Letters to the Editor: February 1, 2013

CRI denies continuing connection with Fink

This letter is in response to a reader who took issues with Shaun Fink’s appointment with the Indian River School Board. She took umbrage to the fact that Shaun Fink used to work for the Caesar Rodney Institute. The key part here is “used to.” Shaun Fink no longer works for the Caesar Rodney Institute, and has not done so for over two years.

CRI is a free-market oriented, non-profit nonpartisan research center devoted to identifying, studying and working to implement solutions in five key areas: economic and job policy, education, energy policy, healthcare and government transparency. CRI wants all citizens to become informed about the issues in Delaware and our goal is to have citizens become more active and aware of the issues in the state, particularly those which relate to the economy.

We do not have, nor have we ever, had any policy on firearms, in school or anywhere else. Whatever Mr. Fink’s opinions on firearms in schools are his alone, and have nothing to do with the Caesar Rodney Institute.

We have no affiliation with the Republican Party or Tea Party, although we have given speeches and lectures at Tea Party-affiliated groups, in addition to libertarian-, green-, and independent-leaning organizations. As a nonpartisan entity, we are obligated, and would be happy to, address any group of citizens who want to see and hear the results of our independently-certified research.

Sam Friedman, Communications Coordinator
Caesar Rodney Institute

Reader takes parties to task over politics

I’m fed up with the hypocrisy of our government. I believe the president, vice president and every member of Congress should be ashamed to look at themselves in a mirror for using the Newtown tragedy for political posturing.

They, both Republicans and Democrats, are a disgrace to their offices and to the people they were elected to represent. Both parties have endeavored to use those tragic victims as pawns to further their own political positions under the guise of trying to “protect” us from future harm.

Mr. President, Mr. Vice-President and member of Congress, if you want to protect Americans and get on TV with trembling lips and watery eyes, consider what you can do with the following facts:

Every year about 443,000 Americans die from tobacco-related usage (CDC statistics). That translates to 47 Newtown-level incidents every day or one 9/11-size incident every three days in this country. Where is your outrage Mr. President and Congress? Where is your call for action to “protect” Americans from danger? Where are the Executive Orders that would halt the carnage? If you want to consider passing laws to manage the “capacity” of something to protect us from future harm, it would more helpful to Americans if you addressed the capacity of a pack of cigarettes.

Forty-seven Newtown-size events every day or one 9/11-size event every three days. Mr. President, Mr. Vice-President and member of Congress, do we have to bring them all into one room to die to get some action or reaction from our government?

Politicians have one goal in life, to get re-elected. They stoop to the lowest levels using any tragedy to further that goal. As voters, we are to blame. We keep re-electing 90 percent of these individuals each year. Would we do so if we read, every day for a year, that 47 Newtowns took place? If we had a 9/11-level incident every three days for a year, would we re-elect those that did nothing?

Tobacco users and gun owners have nothing to fear from our government. While opportunists by nature, they are cowardly in action. Our officials will continue to swarm to tragedies, much like the turkey vultures we see in our fields here in Delaware: eager to pick through the remains for a photo opportunity or sound bite.

Be assured, our welfare is not where their concern lies. They will do nothing substantial to “protect” us as long as there is a flow of money into their campaigns from the tobacco and firearm industries. Our Republic has the best government money can buy.

Forty-seven Newtowns every day, one 9/11 incident every three days, 443,000 Americans dead each year. Mr. President, Mr. Vice-President, members of Congress, these are people that you were elected to represent and “protect.” You’ve failed so miserably in that role, God help us if you try to protect us even more.

Lou Scrivani