IRSD passes independent audit with flying colors

The last Indian River School District referendum passed by about a 2-1 vote, but it was met with more vocal opposition than any we can remember in the past.

Perhaps it was just a sluggish economy talking, as people were reluctant to pay more taxes for anything, rather than citizens having a problem with helping the schools build more classrooms. Or maybe the fact that we have a population consisting of a high number of retirees, who don’t have children in the school system, and they just didn’t see the need to pour more money into the system.
Or, and we see this more and more often these days, there is a portion of the populace that just does not trust any public organization affiliated with government, and doesn’t think their money is being put to good use.

Well, those feelings should be put to rest with the Indian River School District.

An independent audit was performed by Santora CPA Group of Newark, and its findings were released on Friday, March 1. This was a statewide audit of school district construction projects, and looked at 18 school districts. Of those 18, 13 had findings that indicated problems, such as charging expenditures to the incorrect project; failing to use a proper bid process; insufficient controls or documentation; or improperly approving or documenting change orders or expenditures. The Indian River School District had no findings indicating problems.

Now, those districts that were found to have problems were not necessarily guilty of malfeasance or misusing public funds, but it does go to show that this was a comprehensive audit that tracked every public dollar spent. Again, the Indian River School District had no such concerns.

This basically shows that the Indian River School District has done what they said they were going to do with construction projects, has documented every expenditure along the way and should be an organization we have faith with into the foreseeable future. Vote against the next referendum that comes along if that is how you feel, but do not do so because you don’t trust what they’re doing with the money. They have proven they do with it what they say.

Just a friendly reminder from your friends at the Coastal Point that clocks get turned ahead an hour this weekend, at 2 a.m. Sunday morning.

If you are late to church Sunday morning, remember that we gave you a heads-up. We don’t want that kind of blame.