for him and her because of geography alone. However, here’s to hoping Murray can truly touch people’s lives from her pulpit, and that more than just Sussex Countians embrace this optimistic and down-to-earth personality.

Good luck, Alyssa. We are all in your corner.


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